Friday, June 29, 2007

Mango Icecream-An Indian Scream!..

I am virtually screaming for icecreams,not that I am an ice-cream lover,but the Indian summer invariably makes me do so!.

The next thing I am screaming for, is Mango.The Royal, Successful and the Most expensive, Imampasanth or Himampasanth, as it is named, is a very much sought after variety developed recently in one of the farms of T.N!!.The season is almost getting over and I am grabbing them, meticulously transforming them into curries, pickles, shakes and salads...

Finally, I came across the great event of Monthly Mingle in What's for Lunch for Honey , thought of why not try whipping up these creamy and tasty mango pieces to ice cream and go for a combined Scream..?..and, Meeta, this is definitely an untried venture as no one might have tried making fresh ice creams with Imampasanth, yet.The recipe is totally self made with a touch of creativity and the result; a humble success!.

Here comes the results from my Kitchen Laboratory..:)..

To make 3 large scoops;

I needed:

A cup of Imam or Himam Pasanth mango pulp(whip up pieces of half a mango)
A cup of thick creamy millk
A tbsp of flour(maida) blended without lumps in 1/3rd cup of milk in room temperature
3/4 cup of sugar
A tbsp of fresh cream

How I made:

1.Boil milk in a large pan,simmer for a few minutes to get rid of the water content in it and turn thicker.

2.Dissolve sugar and simmer for a few more minutes in low flame.

3.Now, add the maida plus milk mixture slowly,stirring all the time avoiding lumps and facilitate blending in.

4.Simmer again till you reach a thicker consistancy milk in the pan.

5.Cool till it attains room temperature.Mix in the mango pulp and beat the combined mixture in a blender.

6.Transfer contents to an icecream tray and set to freeze.

7.When half frozen,take out and whip again in a blender adding the fresh cream.This will again smoothen the lumps if you have had while boiling with maida milk mixture.

8.Transfer contents,to the same tray again and return to the freezer.

9.Freeze till it hardens.

10.Scoop them into ice-cream cups and enjoy the product without counting the calories :).Unlike other ice cream flavours, this has more tendency to turn pulpy if melts, therefore it is important to be served soon after taking out of the freezer.

P.S-I have not yet tried the recipe with other Mango varieties, but you can try them as well, if you are a mango or an icecream lover.


  1. Yummy ice cream with one of my favourite variety of mangoes. This variety has been there forever because I have been having it since childhood. The taste of this mango it far ahead compared to others I think. Not many people are aware of this particular variety of mangoes but a lot of people from Andhra know about it. Thanks.


  2. That looks outrageously delicious. Beautiful recipe and pics :)

  3. yeah bharathy ...i am going to prepare this this weekend ..Have almost all the ingredents that u have mentioned ...Great one and nice pic .....cannot wait to taste it

  4. Wonderful.. I hav e acan of pulp @ home, but not the brand u mention.. wonder if i can try!!??!!
    Now , maida is new to me! never knew it is used in ice creams!! THANX!

  5. bharathi,
    அருமையாக இருக்கிறது எனக்கு கொஞ்சம் .....Thought of having it from the snap....

  6. good recipe. i've never seen a recipe with maida. i have seen cornstarch in some recipes, though.

  7. The texture is so smooth and velvety and colour is gr8 so I know the taste must be Yummy. Nice recipe Bharathy:)

  8. Bharathi ....
    I am india too now ..
    literally drooling

  9. you literally took me back to the chennai streets where vendors walk around in their wagons heaped with juicy mangoes. U have made me home sick.
    today we are going to have this yummy dessert.. will let you know of the outcome:-)

  10. tamil konjam than puriyum!
    malayaalam ariyaam.there fore I cannot reply back in i will have to rely on mango pulp!

  11. nalla manga ivide kittan illa !innale undakkam nookiyappool panjassara kuracheeulluu! innundaakaam theeerumanichataan.

    appol undaakkande?
    try cheythu nokkattee.... makkale pattikkaamallo!

    malayaalam ariyaamengilum , njaan malayaali alla keetoo!

  12. Bharathi,
    U simply make me drool. I am a crazy mango lover as well as an ice cream lover. These little creamy scoups make my mouth water. Excellent photograph!

  13. wow...great ice cream...never tried flour before...gonna try it...looks great

  14. wow ice cream all round is tempting to make one! looks tempting!

  15. Hi Shobitha,welcome to the place and thnx for that lovely comment...didnt know that this is popular in Andhra!!I am hearing a lot abt this being developed in Thathachariar farms of T.N!!We got a few saplings from there,and have a few of them in our own small farm with which I made this!:)

    Sugi... I am hearing this from a "master(monster)" of photography!..

    Deepa and Manasi...let me know how it turned out for both of you..

    Snap le irunthu eppidinge?Veetukku vanga..:)

    The starch content of corn and wheat is almost the same..maida has a heavier starch content,Bee..

    Thanx to you gals,Archana and ayesha..:)

    Nanditha..:)...a wonderful person to BE with ...!!Are you a tamilian then??

    nice to see those words...Nirmala,Dilip and Roopa..Thanx to you guys!!:)

  16. alla..... njaan tamilian alla!njaan oru konkani kutti aanu...

  17. Hey Bharthi,
    such a lovely recipe looks perfect ,just waiting to melt in the mouth.Yumm.. and creamy..hmm wish i was there

  18. Tried your Indian scream....

    My kids loved it!Though it might not have been up to the mark as I had to use mango pulp, it was a treat.
    it was not pulpy as u said... any way I was applauded for it and the credit goes to u!
    thank you... romba nandri!

  19. Great to note that.. Soumya...;)

    Nanditha...chellam...Hugs and Kisses!!!:)...Wonderful that you tried...dear friend...You are making me feel special..:)

  20. This looks so creamy....Love it.... Nice picture....

  21. Hi Bharthy,

    first i thought you gonna give few information on the icecream which you enjoyed.After scolling down only i came to made it yourself at home..Oh god!!!!so tempting..perfect.....

  22. i am definately gonna scream for my cup of mango ice cream:) looks like store brought one, smooth and wonderful colour:)

  23. I am visiting your blog for the first time. Love your pics.
    I want to gobble up those scoops of Icecream.

  24. Long time no posts Bharathy :)Alls well?

  25. that bowl look real yummy...excellent dish..and very nice picture...feels like grabbing it right from there...very nice one..thanks for sharing...


  26. Thanks a lot gorls,shiva and sukanya..:)

    Usha,so nice to hear those sweet,innocent words from you..

    Sia..I had to rush through with my photography session with those they started turning back pulpy..melting and dripping down and acquiring those weird shapes..:)'s evident in the pictures..:)..Thanx dear for your nice words..

    Archana..:)I have already given my Valid Lame excuses in your place..:D

    Most welcome to my place Suma and Srivalli...both of you have wonderful blogs with home made authentic recipes!!Love both!!

  27. :-)**********
    That's me drooling.... :)

  28. I scream,You scream,We all scream of YOUR Icecream;p
    Wow ya,i have never tried making icecream at home,the pictures look so so so yummie;p

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Hi Bharathy,I just saw this at Meeta's and came here.Looks delicious.
    I was on vacation,I couldn't participate in this event,may be next time.Great entry:))

  31. Hi Bharathy,
    Wowww delicious looking icecream.its my fav flavour.this is bookmarked,thanks for sharing.

  32. awesome pics!! yummy yummy

  33. Hugs to you girls..Sig and Alapana..:)

    Asha...missed you terrrrribly..thanx for leaving ur precious comment here too..:) nice of u,dear..

    Viji of Malabar Ruchi!!Warm welcome to you!!!:)

    Aha..there comes my dear sister ..finally.. with her shortest comment and lame excuses...huh!!no time..!!hmmm

  34. Since there were no new recipes I went around your blog and found this most interesting! I love mangoes. In summer We eat more mangoes than cooked food. And I love icecreams.Imam pasand is a rare variety famous in Trichy.I have to wait for mongoes or make do with a juice.I'll make and send you the snaps.
    Ennala oru ponnukku mamiyar kitta nalla pear! Mysoor pak panna detail en blogla ezhuthi erukken.

  35. Oh my goodness, that looks heavenly. I am a great mango icecream lover. I always thought we need an icecream maker. The best part is Its eggless and the bestest part is its homemade. Awesome. Romba thanks. Kandippa try pannuvane. Fresh Cream veetla seinuma, velila vaanglaama?

  36. I always end up with ice crystals. Yours looks absolutely creamy and despite being eggless! Must try. The season is just right!

  37. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKS YUMMY AND GREAT !!!!!!




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