Friday, May 11, 2012

Album For The Week ~ Malaichamy Kovil

It had been a while since I posted for 'a picture of the week series'. These pictures were shot in Theni on our way to Thekkadi last week.

I had thought of sharing just a picture but decided upon posting a few just to get the feel of the place as an album, though an overload  :)

Wanted to find more about the temple from the villagers, but the place was deserted on the hot Sunday noon and I couldn't...

Anyway this is what the board reads..

Malaichaamy Kovil
Vendimuthaiya Kovil
Kallapatty Pankaalikal Sangam
Koodaloor (Theni maavattam)


  1. Oru kramathu kovilukku Poitou vantha maathiri iruku... Stunning clicks....

  2. Very nice pictures. Almost like being there!

  3. Great pictures, with vibrant colors and detail. Good job.

  4. Beautiful pictures, very nostalgic too :) can't wait for June to go visit some of my favorite temples :)

  5. How colorful the kovil areas are in India, that is the first thing I see when I land in India. Everything is so green and colorful. Orey Feeling looking at these pictures. Thank you Bharathy.

  6. i like the last 3 clicks very much. Especially the last one.

  7. What is the camera do you use? nice pix

  8. Really beautiful pictures. Love the lovely colours in those shots.


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