Saturday, June 16, 2007

RCI-Gajarachi Koshimbir

Maharashtrian?..Yes..Healthy or Nutritious?..Yes,of course..Colourful and appealing?..Certainly Yes..Easy to make?..Absolutely!,in fact no cooking is required and takes less than 15 minutes to get over with it!.
Gajarachi Koshimbir says it all.A simple Indian salad of freshly grated carrots incorporated with crunchy peanut bits tempered in an Indian way;my entry to RCI-Maharashtrian Cuisine,hosted by Nupur of One Hot Stove.The brain behind the wonderful idea is Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine.

Cooking time-15 mins,Serves-2.

You need:

A cup of freshly grated carrots
2 green chillies,finely chopped
2 tsps of roasted and crushed peanuts
A few drops of lime juice
½ tsp of sugar
Salt,to taste
Chopped cilantro,to garnish

To temper,

A tsp of oil
A few mustard seeds and urad dal
A pinch of hing
A few curry leaves


1.Transfer the contents to a bowl,except the cilantro,and gently mix them using the finger tips.To roast the raw peanuts,microwave them in high power for a minute,toss them, return for a minute more,remove skin and crush coarsely.
2.Heat oil in a small pan,splutter mustards and brown the urad dal.Add hing.Splutter the curry leaves,after turning off the flame,pour on the above mixture.Toss the salad and garnish with chopped cilantro.
3.Gajarachi Koshimbir goes well with rice and curries, roomali rotis and tastes good even simply sandwiched between the bread slices.


  1. Love the Kosumbari as we call it.Fab color and very healthy.What more could you want? Perfect:))

  2. Good entry for RCI Bharathy.All our koshimbir generally are made the same way. You can just change the vegees :)
    I liked the single chili photo next to your name :)

  3. Yum Yum, wonderful treat from my eyes!!

  4. What a gorgeous gorgeous photo! And a wonderful recipe :) Thanks for participating!

  5. beautiful koshimbir! we make this regularly.

  6. lovely! love that koshimbir :)

  7. honey, I really don't know how technorati works. if you pls tell me how then I can do something:)Thanks a lot.

  8. Thank you asha..

    yep,archana.I went for this one after seeing your cool cucumber koshimbir :),thanx for the inspiration..

    Shiva,Sharmi and Richa,nice to got thru ur lovely words..

  9. how did i miss this post? i love kosambari as we call this and we add soaked slit moong dal which enhances the flavour:)

  10. Hey why did you change the profile pic ? I loved those spicy red chilies.

    The koshimbir looks good, light and right for summer

  11. easy and healthy!
    this has been my all time favorite!ita a treat to the eyes too!

  12. Bharathy
    This one is a beautiful chilly pic too, the green levaes give a new dimension, but I had come to associate you with the red ones, that why my prev comment.

    Don't change the pic, I will soon come to associate you with the new one :)

  13. Bharathy, nice colors... it matches the banner too :)... and I like the new chilli... looks spicy :D

  14. bharathy ...this is so simple and nice one ....excellent and attractive pic

  15. Simple and neat recipe Bharathy..
    Yes Bharathy Iam a bit busy these days.. Sorry for not linking ur post in Tamil recipes.. will do it soon.

  16. i simply love this koshimbir- however i also add tomatoes to it.

  17. Thanx a lot Bharathy, (for all the clarification)..:)
    N now yep, this koshimbir is a regular one in our meals...thanx for sharing... :) :) :)

  18. For those with peanut allergies, you can make this with soaked Moong Dal/yellow split peas or sprouts. I have it often with moong dal instead of salad.

  19. This is such an amzing way of eating carrots! I have bought organic carrots from and i am surely going to make this dish out of them.


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