Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fresh Thuar in Pods and a few more...

How do you exactly feel when your offspring outsmarts you?

Well, for me the feelings were somewhat mixed; 99% proud and a percent of disappointment!..(after all he or she is your child whom you had always looked upon as an ignorant or an innocent so far!..)

Very recently,V brought home some fresh Thuvar/pigeon peas down from the fertile valley fields of Cumbum located down the eastern stretches of the Western Ghats. He was happy to have bought 3 kgs in all, in 3 large bags from the farmer and paid just Rs 30 !!(if it would have been me, the farmer would have had a tougher time and would have given off the same bags in half the price) :)

Since at present, I am a little down with UTI and in antibiotics at least for a month and a half, caring the health has taken a front seat with blogging and blog hopping, much behind.The side effects of Nitroflurantoins being worse than the symptoms of the disease.

Linda was done with her fabulous round ups I and II for JFI-Thoor Dal for the month.Still she was glad to receive the pictures of Fresh Thuar in Pods for her reference page.

The D-day doomed upon one fine day last week, with the above three scenes in the background. My 14 year daughter, who had been a silent spectator to my food photography till date, took the initiative in shooting the pictures.I let her proceed instantly considering my illness and she came back to me within a few minutes with 4 pictures in all(unlike her mother who clicks at least a dozen and uploads one or two in the end).To my surprise all the 4 were amazing!!

She wanted to capture the natural beauty of the pods and pointed them in 'Macro' mode .

Now she wanted to concentrate on the "Fresh Thuar beads " and pointed them.

I just cropped the picture to bring out the beauty of the lentils.The pictures required no further editing!!! To my astonishment, the back ground was blurred beautifully by itself, and was definitely a no non-sense shot!.

Well, now her mother got ready and shot a few.Below is one of hers :)

As the skills were proven by now, she wanted her turn again…she didn’t include the chillies and the curry leaves in the picture below; as her mom always prefers; reporting those might spoil the beauty of the lentils!!!....(really??!!) ...

Boiled and Tempered whole, fresh Thuar..

Peeling them raw and green had been a tougher job.
The whole pods(for about ½ kg) were salted and pressure cooked until a few whistles to ensure that the thuar was cooked enough..Discarded excess water.Cooled and peeled out the cooked lentils.
Heated a tbsp of oil in a kadai.Spluttered some mustard seeds and browned some urad dal.Added a pinch of hing, ½ tsp grated ginger and threw in a couple of green and red chillies cut and broken into 3-4 pieces each.A sprig of curry leaves went in next, followed by the lentils.
Saut├ęd for a minute checking salt and served warm.This was soothing for my bitter tongue with an evening cup of hot tea.

It was still drizzling, outside...


  1. Looks so beautiful Bharathy. I don't get get fresh ones, but there are plenty of dried ones available here.
    I would be proud if my kids outsmart me and they do sometimes!:D

  2. love the second picture - both cropped and uncropped versions :)

    ps: btw the answer to two of my questions are still pending - ;)

  3. bharathy, you are right! there is something common between us...
    i was on antibiotics for a long time this year... i was in hospital for a few days and was discharged only on Sunday! my blood sugar went shooting high, even now my eyes are blurred! difficult to blog...
    your daughter is really talented!!! beautiful pictures :D
    i am proud of my children!!! you know them as well :))

  4. Well i am glad that u didn't meet the farmer or let me say the farmer must be glad that V bought the thuar than you :-)
    You daughter is really talentd.
    Well my daughter too have no intrest in my blog, she just like to eat what i make :-)

  5. nice the ones clicked by the daughter more :DD

  6. Super pics Bharathy , never seen this before and ..Get well soon.

  7. sorry to hear that you were not keeping well! hope you are ok now dear!
    you daughter is smarter that you for sure:)
    beautiful snaps! i have never had the fresh tuvar pods ! i have 1 packet of frozen ones in the freezer! my husband picked it up for green peas! he he !have to do something with it...
    hey i tried your corn flakes cookies with the cereals i had at home . the cereals was a combination of corn flakes , oats and almonds! but it came out well ! thankx

  8. those are really goergeous pics. hugs to you and wishing you a healthy 2008.

  9. those are really goergeous pics. hugs to you and wishing you a healthy 2008.

  10. You must be really proud of her... so nice to have a back up photographer :-) take care and hope you have a complete recovery soon :-)

  11. I have never seen/heard of fresh tuvar until Indira started cooking with it. Yr kid has a good eye for macros. She managed to keep the focus right. What did Chitthi say? ;)

  12. aha! so my niece takes after me! that was common knowledge anyway :P way to go girl!!

    now all she has to do is top her board exams and she becomes EXACTLY like me!! :D :D

    great pics! i dont think i have seen fresh thuvar either. lovely colors!

  13. Great shots!..everything taken by your daughter looks beautiful!..

  14. Lovely pictures Bharathy! Convey the credits!

  15. looks deleciousss bharathy ad pics are beautifull yummy food and coconut dhal lookkk wonderfullll

  16. Wow, beautiful pics... your daughter is really talented! And you have a teenage daughter? WOW... I didn't know that!
    Get well soon Bharathy...

  17. lovely pics...
    I remember having these thuvar payar raw in india tasted so good.
    now jus a memory :)
    hope u feel better soon

    happy holidays

  18. hey bharathy...did not see the post while seeing the chocolate post..hope you are feeling take care of urself :)...and current generation kids are smarter than their parents..honest! it just jolts you the first time you realise was the same with my sis :)..awesome photos by ur girl!!

  19. Hi Bharathy the pics are great our children are smarter no doubt after all they have taken our genes

  20. Wow never seen this thing before. Your kid sure is smart.

  21. Hi Bharathy dear, I'm sorry I'm so late to comment here and I certainly do *appreciate* these beautiful photos you shared for the Toor Dal reference! I haven't forgotten that, nor you of course -- and hope you're feeling much better now :)

    Hugs to you :)


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