Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Slice of Love...

Are you a banana lover? I bet you would love this.Do give a shot as this is one of the easiest dishes ever..

Amma makes this with much ease and expertise, when it comes to slicing the ripe bananas directly to the hot kadai, in no time with fresh ghee heating up in it. This dish, supposed to be a sweet snack, is somehow a ‘meal’ for my brother, sis and me.

She loves this cold, spongy and chewy,
While I prefer- warm, soft and juicy.
For this reason I fry the well ripened fruit slices in butter while the actual recipe calls for ghee.

So, here goes the recipe for Aethapazham/Nenthranpazham Vazhattiyathu or the Ghee Roasted Bananas..


Butter- ¾ - 1 cup
Ripe Kerala Bananas/aethappazham/nenthran pazham-2 nos- each slice to abt a cm thick.
Sugar-a tbsp


Melt butter in a wide non stick kadai..Dump in the fruit slices.Spread them well so as to facilitate deep frying keeping the flame sim to medium.Turn over the slices, gently, so as to cook the other side.Do not close the kadai at any stage.Let the slices turn deep brown to black.
The whole roasted time takes up to 20-25 minutes and by the end the butter would have turned to ghee. Transfer the slices carefully from the pan while still piping hot to a casserole.Sprinkle sugar, toss and keep tightly closed.Open after, say 15 mins.The heat of the fried slices would have melted the sugar by now which gives a syrupy sweet coating to the final dish.(The remaining ghee in the pan can be reused).
Serve warm.

My sis who never gets tired of hosting events has come up with a unique one this month after the movie Saas Bahu and Sensex and says “It can be anything ranging from a recipe an aunt passed along, a dish your mom used to make, quick enough so that she has time to pack you off to school and get to work herself, a meal that you enjoyed during your girls' night out with friends and want to re-create at home.”
Please visit the movie website by clicking here.

And sis, this is for you, dedicated to "our" sweet amma and granny :)

Obviously, the recipe is passed over to amma by her mom, which gives out that heavenly aroma while getting fried; even more than the wonderful flavour of ripe bananas and ghee; we taste her Love, mingled all over, in every slice…
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