Thursday, November 6, 2008

A College Reunion,a Nostalgic me!..More abt me too!!..

Have you ever heard of this Hit movie Classmates?

This Malayalam Movie(2006) talks about campus life of the students of CMS College in the year 1991 ; a beautiful story that unwinds about them meeting after 15 long years!.

Well, I am proud to announce to all my friends that I myself was a CMS ite of the very same period and that we are going to have a meet up after the same span of time!..

The meeting which is proposed to be on December 28th 2008 is a much awaited one as I am an active co-ordianator of the event.
Mr.Kiran John, my immediate senior, who is in charge of this re-union of 1985-1995 batch, holds a wonderful blog, which talks more abt the College and the Meet..

This Pookkalam/Floral carpet designed by me bagged a prize for the Onam celebrations.
I'm not here in this picture...but have a few of my pics with my close friends, of those days in Kiran’s Blog here.

"The Decade Dreams", the lovely Malayalam music album shot in the Beautiful CMS College Campus is dedicated to the Alumni.

And now, ..

Can I expect my blogger pals’ ‘Inspirational Comments’ and ‘Wishes’ under my post in Kiran’s place, Please ? :)

P.S -I have disabled the comment section down here so as to gently push you there ;).
Each comment there is going to be special and very precious to me as always...

Looking forward to your Loving Wishes,

Bharathy :)

Image courtesy-CMS College KTM-Mr.Kiran John.

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