Friday, June 8, 2007

Home Made Sambhar Powder.

The fresh Sambhar Powder

A little restlessness,had been haunting me lately,for not doing justice, nowadays with my header and its description,mainly with my last 3 posts...

I had been thinking of posting this,for the past one month,when I made the fresh stock of the powder,without which I cannot pull along even a single day! A 'must' kept preserve in every Tamil or South Indian kitchen- shelf,is sold readymade nowadays,wrapped up in packets in all sizes and brands.Let them compete,I prefer the home made Sambhar powder,the recipe from my ma in law,to even the best brand available in market.

Here goes the easy recipe,with lesser ingredients of the fresh aromatic Sambhar Podi...

Main Ingredients

Preparation time-45 mins.
Yeilds- 2 cups of powder.

Get ready with:

Red Chillies-7 cups or 130gms
Coriander seeds/Malli-2 cups or 140 gms
Cumin seeds/Jeerakam-5 tsp or 25 gms
Fenugreek seeds/Venthaiyam/Uluva-2tsps or 10 gms(be careful with this one, as a little extra amt of this will turn the powder,bitter) .


Fry the ingredients one by one,until brown, separately in a thick bottomed kadai(iron wok prefered)Fry chillies lastly, using a few drops of oil.Dry grind in a mixie.

Refer methods of Idly Milagai Podi for further assistance.

If you like the taste of curry leaves,very well go ahead with a handful dried leaves sauteed without oil and powder along with the other ingredients.Some use even hing and turmeric stalks added to it...

After roasting

The Sambhar powder prepared this way, preserved in an airtight container,stays fresh for many months and besides making Sambhar this can be substituted in any kootu or lentil based curry,veg or non veg curries and dry fries, where coriander, jeera and chilly powders are to be used separately.This powder enhances the taste of any curry.

Click here to make Sambhar.


  1. I luv Sambhar, but can never make a good one. I am bookmarking this recipe.Thanx :)

  2. Homemade always beats the store bought sambhar powder. the color looks great.

  3. Always wanted to make sambhar masala and this weekend, methinks I will. Thanks for providing the impetus :-)

  4. Bharathy, I haven't been around in a while! Wonderful pics from your vacation... Paris pics brought back a lot of sweet memories... and the swiss pics make me want to hop on to the next flight there! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
    Oh BTW, the sambar powder looks great, apt post for the blog name :)

  5. Thanks so much for this recipe....I like to use homemade powders wherever I can..its so much better that way.....!


  6. Bharathy,
    Loved the red color of the sambhar powder. We also add urad dal along with the other spices the measurements being a little less than coriander seeds. I always make it fresh whenever I make sambhar.I have never tried making powder in large quantity. Now I know how much to add to make it in large quantity. You have made my work easier now.

  7. Beautiful color.Thank you so much for posting Sambhar pd.I am tired of looking at recipes which says "add 2 tsp of MTR pd"!!:D

  8. that looks so much better than the store bought ones.

  9. wow! lovely color to the sambar powder :) you are so right about the home made powders, a little work gives big rewards :) thanks for the authentic recipe dear :)

  10. When i got married last year i was determined not to make fuss about all the powders being ground daily and fresh ones being used or say using everything home made,that was how i saw amma doing it in her kitchen for more than 25yrs,and my great idea was that it would save time if i get everything readymade and so i did buy all those MTR,MDH what not brands, Two months after wedding i went back to home made powders and masalas,nothing,nothing beats the taste and from one year i am making everything at home,save them in jars and use it whenever i want,.Little time management and no compromise on taste makes it great:)
    Lovely sabhar powder there,my amma dosnt mix redchillies,i will try this now:)

  11. me too, me too:) i like homemade sanbar and rasam powder than store ones... i dont have to worry abt it as my amma and MIL pack enough masala to last one full yr;) lovely fiery red colour...

  12. Archana,thanx for saving it :)..

    Roopa,yeah I too second you

    Warm welcome to The cooker..

    yeah sig ,me too missed to visit you.. somehow..I got busy with posting..

    Yes Trupti,they are more tasty and Unadulterated..

    Seema,this is again smaller quantity..ok..if u feel so...I used a little more of redchillies(160gms)considering the family's pref..but i made it a bit less for the recipe..

    Asha..Oh yeah the chillies are of first quality and sun dried.So I always get that true colour and aroma!


    Nice to know,Richa, that you liked it..

    Alapana,yes,homemade is always pure and tasty,unadulterated too..Once you get used to it,u wont simply like the taste of store-bought ones and wud def take that extra strain of doing it at home..But your energy spent is well worthy:).. ya,Girls living abroad are always pampered you see..:)..Even my MIL used to send me till last i just make it,following her measurements,once in 4-6 months.

  13. cant get enough of the sambar
    my grandma adds little bit of cinnamon and cloves
    it makes the sambar really hot

  14. Last yr my mil visited us and she made a big jar of sambar powder.I still have some in the freezer. I love home made podi's . Nice pic,ur podi looks very spicy.

  15. Bharathy,
    I like day also made. some times we roast them with grated coconut. pictures looks nice.

  16. Hi Bharathy,I got your comment yesterday dear girl but for another post(akki rotti)! I did reply there too.Hugs to you and your MIL!!:)
    In fact,I enjoyed reading your comment there about your MIL love for my blog!
    I didn't get your comment in my Bake and cake post though.I don't reject any comments unless it's spam.Don't worry about it!Hugs.Have great weekend:))

  17. Hi Bharathy,
    I make sambar powder too, but I add dhal . The Sambar powder which I make doesnt get the nice red colour which u got, so I add half of home made sambar powder to half of store bought one...

  18. Hello bharathy, i am planning to make this powder, but would you tell me the ratio of red chilly to coriander since I want to make less quantity? thanks :)

  19. Lushgreenapple,

    Pls let me know how much powderyou want to make and I can help you out with the exact measurements..say 1/2 cup, 1 cup etc.. :)

  20. Thanks for responding. I would like to make about 2 cups of powder...its just for two people and I would like to keep it for a month at least.

  21. The above measurements are for 2 cups of powder, Lush, as noted earlier... :)

  22. Thanks Bharathy! will try making this. I am quite tired of using eastern sambhar powder. I normally roast and grind coconut, coriander seeds, redchillies, fenugreek and curry leaves, but its a very tedious process.

  23. try this sambhar masala recipe too quick n yummy

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