Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rösti and a stay in Swiss...

Did I tell you,Girls that we stayed for a week in Swiss after going around Paris?

Well,we flew to Geneva and reached the final destination,the beautiful village of Grindelwald.The mystic nature,the picturesque snow topped mountains and its warm people made us spell bound..

And here I am with the traditional dish of the swiss Rösti,a delicious wholesome dish,which ultimately turned to be one of our favourites.Each household has its own version of it,with meat,more of onions,variety of veggies and so on.

I tried an 'all veggie Rösti' topped with extra chunks of carrots with the usual potato base,using Gruyere cheese, a swiss delicacy, which tastes great when melts.

The recipe is certainly simple than it seems and worth a shot if you are a potato or a cheese lover!.

Here's how I made it...

You Need:

500gms Baking potatoes
4-5 garlic cloves-crushed
2 Large carrots-sliced into rounds-for topping
Gruyere cheese -75gms-grated,for topping
Freshly ground pepper
Salt-to taste
Finely chopped herb of your choice-to garnish


1.Hard boil the potatoes and carrots,separately.Slice carrots to rounds.

2.Chill the potatoes for about 2-3 hours,preferably in a freezer.

3.Reserve a couple of potatoes and slice into rounds,sized more or less like the carrots,for topping.

4.Peel and coarsely grate the remaining potatoes.

5.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees centigrade.

6.Lightly butter the baking dish.

7.Mix grated potatoes,pepper powder,garlic and salt and move to the baking dish.

8.Spread the top with butter and bake for 40 minutes or until the grated potatoes are golden and cooked.

9.Return the sliced potatoes and carrots(pre cooked) to the oven.

10.Sprinkle with the cheese, cook for 5 more mins until the cheese melts and spreads and the topping turns golden and bubbly.(Feel the delicious smell of it by now:))

11.Transfer carefully into a serving dish and garnish with finely chopped herbs of your choice.

The beautiful village of Grindelwald,in the suburbs of Jungfrau and a little up, the town of Interlaken.

Over to the final destination,passing Bern and Interlaken.

The railway station-Jumped out of the train to breathe the cool fresh fragrant air...

and straight to our lovely apt,Haberdarre!

The Front view..

The well maintained,modern kitchenette

The Picturesque view from the apt..

Neighbourhood of Haberdarre.The flowers belong to our apt :).

On the way to Junfraujoch-top of Europe!

Land above the clouds!.The breath taking view of Swiss and France (a part of them)from Sphinx-the viewing station of Jngfrh.

Another Shot,of the "mountains of eternal snow"..


The beautiful carvings of "The Ice Palace-Jngfrh".

A nearby spot of Grindelwald,called FIRST,near the Bernese Alps...

The point where para gliders make their way through..

We had our own ways to enjoy,though.The ice bunny,

transformed to Ganesha:).

Swiss cows,were never heard mooing,instead we could hear the lovely little jingling sounds of their bells,round their necks..

The Unusual waterfalls-water gushing through the large holes of the rock.Had to go pretty IN the damp cold rocks to view the falls,named..

.. the Trummelbachfalls..So, that was our final spot of holidaying,to be precise :)..
...from the snow capped mountains to the lush green valleys;from the wild sparkling rivers to the serenity of plam lined lakes,our holiday was not on earth but on "Paradise!".
P.S-A great thanks to all my readers who patiently scrolled long down to view the pics and matter of both of my holiday posts..:)...


  1. wow wonderfull pictures! wow it is tempting to visit these places. the dish looks delicious too!

  2. BTW the bunny and Ganesha look so cute!

  3. wow bharathy...first paris and now swizz? well, we r going on vacation to switzerland this month end for a week:) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
    love that snow bunny...errrr...ganesha:)

  4. Lovely photos topped with the native dish Rosti.For a while I felt, was in Swiss mountains. Cute bunny /ganesh :)
    I liked the tip of putting the potatoes in the freezer.I am bookmarking this recipe.

  5. WOW! beautiful place! I am all green seeing this post and also the one on Paris! Lucky You :)


  6. We stayed in Interlaken too but in a B & B and visited Matterhorn and revolving restaurant!Love the pics ,brought lot of great memories.Love the Ganesha in Swiss alps!;D

  7. Wow Bharathy, Paris and now Swiss....Lovley pictures girl. Mother Nature can be so beautiful isn't it? Your swiss Rosti looks gorgeous and as you rightly mentioned it certainly looks complicated but is simple to make. Can i substitute cruyere cheese with any other cheese? If yes which cheese will be the best substitute you think?

  8. Oh by the way I am blog rolling you as i don't wanna miss out any of your yummy posts. Hope you don't mind.

  9. Hey Bharaty I'm sure you guys had loads of fun. Nice pictures and yummy recipes. is my blog.

  10. Your blog is delicious and the photography beautiful!

  11. waw you are having a great time! such beautiful places and marvelous pics. arrgghhh!! I already feel sick with my routine life.

  12. potato and cheese -YES !!! looks yum!!
    wonderful views & photographs! glad to know you had such a fab time in such natural surroundings!

  13. Hey! Grindelwald is one of my hubby's favorite places, he's always talking about taking me there. I love the sounds of your trip, and rosti is so yummy. Nice recipe! Thanks for sharing


  14. Roopa,Thankyou for your prompt visits!

    Sia,You have chosen the right place..ENJOY!!

    Archana,I really wanted to take you all there,through me post..:)

    Mishmash..thanx for the words of appreciation..

    Asha,We couldn't make it to Schilthorn,the rev restaurant!Nice to note you too have been to the alps!

    Seema,any melting cheese of your choice,not sure of all kinds,next time I thought of trying this with mozarella ,as Gruyere is not avlb here too!
    Seema,I am honoured!!!:)..

    Shiva,will visit yours..for sure!

    Frey and paul,warm welcome to you guys..:)..

    Sharmi..yeah ,you need some kind of break from the routine,with so much of cooking and cleaning,I suppose..pls plan for a holiday!

    Richa,Thanx dear!

    Kanchana,the cutie,hope you and shankar will have your 2nd honey moon there,soon ;).

  15. looks amazingly delicious.. u are making this for me when u come home in july.. looking forward even more to that trip now :D

    amazing pics..

  16. great to see this post.. i would love to visit these places!the Ganesha is really good... I`M SURE TO TRY OUT THE RECIPE TOO!

  17. Engane Kothipikkathe ente kutti....
    LLLoved all the pics..Really thankful for ur effort to doing such a good work..atleat we people can enjoy virtually...

  18. wow!!!switzerland now ....bharathy wow man .....nice dream land ...wish to visit them one day ...

  19. oh my my. somebody had a VAcation!

  20. Bharathy,
    evide thanne angu koodiyalo ennu thonnippoyi..lucky you, lovely pics,nice dish..Join with every one who came before..pinney, will send mail,gmail not working..your id is there, ok, kuttee..

  21. Let me see,n,I am supposed to be relaxed @ my mom's place :)

    Welcome to you,Nanditha-...

    Alla ariyanjittu chodikkuva,Dubaikku entha athra kozhappam??

    Swiss is always my fav as well,Deepa..

    Yes :),Shaheen,a REAL one..

    Seena,yes, thatz better..


  22. Those are beautiful pictures of Switzerland Bharathy! I have always wanted to go there and experience those mountain views for myself!

  23. Gosh, Bharthy, I just got back from a trip there.. I miss it much now.. it was sooo green and beautiful.. and now that the charges are hitting the credit card, it is expensive as well..hehehe


  24. Yeah Jenndz,beautiful place...

    Nidhi,thanx a lot to add your name as well...Welcome 'aboard' :).
    Yeah,not all can afford to holidaying in Europe,esp when living in India.Thank God and feel ourselves lucky..:)

  25. Hi Bharathy,
    I have been a regular reader of your blog and I must say its awesome. I wanted to ask you if you would share some more info on how you went about renting an apartment in Swiss and some more about how you guys got around in europe. I would love to know more from an Indian perspective since we want to travel there sometime next year. Thanks again for sharing the recipe and the wonderful pictures taken during your trip. It is always a delight to read your blogposts.

  26. Hi Bharathy, thanks so much for sharing all the valuable information about your travels with me. I really appreciate it. Thanks for commenting on my blog as well. i do miss Saffron Hut as well. Hope she joins us soon. By the way that apple bowl looks so nice.


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