Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cardamom Flavoured Coconut Pull - Apart Bread

Have I ever mentioned that it is coconut, I love, after chillies and spices?
Having grown in a state where coconut is abundant and introduced in almost all ways in the everyday life, my love for the nut had been undying all the years.

I came to know about Aparna's ,"We Knead to Bake", only 3-4 days back. I instantly fell in love with the theme, the name and everything about it.
Unfortunately being shifted to a small town for the time being, I couldn't get hold of fresh yeast. All I had was 1/2 tsp of Fleishmann's that too almost nearing the expiry date. The proof testing part went fine and I my hopes started flying high. With the limited amount of good quality yeast in hand I couldn't knead the full amount of dough and use my loaf pan now!
I was pleasantly surprised to see that Aparna had an answer to every single doubt I had in mind back in her post!
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bread Pizza ~ Simple and Kid Friendly!

It is quite natural for a blogger to get inclined to food photos that are photogenic.  Just like a painter picks up and blends colours from his palette and smudges on to the canvas, we bloggers love to blend colours, naturally with our ingredients and capture in our lenses.

Colours fascinate us. Recipes become artful.

I came across this cute recipe Geetha's blog recently and instantly fell in love with it. I tried the same night and was a winner!

I know bread pizza is a common kid friendly recipe which many of you had tried and have your own versions.I thought of sharing it coz I was making it for the first time and really loved it!

Bread Pizza 
Yields- 4
Preparation time- 15 mins
Baking time - 10-15 mins

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Monday, January 21, 2013

' My Spicy Recipe ' ~ Announcement of a Giveaway Event

I am excited to announce my very first event. Being into the world of blogging
 for the past 6 years I had not hosted an event until date. The reason is none other than apprehension!

CupoNation, the renowned website which offers variety home and kitchen related discount coupons for a number of leading online retailers in India like
flipkart, snapdeal etc, had shown great interest in collaborating with Spicy Chilly.

Let me elaborate a bit about it..

The guidelines for participation are:

1.You can send a recipe which is spicy, because I love spicy food :). It can be of any cuisine of any kind; with any level of spice in it.
Non-spicy recipes are also welcome, anyway. Addition of logo is appreciated!

2. Let the recipe post be preferably a fresh one. Any smart food and kitchen related shopping tips along with your recipe blog posts would be interesting and are appreciated.

3. Only bloggers are entertained at this point.
A blogger with multiple blogs can send multiple entries but one entry/recipe per blog, please.

4. In the first line you should mention your favorite online retailer from here .

5. Winning entries would be drawn from the participants. I am requested to select the best entries as well.
First, second and third prizes - Rs 1500,1000 and 500 respectively are giveaways in the form of e-gift vouchers. It's basically a voucher code and a pin which could be used instead of payment. The goods you thus choose to buy will be delivered to your Indian address.

6. Send your recipe link along with a picture attached, to spicychilly.cuponation@gmail.com before 25th of February. 

7. I will publish the entries in order as I receive. Hope you would give a link back to this announcement page as well, thus helping me to spread the word and let me also hope that you would stand by me and make the event a huge success!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick, Cheap and Healthy Microwave Meals (A Guest Post by Tanya)

Well, I believe my space had never hosted a guest post all these days! So, I decided to come up with one from Tanya, my blogger friend, who works with ASDA grocery store. She had wanted to do a post here for sometime and both of us got a little occupied with our own ways with the start of the year! Better late than never and here she goes.... :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paal Pongal ~ 'The Rice and Milk Meal ' prepared for the Tamil Harvest Festival, 'Pongal'.

The devil called 'anxiety' gets hold me all of a sudden. I hear the door knocking in the middle of the night. I lay sleepless all night. The next day doctor confirms  I am hypertensive. Old advices. New course of drugs. In the morning I wake up to find there had been no water supply and the over head tank is already empty. To top up, the power shut down is extended. The kitchen door gets self locked ( or is there anybody inside since I heard some weird knocking sound the previous night!!) and I break in through the back yard door, smashing it (driven by some mysterious power ) to find no one inside. Relief for a moment but the stress shoots up again. I shout for no reasons. I blame the government for extracting exorbitant taxes from me giving back nothing I deserve! Water, electricity, safety...
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nadan Erachi Ularthiyathu / Kerala Meat Fry

Here is the dish I love the most! Having grown up in a lovely little town in Central Kerala, this has been my favourite ever since childhood days. Erachi ularthiyathu is a signature dish of Christians (not sure whether this belongs to the Catholic/Syrian/Jacobite community) and as far as I know, every family make the similar way! They use beef commonly to make the dish and 'beef olathiyathu' had been an accompaniment which my friends shared heartily with me during lunch time, back school and college days!

Beef is still a taboo back home in my mom's house. She never cooked beef or sausages though brother and me loved them! We continued to savour the dish which our friends brought along for their lunch with kuthari choru and had to our heart's content. The families cooked the dish hot and fresh when we visited them and made us happier!

Over the years, esp after I got married to the vegetarian family, this remained as a forgotten dish as amma made almost all dishes with fish and chicken. Brother and me no longer craved for irachi ularthu.

So what made me go back and try it all over?
Yes, blogging! Elaborating traditional recipes makes me crazily content and this is an attempt of a recreation that proved extremely satisfying.

I have used mutton for the main and step wise pictures here.

Nadan Erachi Ularthiyathu / Kerala Meat Fry

Serves a small family of 3 or 4


Cubed meat (beef, pork or mutton) - 1/2 kg

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