Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ragoût aux Pois Chiches and a Trip to Paris...

Nice to see you all back after a good break!

I was holidaying for sometime in Paris , the solid excuse for not blogging in :)... my second visit to the place, this time with kids made a real good difference!.

I'm totally new to cooking what's not 'Hindustani', the simple reason of sticking on to spices and chillies for the safer side, ;P..but somehow made up my mind to come up with any easy one from the fabulous French Cuisine.

So, here's a Simple vegetarian dish of Ragoût aux Pois Chiches which can be prepared in a few minutes.We tried this dish in France with Pasta as the base and tasted more Indianish.The raw materials were easily available near my house here, in India and was done without much effort!.

Serves-2- Cooking time- 20 mins.
Pronounced: rah goo / oh / pwah / sheesh.

Get Ready With:
2 tablespoons olive oil
A cup of diced onion
2 cups of diced ripe red tomatoes
2-3 flakes garlic,chopped finely
A small can of boiled and salted chickpeas/channa
1/2 cup vegetable stock
Freshly ground pepper
Salt-to taste
Parsley/cilantro-chopped-to garnish

1. Heat the oil in a large wok, add the onions and garlic. Sauté for about 2 to 3 minutes, till the onions turn translucent.Add a little water, if needed and cook the onions till soft.
2. Add the tomatoes, cooked chickpeas ,veg stock and bring to a boil.Cover with a lid and until the tomato pieces are just cooked(Let them not be over cooked and mashy).Open the lid and simmer to reduce the gravy.Add the pepper powder.Check salt and transfer in a serving dish and garnish with chopped parsely.
3. If you prefer it with Pasta, cook pasta of your choice as per the package instructions and topped with Ragoût aux Pois Chiches, serves you a deliciously heavy meal!.

And now, 'Paris' from our view :)..

The Lecourbe Apartment,we stayed, in Paris.

The Kitchenette.Oops! Did I forget to place those griddles back on the hob after cleaning?

Get,Set, GO...

The Majestic Eiffel Tower ,the Ultimate Symbol of France.
Photographed from underneath while waiting to go up in the long queue.

View from Trocadero.

The Brain behind...Gustave Eiffel...wax statue in the topmost level.

Arc De Triomphe..Viewed from Eiffel.

La Defence.The "Modern" part of Paris!View from Eiffel at dusk. The Grande Arche of La Defence is worth a days visit!.

Trocadero...From Eiffel.

Les Invalides...from Eiffel.

Paris and its River Seine.From Eiffel,again..

See what the toppest sign of Eiffel say..

Hmm... by the time we got down our hunger was triggered by an awesome aroma of food..

Yeah!!Source Found!! What are those Pan cakes stuffed with slices of banana?

AHHAA! Crêpes! Thatz it!...Well, here we GO...

Releasing the batter on a hot griddle,

Spreading with a T-shaped spatula.He seemed to be quite an expert.I firmly believe I'd FLAW if I wud try doing this way!.

Flipping it over,

Spreading in the creamy,chocolatey Nutella,

And the Hot Nutella Crêpe is Ready!.Had a bite on a yummy Sucre Crêpe as well.They all tasted heaven and was finished in a jiffy by the hungry mouths :)

Settled on a bench, enjoying the sudden glitter lights of the Eiffel.People 'Cheering' at the back from Trocadero, but we coolly remained there, facing the Glittering Eiffel ; still busy licking off the last traces of Nutella.
Learn more about Crepes and Nutella.

Les Invalides with its magnificent Golden Dome.

River Seine. Had to cross this decorative bridge to get there..

The golden pillar statues on the bridge,reflecting the golden sun,shouting out the victories of the great legendary kings!

Another shot,hiding the sun...coz my eyes were turning pretty darker by now!

Statue at the base of the pillar..Certainly with more stories, it seems..!

Hôtel de Ville!'s the final destination of bus numbered 72!...after covering the major monuments of the City... not a Hotel as it sounds,but a City Hall,housing the Mayor of Paris.

Academie Nationale de Musique.Academy of music and fine arts.

The Sacré-Cœur Basilica, crowning the heights of Montmarte,

and the Cathedral, Notre Dame on the banks of Siene.

The Sacred and beautiful stained glass in the Church

The Euro Disney...Is a miniature of Florida's..Had most of those rides as well...Spent a whole day for the Kids, hopping in and out, each and every ride!.

The Louvre Museum.

The Egyptian Sphinx of the Louvre, and

some of the potteries and jewelleries,the Egyptians possessed until a few centuries ago!,

The glass chandelier of the Royal Napolean III Apartment in the Louvre, again.

Days of happiness,fled past..
We finished our Paris tour with an elaborate evening scroll on the Grand Avenue Champs-Élysées .
We enjoyed every moment of it.. just like a Parisian does...


  1. awesome pics!! looks like u had so much fun..

    :D this recipe goes on my simple cooking portal

  2. wow! those pics are stunning, good to know u had a great holiday and are now back with a bang :) that nutella sure is so addictive ;)
    recipe looks nice and simple.

  3. Thanks for sharing such amazing photos.You must have had a gr8 time :)The chick pea recipe looks like a milder version of our chole. Crepes are looking yummy.

  4. Welcome back Bharathy:))
    Looks like you had a great holiday.We were in Paris for week, and Euro Disney when it had just opened there.Brought back memories,thanks for posting the pics.We were not allowed on the Eiffel tower since it was on maintainance,wish we could have gone up there.

  5. great pics...been there a few times...i love Paris...thanks for reminding me...great recipe too...thanks for sharing

  6. Hi nice recipe! Thankyou for posting your holiday pictures they are great I bet you had a lovely time especially eating those crepes :)

  7. wow!u seem to have tons of fun. u gotto eat nutella crepes in Paris! I would love to go there some day.

  8. Hey!We just confirmed our plans to visit Paris today and what do I see here!Lovely pictures?we will be visiting Paris next month.After seeing your pics,i cant wait to go:)Any travel tips or suggestions you got to share?

  9. Hey!!!excellent pics man ...the nutella crepes stuff looks yummy ..must have tasted great...Will surely go to paris sometime ...

  10. Wow Wow!! Excellent Picts..Thanks for posting these to take us to paris..Hmmm I want to go there...adutha ganmathil aayirikkum..

  11. waw, waw, waw, the pictures rock. I loved all of them and esp. the view from Eiffel tower. looks awesome and magnificent. must have had a great time. thanks for sharing them.

  12. Gret pics barthi.Loved the snaps and thanks for sharing your lovely experience in the beautiful paris.Good its so good.

  13. Wow Lovely pics bharathi, thanks for sharing it with us. Looks like u guys had a wonderful paris trip..

  14. Lovely collection of pictures...

  15. hey:)good to see u back:)great pics:)

  16. My girlfriend loves Chickpeas. I must make this for her. She'll love it. Thanks.

  17. stunning pictures Bharathy! so holidaying no wonder you were not blogging. nice recipe simple and easy to prepare. thks for sharing :)

  18. Seems you had a great time there!Thanks Bharathy for sharing the pics with information.Love to see them...

  19. N-Bonvage to you,have a nice time in Dublin!

    Yes, Richa-nutella is really yummy!

    Archana,absolutely true!..this is indeed a milder version of chole..may be that was the reason why we relished it!:)

    Asha...hmm..better luck next time!I had been up, long regrets pls!

    ..and there you are Bhai! thanx a lot!

    yeah Jeena,we all loved them..

    Yeah,Shaheen.not a big can also visit,if time permits!

    All the best Sumitha,I have my replies in ur comment box!

    Yeah Deepa,it's worth a visit!

    :) wont believe,worked out in a budget.. lesser than we can visit in this janmam,but got to plan things thatz all..

    Thanx for all your encouragements,Sharmi!

    Dr..mmm..Thanx a lllllloooot!

    Prema-you deserve a spl thanx for giving me this wonderful idea!

    Sukanya,meera and roopa..a great big thanx for your lovely words,Girls..:)

    Adhi...who's that lucky Damsel,BTW???

    Seena..:)(we contact better thru mails)..he he..

  20. Bharathy thanks a lot for taking time to post your suggestions,Cheers!

  21. girl, u surely seems to have had gr8 time in paris... i still haven't gone there but will be surely going by next summer:)
    those big crepes reminded me of big paper dosas we get in b'lore... yum... and ur recipe(sorry cant prounce nor type;) sounds equally delicious and easy to make... way to go girl... good to see u blogging again1 so the blogging break is over right?;)

  22. Wow! That sounds like lots of fun. :) Thank you so much for posting this.. Parisil poya pole!

  23. Great to have you back Bharathy. That's a totally good collection of pics. Thanks for sharing with us. My hubby enjoyed it too. Ragoût aux Pois Chiches looks like a comforting dish. Nice pic. will try it sometime.

  24. Bharathy,
    Oh your Paris tirp must have been good isn't it. We had been to Paris a year back just for 6 days and god that was my best trip ever. Isn't Paris such a romantic place to visit. The Eiffel tower, Museum, the architectural beauty ohhhh I would love to go visit Paris again and again and again. Your curry looks fabulous as well. Loved the way the colors are incorporated in your dish.

  25. Sumitha,thanx for your appreciation

    Sia,crepes seem to be the cousin of our Dosa!:)Right?

    R.P,nice of you to peep in,
    My aim is accomplished..if I had succeded in 'Taking them along' to the place...thanx for your EXACT words I was waiting for :).

    Kribha,tried to get into your comment box...i typed again and again...where's the publish button,,,,couldnt publish ;(..

    Absolutely,Seema the place is worth a thousand visits!.

  26. I am just crazy for nutella crepes. I mean seriously, what is not to love about that?! :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Paris!

  27. Gal, U had a gr8 time or what :).. Welcome back..

  28. Wow, Bharaty, your trip sounds wonderful.. I was there a few years ago.. I can't forget the wonderful elated feeling of being there..the beauty and history of this place.. thanks for refreshing these memories..


  29. I went to Paris in May and had an amzing time as well! Looks like we have a lot of similar pics:)

    I really miss the bakeries there and the croissants and pain au chocolat!


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