Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nadan Parippu Curry / Cooked Dal with Coconut and Spices

It has always been much contrasting to me, when my mom scribbles down not more than half a kg of thuar dal in her monthly shopping list in Kerala when in Tamil Nadu, my ma in law gets a heavy sack of it from the local whole-salers which gets exhausted within half a dozen months!!.
I have heard Keralites talking about Ariyum Thengayum(Rice and Coconut) rather than the Tamilians who opt Arisi Paruppu(Rice and Thuar dal),which in turn proves the important ingredient of their varied kitchens..Of course, this protein rich pulse is a ‘must’ in my store with which I come out with the variety of dishes at least thrice a week!..

Parippu Curry is a delicacy of Kerala, as you all know. Like most of the curries of the state, this one too demands a blend of coconut along with a touch of milder spices tempered all with that mystic flavour of coconut oil.My mom makes this curry along with rasam which is projected as, “a comfort weekend combo”, but we, her children still make a fuss to compromise this for her great Sunday lunches, otherwise!..

So, this recipe is for the lovers of Dals, legumes and pulses.. and of course for dear Linda who hosts JFI-Thoor Dal for the month :).

You Need:

Thuar Dal/Thomara Parippu-1 cup
Green Chillies-5-6 nos-Slit the tips up till 3/4th taking care not to separate them.

Grind to a smooth paste,

Red Chilly Seeds-1/4 tsp
Garlic-2 cloves
Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp
Shallots-2 nos
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Grated coconut- ¾ cup

To Temper,

Coconut Oil-1 tbsp
Ghee-1 tbsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Shallots-minced-2 tsps
Red Chillies-2-broken into 4 pieces
Curry leaves-a sprig


Pressure cook dal till 3/4th done according to your pressure cooker methods.Mix in the slit green chillies and boil.Add the ground ingredients next and bring again to a boil to get rid of all the raw smell.The curry should be of a semi thick, pouring consistency by now.Switch off the stove.
Heat coconut oil and ghee together; splutter mustard seeds and fry minced shallots till dark brown.Throw in the curry leaves and the red chillies.Pour this tadka over the dal curry.
Serve hot with Rice, Chapathis or Phulkas

Note-Dry fried Moong dal/varutha cherupayar parippu can also be used instead of thuar dal.Substitiute Coconut oil and ghee with the oil of your choice if you are a calorie counter.

Recipe Courtesy –Nadan Pachakarama by Mrs KM. Mathew.


  1. Bharathy,
    this is new to me and looking the ingredients,I am sure I will like this ...Will try it out soon..
    I too have posted a new one in my blog..for JFI.
    When you left a comment in old post,i was half the way posting:)
    I am first here to comment...Any awards for that?;D

  2. Forget to say...Pictures look gorgeous!!!

  3. nothing like parippu curry, rice, papadom and ghee!!

  4. Hi Bharathy, what a lovely write-up for a delicious-sounding curry, and how well you've captured that sunshine yellow in your photos! I really like the second one focusing on the ingredients -- stunning.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful contribution to JFI Toor Dal :)

  5. Very good recipe.. looks simple yet fragrant and delish!!

  6. I love this paripu curry. It is like my mom makes them. When i got married i used to make this dal curry from Mrs Mathews book.
    Now a days i make a simple version without the coconut. As i am lazy to grate the coconut.

  7. i make coconut dhal always my husbend loves it a lot

  8. Give it to me for 365 days. I'll never complain. Few years back, before my son was born I was watching my friend feed parrupu sadham to her kid. OMG! I was tempted so badly that one stage out of control I asked her to give me one urundai. She made some especially for me. I can never forget that taste with home-made ghee. Very nice contribution for the event.

  9. gud pic!!! i love this parippu with ghee ,pappdam along wid rice n aviyal...i make once in a week...really healthy n simple...

  10. my mom used to make this with moong dal. either way, it's delish.

  11. d-lish! can never say no to toor dal :) all that coconut must mk it yum.

  12. hai bharathy....i used to make this curry offen....u know 1 more i add lastly is roasted coconut (fry coconut until it becomes brown in colour)..just b4 serving.....ur curry looks perfect.....

  13. wow bharathy..u are coming up with really drool-worthy recipes and photos..i wish i was having this for dinner with alu roast and papadam :(

  14. The pictures have come out so looks so yummy!

  15. This is new to me...surely looks delicious and your presentation as always is great!!

  16. The very look at a Dal, any Dal and my tummy does the growl. Loved your pic

  17. Thnks for all those lovely and encouraging comments!..
    Since many of you have noted that the picture/presentation is good,I am happier this time as never before..
    Well! I would like to share the story behind!:)

    I made the curry,specially for the event, transferred to the bowl, made a few fresh flowers to model along :) and the set was all ready..
    The camera which had been serving me well so far suddenly died on me on the precise moment..I got a spare cam after 2 hours or so of a different make and next I had to struggle to get used to..
    The flowers started to droop down and I hurriedly put them back inthe vase..The day light stared dimming down and the sky was suddenly cloudy(I alwys rely on good bright day light)
    I was all upset and had to return the spare camera back soon..I pulled back the flowers,continued with a few random shots, with a heavy heart..and sat down to download via Picasa as always..

    Alas!..Picasa was reluctant to accept the pictures connected to his new friend at the end of the the data cord.
    Now I had to learn all abt Adobe photoshop,transferrd to picasa and did some editing with the same.
    I believe,the hard work for the day,didn't go in Vain..

    Thnkyou once again,my friends :)

  18. I've not seasoned with coconut before but I'm sure i'll like it since it's a bit like what I do for the kootus. Lovely pics Bharathy.

  19. This dish completely new to me. I'm sure going to try it. Really colorful and comforting.

  20. Nice entry for the event! Good that you posted a kerala recipe! new to me! :)

  21. HI Bharathy,

    You are correct in TN most of recipes will be with paruppu..we add it in kootu, sambar.rasam....

    In Kerela i think in everything you will have coconut..i dunno how u got adjusted intially...

    Dhal rice with ghee....hmmmm yummy it takes us to some special feeling when having,as we almost prepare this on special and festival days.

  22. bharathy ..awesome pic ...esp the second one ....please help me on taking pics too ..i am very bad at all of them ...excellent recipe ...i love the yellow color ...great going lady

  23. Well sure you are glad u borrowed the camera to take the pic

  24. a new recipe bharathy i've decided you to be my tutor when i start on photos an excellent photo

  25. Looks delicious... Have to try this your way...

  26. parippu looks delicious.nice pic.

  27. Iniku ee paripu otri ishtam aa. I love this sooo very much.

  28. Hi Bharathy,
    Am blogging your Thoran as a model recipe in the 1001 Kerala curries cookbook at

    /Thanks for the recipe

  29. Oops.. that should read Parippu and not Thoran.

  30. Hi Bharathy,
    Thanks for your comment. Kerela curries is up now. Do take a look.

  31. I cooked this curry... Thanks

  32. Thank you for some of these very interesting Recipes. I enjoyed the kumbil appam, a long time favorite of mine.
    I couldn't help comment on one of your tip "Substitute Coconut oil and ghee with the oil of your choice if you are a calorie counter"
    I just want to mention here that if you like the taste of coconut oil go ahead and use it, there is no other safer oil comparable to this, other than Olive Oil.

  33. Thanks Raju :)..but I am still unsure about the safety of coconut oil when compared to rice bran and sunflower oils...


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