Monday, May 28, 2012

Kerala Green Peas Masala

The basic recipe I follow for Green peas masala is just the same as for Mushroom masala. The onions, tomatoes and ginger- garlic all sautéed and ground for the gravy part into which the cooked peas is simmered. This recipe calls for an extra ingredient- coconut extract. And I should admit the fact that it the flavour is transformed to a huge extend by the addition of this single ingredient!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Frosted Oreo Cookie Cake

 My sudden cravings for fudgy chocolate cakes are giving way to Oreo cookies these days.It happens all of a sudden, I get dressed, walk steadily, barge in the nearest super market which is 8 mins away from home, grab a pack and munch on the way! Weird, but let me be honest about it.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Fish Molly ~ a cooking demo at Green Woods, Thekkadi

astweek we had a two day break in Thekkady and the cute little resort we opted to stay was a new property named Green Woods. We were, quite relaxed with our stay, enjoying the extensive shirodhara, swimming in the pool, going happy with the food and most importantly strolling in the woods mesmerized by the faint aroma in the air.This is so special about the place, the aroma of the woods soaked in rain and let me tell you this made me feel home, absolutely!

...or did I miss home and happen to d.r.a.g the family to such a destination  for the short holiday? ;)

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Album For The Week ~ Malaichamy Kovil

It had been a while since I posted for 'a picture of the week series'. These pictures were shot in Theni on our way to Thekkadi last week.

I had thought of sharing just a picture but decided upon posting a few just to get the feel of the place as an album, though an overload  :)

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Vegetable Broken Wheat Biriyani

These days I find myself substituting rice with whole wheat, surrendering to the pre occupied notion that wheat is healthier than starchy polished rice! Be them, idlies or upma I find comfortable enough with the variety of easily available broken whole wheat grains in the market.
The vegetable broken wheat biriyani made here is a one pot meal after my hit recipe easy tomato biriyani :)
The recipe and method for this one is entirely different and a bit elaborate but you can always preserve the masala coated veggies which stays well in your chiller even for a week, until you can mix up and heat it with rice of broken wheat to make the meal!
Flavourful and loaded with vegetables, healthy too...

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Whole wheat Coconut and Cashew cake baked with Coconut Oil

Ihappened to see this interesting combo ultimately made into perfect moist muffins in Dershana's space and I found myself whipping up the cake the very same day!
Dershana, a charming girl, hails from my native town, grew up in the same little community and completed her graduation from the same old college I had been, is my classmate Archana's cousin as well.
This interestingly combined cake batter, she admits, is her invention instilled by the demands of her cute little school going kid! So, obviously this is a kid friendly recipe.
The flavour of  fresh coconut, wheat, coconut oil and cardamom is a delicious melt in your mouth combo complimented by the richness of the cashews!
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