Friday, December 21, 2007

Mexican Hot Chocolate

When I prefer chocolate in cakes,V opts hot chocolates, while my kids are not real fans of the same!..

Any brand goes fine for a real chocolate lover. But Monbana was one of them which I instantly fell in love with, esp the hot chocolat poudre they offer.Purely French in origin,we tasted this first during one of our transits in Paris CDG.The hot chocolate was heavenly and refreshing which wiped off our chillness n weariness in just a few seconds!!.

I read somewhere that the Mexicans use a pinch of red chilly/cayenne pepper powder along with their hot chocolates.I didn’t whip it up with the drink but garnished, though the original recipe here had not suggested the same.

You need:

2 cups milk
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cinnamon stick
1-ounce semisweet chocolate ( I used Monbana Chocolat en poudre)
3 drops vanilla extract(omitted as the above contains natural vanilla extract)
Whipped cream, for garnish


In a heavy saucepan, heat the milk, ground cinnamon and cinnamon stick until simmering. Add the chocolate and let melt(added the powder and brought to boil). Remove from heat and add vanilla extract(This step was skipped ).Transfer to mugs and serve with whipped cream.Sprinkle a pinch of red chilly powder over the cream.

This goes to JFI-Chocolates for Deepz of Letz Cook.

Besides ground cinnamon and a whole stick while boiling, I thought of using cinnamon spoon too. So, Sunita, I am there for Think Spice-think Cinnamon as well!.:)

Eating chocolate daily also appears to lower the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women. To top up, it has a good impact on baby, as well!.
Easy Crafts,this is also for your novel and unique Food during Pregnancy Event!.
The chocolate powder is a readymix.The recipe- vegetarian, healthy, simple and quick not involving any kind of strainful activity for the pregnant woman.

I am also qualified for cute girl Bindya's My Favourite Things event!..:D

Errr…anyone hosting chillies, milk or sugar in any of your events at present please??? ;)


  1. yummy! gime me chocolate with anything, and i will have it :D

  2. I too love chcocolate.
    Never adde chillies though, i too have heard mexicans do it.
    Loved the last sentence.
    I too have a recipe which i am going to send to all of them so u can imagine wht the ingridient is in it :-))))

  3. ha ha...that is one cool idea bharathy...i love chocolate in all forms..looks delicious :)

  4. Bharathy, that looks yummm...give me chocolate anytime...thanks for sending it over :-)

  5. HeHe!! Yeah, just add all events that is suitable. There are so many anyway, hard to squeeze in everything! You could send this to EC "pregnancy food" too, chocolate is good for would be mommies!!:D
    Looks great B!

  6. That a great entry for all the events Bharathy,would love a sip in this weather!

  7. Dear Bharathy
    I am visiting your blog for the first time and am impressed by its content. I can now try lots of things, really.
    Greeting comes to you all the way from Botswana from a fellow blogger and a cake lover for a happy Christmas and wonderful new 2008. Happy holidays.
    Whenever you have time do visit my blog.

  8. Got to try, I like hot chocolates anytime.

  9. yum..whipped crean and cayenne as a it

  10. Hi Bharathy,

    I had many times mexican recipes...but not this....oh so sweet to get to my knowledge...thanks pa.Looks gr8.

  11. barathy hot chocolate looks deleciousssss and glass look beautiful

  12. Chilli and chocolate is awesome in this weather. Try mixing chilli into the hot chocolate, its good too. I heard its raining cats and dogs in yr city.

  13. 3 birds in one shot. A perfect drink for this cold winter. :)

  14. this is what i need to have in this kind of cold weather. its freezing out side.wish i had that cup , which i could sip while watching the snow clad trees and mini mounts here:)
    this should have surely given a boost to ur health. hope u are back to ur healthy self!

  15. Bharathy..this is too much...yeah thought of EC's event, Asha the great has already suggested!...

    That glass looks great!

  16. After all,I know about you, Sis :)

    Yeah,HC, the events some time turm me mad,push me and make me ending up with a recipe, which I would have thought,"I can never make this in my life time"..Should I appreciate them that way??:)

    Thank You Rajitha :)

    Sunita,I am happy that I din't bother you this time as I did last time ;)

    Thank you Asha..I will :)

    You made me do it, Bindiya! :)

    Anamika,Warm welcome to you here ..What a wonderful,creative crafter you are!!!..

    Me too love the same Lata,but minus the whipped cream,chilly powder,cardamom and less milk :)

    Thanks Shanks :D

    Usha,Thank you pa :)

    Sagari,'s just a glass mug without a handle...not meant for hot chocolates!

    Will try mixing together,k...
    Not really 'cats and dogs',Sugi...drizzled continuously for 3 days.The state just escaped from floods :)...Thank God! we had enough rains...even though a bit late..:)

    Thankyou Shiva!:)

    Wow!I love the scenery better,Nandu..can we exchange :)??
    I dint feel like having it with cream and chilly discarded them and had!..yes I am improving health wise,Thanks for that concern Nandu :)

    Done Sri..:)..Have a good really deserve it!

  17. Err..can you send some over??? Looks very tempting

  18. beautiful pictures! i love hot chocolate garnished with cinnamon powder :)) but never added chilli powder! lovely recipe :D

  19. Your photography is very nice! Love that and your glass looks very cute:)

  20. Thanks for sending in this simple and delicious looks very tempting..thanks asha for suggesting the post to the event

  21. wow that is one indulgent hot chocolate, with cinnamon too! It would be so warming. :-)

  22. I loooooove Mexican hot chocolate! This is the perfect thing to cure a chocolate craving in these cold months :)


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