Sunday, December 9, 2007

'5 Qs' and a 'Fridge Display'..

I have been tagged for '5Qs' by the mom and for the 'Fridge Display' by the daughter.

I enjoyed doing them.The 5 Qs, where one has to answer to the questions without much breaking of the head, and for the 'fridge', to take photographs part by part and to rant about....Thank you ladies..:)

The 5 Qs

1.How long have you been blogging?

From the month of March 2007.This Food blog was started after a month and is now 8 months old.

2. What inspired you to blog and who are your mentors?

My sister who works with Google was the inspiration.
I started a generalised blog to share the day to day happenings and a few recipes.My sister(she’d started her food blog only after mine) wanted me to start a specialised food blog and gave this great girl’s link for an idea of what a real food blog was.That was when she and her friend, together came forward with a wonderful idea to put a start to this.
R.P had encouraged me immensely, even when I was new to blogging and the portal had inspired me to come forward with the present blog.All my post-links pertaining Kerala Cuisine strictly goes to this portal too.

3.Are you trying to make money online or doing it just for fun?

More than cooking I love photography and presentation.So all these are a part of my hobbies.
Blogging is a terrific ‘outlet’ for me and all of my friends I had earned, make my days more meaningful and pleasant!..
After my sister’s advice I did have ideas of making money, but dropped them for the time being.

4.What are the three things you love about being online?

1. As soon as I connect to the net I login G-talk to pester my sister, busy in her office.I truly 'nag' her and am seriously thinking of getting myself, her net-name “Nags”..:)

2. Simultaneously I watch out for the pop-up comments in G-talk and reach out hungrily to my blog for those precious comments from my dear readers.I blog hop, go through my friends’ new posts and give them my feed backs.

3. Ever since this food blogging I am in constant quest for recipes.I enjoy going through the varied tastes of the world, googling and just gaping at the monitor :).

5.What are the three things you struggle with online?

Blogging keeps my body glued on to the chair, fingers to the keyboard, and the eyes to the monitor, a little too much.Meanwhile I seldom share the system with others in the family.I neither or unwillingly attend any phone calls or doorbells.Many a times I had to confront burnt milk pans and kadais as the after effect(minor kitchen disasters) while trying to multitask.:)..

Therefore; Addiction, Selfishness and Negligence are the 3, I struggle online :).

Now for the Fridge Display..

I was too lazy to clean or organise the fridge before taking the pictures and below are a few of those random shots..A fridge to me is an 'organised store room' and need not be always spic and span ;)..after all it has to be functional and the accessability of the materials are much more important..:) ..

The freezer chest..

On the top left are the ice trays, the palm molasses(panai vellam) for my plain coffee to start the day,the Tupperware container which Lathamma had sent over and wanted me to use it to collect cream,raw peanuts and frozen peas.

The bottom rack is for those store bought powders.You can see masala powders,Ada (for prathaman) Badam milk mix and processed cheese.On the extreme right is a small jar containing sundried Raw rice tablets(pacharisi villai).I dilute one of these with water and use for maa kolam for my Pooja Room.(I use the place for preserving grated coconuts, homemade butter and cooked left over dal as well).

The main racks..

The top one with boiled milk in that pan, left over curries and Thirupathi ladoo on the right.
The middle one has a pan of homemade tea cake,which I made yesterday after lots of pushes from my kids and tucked in lazily to get rid of the ants outside.Chocolates beside.
The bottom most is reserved for Idly/Dosa batter, in 3 different containers.

The 'Veg Box' is refreshed every week and invariably has all the vegetables I need in stock, each wrapped up in different polythene bags. Stays fresh for even 2 weeks, in our Indian weather conditions!!..

The 'Mighty' Door..

The white box with peeled small onions, sliced big onions, Ginger on one side.Mango Ginger/Maa inji on top, lime tomatoes and chillies.This unusually placed'vegetable counter' is for the easy access while in emergency cooking.
Ready made soup packets(vanilla essence bottles, kesari colour and active dry yeast are hiding behind).Cashew nuts, Almonds and Walnuts in the next one.
Juices, home made pickles, sauces, pizza toppings and jams.
Chilled water at the bottom most, as you can see.

[Phew!..I could have better unloaded a few, so as to minimize typing :)!..]

Somehow, these magnets on one side of the fridge catch the attention of most my guests; each one commemorating our sweetest foreign trips..:)

I tag Renuka, Remya and my sister for 5 Qs and Fridge Displays. ;)


  1. Lovely read...gosh the frdge is clean and organized!

  2. Bharathy i had to smile sometimes when i read your post.
    Yeah i too sometimes get glued to the pc. Today i burned the whole lot of bread on cheese under the grill, really i had to put all of it in the dirtbag and start again.

  3. Enjoyed reading it Bharathy. I agree with you on the "three things you struggle with online". I have become a couch potato b'coz of blogging. Coming to your fridge...C'mon Bharathy. Didn't you clean the fridge before taking the pic? If god. You are one of those perfect homemakers. You should see mine. It gets a good clean only once a week. Rest of the days I would mess it up like crazy.
    Anyway, that was a nice entertaining post. Eager to see what you sister has to share.

  4. Love reading about you Bharathy. I loved the way you put those 3 factors that you "struggle". I could not agree with you more. Also totally loved your fridge.

  5. Nice post Bharathy.Enjoyed reading it.
    'Addiction,selfishness and negligence', how true.When blog hoppers like me struggle hard with them,I can very well understand the plight of the bloggers.

  6. oh my god! the fridge tag! now i have to show the world the shameful 'emptiness' in there that i keep chilled. *gulp*

  7. Sweet foreign trips? Didn't somebody sighed about goin on of them?

  8. bharathy i was just glued and enjoying your 5Qs and a cleaned fridge i was taken aback a moment when i saw that you have tagged me i'll do it soon

  9. Entertaining 5 Qs meme ! :) With a few TW containers your fridge does look nicE ! :D Here internet was down for 2 days! dialup was slow and I was itching to login! :D I received my surprise ingredient for Arusuvai and need to post it some time this week! Keep guessing! :)

  10. now honestly - do you think one can clean a clean fridge? now i can perfectly agree with you if you had written that you din't want to dirty the fridge for the snap - but "clean" it. excuse me, isn't that fridge already clean??!!!

  11. Enjoyed reading ur 5Q n fridge display...very clean n neat fridge...thanku for tagging me...i'm planning for a vacation for two weeks,so now shopping n arrangments goin on..i'll try to do it mostly b4 vacation or else after coming back...

  12. Thank you Sagari :)

    Rachel,if u're not being sarcastic..thanks ;)

    Same pinch..happy cook :)..just bcoz we are great cooks and fabulous bloggers u see ;)

    Kribha, scroll down for the answer pls :)

    Thank you red chillies :)

    Satya!..welcome dear :)..when are you starting one of your own?

    Nags,no sneaking in things from your office..okay?

    Aahh..err...sugiiiiiii...;) were waiting for this na? I am doing the same for yours :)

    Any ing is breeze for you..Looking forward to ur creativity, ma

    Lakshmi..ans down..:)

    Take your own time remya!..enjoy ur hols!:)

    And for the dear ladies who had appreciated the cleanliness of my "cool dump room",...
    ok ok..I do agree..I make sure it is organised all the time as u see...but the turmeric stains on the freezer walls, milk droplets and crumbs of bread and batter on the main racks,soil and dirt from the ginger on the door are all tactfully hidden by warmifying the pics and the focal angles :D
    The only clean part was the veg box.The freezer doors and the chiller were unruly and were avoided!:D
    The last time I scrubbed it clean was before 4 months..Believe it or not!!!!!..and now you have encouraged me to do it once in 6 months..:D

  13. i have been busy lately and have missed ur previous post. I read it now and ur parippu curry really looks grt.
    enjoyed reading ur tag too.
    ur fridge magnets are very cute. i liked ur containers for the batter too!

  14. Like the magnets!!! My fridge door is full of magnets collected on trips too! And I have the same cuckoo clock one too :)

  15. thanks for sharing more bat u...ur fridge arrangement looks gr8..

  16. hi to you too!... you have a very thriving blog here yourself!
    Your fridge is so neat and tidy...far from what my fridge looks like :)
    Thanks for inviting me over...

  17. bharathy,
    i enjoyed reading ur post. ur fridge looks so neat and well organised.

  18. Bharathy,

    Stopping by here after a long time. I've been so busy, without a chance to check all the blogs. But this post is awesome! I've wanted to see something like this for a while. You've done an amazing job. I love how organized you are, and your fridge is spotless! Mine is such a mess compared to yours. I think in the US with these huge refrigerators we seem to accumulating a lot of things! Very interesting to see a fridge from around the world.

    Hope you are doing well!

  19. Hi Bharathy,

    Meme was interesting to read...Hey man you Fridge is very organised and clean...the magnet on fridge are so cute....Thanks for sharing.

  20. you are telling me ur fridge looks like this before are seriously giving me a complex!! mine is not even close to this even after clean -up :)

  21. Bharathy - Ha ha ..Just saw you comment. great minds think alike..just kidding. No I am in the US and wish I could have seen him make this. I added the spinach only because I had leftovers ..he he
    Can you blog abt the must have been such a delight watching the maestro cook...lucky you!

  22. good read, most of the stuff you mentioned was almost like my mom.

    haha was laughing away. too bad shez sleeping now, cant make fun of her :(

    anyways keep it up bharathy

  23. Really enjoyed your post. Lot to know about you there. The fridge is sparkling clean, or maybe you did clean it before the pic. Thanks a lot for the nice entertaining post.


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