Friday, June 15, 2007

Apple ice bowl and a lazy weekend!...

Sometimes you feel lazy,really lazy,to get into the normal routine of life.

Sometimes you feel to laze a day or a weekend,sipping a cuppa hot tea, watching wearily a movie or a song you'd longed to…

When DhoomII was released ,I had wanted to go for the movie so badly.And today morning, I just happened to see that song,"Crazy kiya re", realised quite surprisingly, that I'd forgotten all about watching the movie,as I'd been dedicating much of my leasure time to blogging since then...

Having seen that beautiful orange ice bowl on Mishmash's table,a couple of days ago,wanting immediately one like that and humming the tune,where Aish had done a real rocking and a graceful performance,went out to reach for my fruit bowl containing no oranges!.The apples,slightly shrunk due to the scorching heat, didn't disappoint me though and I wistfully carried on to make the 'apple ice bowl'…

It took less than 5 mins,coz the not so fresh apples were sliced in a lazy way,the moulds got selected in a lazy way,the water got filled up in between in a lazy way,and the final product got photographed,with those not so fresh fruits again in the background, after 8 hours in an even lazier way.....glancing at the imperfect ice cup filled with nothing!.

After all it's a lazy weekend... right??

Warning-Do not compare this cup with the original!.:D..


  1. That doesn't look like a lazy work, Gal!

  2. There is nothing imperfect about it bcos nothing is perfect!:))
    Looks like a fun project for a lazy weekend.So how did you eat it?;D

  3. Wow looks lovely Bharathy.. yeah I agree this sure doesn't look like lazy work.

  4. Way to go ! :)It looks good...I dont see any imperfection and there is no need for that 'warning' below :D

    I was also lazy and half asleep while putting all that water and fruits into the bowl, just before hitting the sack after a really long day...but i wanted to share that cool easy idea with u guys :)Really glad to see you making one of your own :)


  5. Enjoyed reading your post the lazy way :)))Asymetrical things are beautiful too. What matters is at least you tried making it. I liked your lazy way :))

  6. i think the ice ball makes people modest, shn called herself an average cook on her ice bowl post and now u say this is a lazy work... :D it looks too good girl... :)

  7. Sugi,Asha and Prema,hugs to you girls for those sweet words..;)..

    Shn,come on..yours is way ahead and it's PERFECT.Nice to note you too had made it lazily..:)..

    Thank you Archana..:)..

    He he not modest..coooool and laazzzy..he he..

  8. Nice pic and post
    Have a laaazzzzzzzyyyyy weekend, I wish I had one:), which is not at all possible.:)

  9. That looks just perfect!! And you call that lazy work??? way to go girl!

  10. wow...great post....great pic...cooooool...

  11. hi grt bowl.....its idea

  12. Not really Shiva..

    Thanx a lot,Jyostna,bhaiya and shanti :)..

    So..Mallu gal,You had hit the pot,with the RIGHT comment..:D.

  13. LOL no angle it looks like a work from lazy girl:) love it:)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Great job! Laziness,no way!
    No sign of laziness.

  16. I love this, like apple dessert. I love to try this. My girlfriend will like this.
    dean graziosi


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