Friday, November 30, 2007

Inji Kuzhambu

Inji/Ginger,we all know has its own medicinal properties as a carminative and goes into a variety of appetising drinks, curries and side dishes. More about this rhizome here.
This is a recipe by my husband's grandma,which I prepare at least once a week.This Kuzhambu, for boiled rice is definitely opted in our family as a 'back home delicacy' after a holiday.

I prepared the 'comfort curry' along with Urulai kara kari, Tempered green gram dal, Rasam and Vadagam, this time soon back after my 4 day stay in Chennai and proved to be soothing as always! :)

As you can guess by now this is submission to dear Sunita for Think Spice...think ginger.

I feel extremely happy to 'jump into' her great event in the last minute.No words to thank you dear Sunita, really very sweet of you to accept my entry so late!.
Thanks to my new camera which made the post complete.The curryI had made is actually thicker than you see here and I am not so happy with the picture as in a hurry to enter the event and will update with a better one, later as I have yet to get used to my new cam as well ;)...


Ginger(diced)- 1 1/2"piece
Coriander seeds -3 tbsps
Fenugreek seeds(venthayam) -1/2 tsp
Thoor dal- 2 tsps
Red chillies- 6-7 nos
Thick tamarind extract- 1/3 cup or to taste
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt- to taste
Gingelly oil- 2-3 tbsps
Mustard seeds -1/4 tsp for seasoning
Curry leaves- a stalk


1. Heat one or two tsps of oil in a kadai, roast diced ginger, coriander seeds, fenugreek,thoor dal and redchillies one after the other carefully in a medium flame. Use a heavy bottomed utensil for even roasting. Be careful not to 'over' or "under" roast.

2. Grind to a smooth paste adding enough water.

3. In the same pan, add the remaining oil and splutter the mustards, fry curry leaves.(I always throw in a tsp of finely minced ginger again at this stage as both of us are ginger lovers and we love to chew in those tiny bits blended along with the rice and curry).

4. Add tamarind extract, ground paste,turmeric powder, salt, a cup of water and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Add more or less water( if needed) till a semi thick consistency is reached.

5. Remove from fire when the curry becomes thicker, oil separates and the raw smell disappears.

Serve hot with rice and vegetable of your choice.

Inji Kuzhambu has a longer shelf life compared to the other curries and stays well upto 3 weeks if refrigerated.


  1. wow, this is perfect for the season.. I could use some ;)

  2. Slurp!! looks delicious Bharathy, great for winter!:)
    See you in 2 weeks. Enjoy.

  3. Hi Bharathi,
    This looks like the curry leaves kuzhambu I make but the procedure is totally different. I will try this for sure. Nice entry for the event. I made ginger tea for the event but I didn't send it for the roundup as the pic was not good ,also it is very commom.

  4. I've never ventured this kozhambu, bharathi. Though my mom and gm used to make this. Good to drive that cold and cough away. And perfect entry.

  5. Wanted to take the whole bowl and drink it like that ;-) gredy greedy i know.
    really delicious, now i need a bowl of rice

  6. bharathi....the kuzhambu looks good..but my mouth started to water when i read urulai kara karri..yummm

  7. Yaay! it's up! And it does look good...thanks for sending it over.

  8. love that kulambu bharathikka...i love ginger's flavour a lot...nice entry...

  9. My husband knows about this .Looks delicious. Picture looks prefect to me.

  10. Thanks for introducing this delicious kuzhambu to me, a ginger fan! :) I love the entire menu you had accompanying this... mouthwatering.

  11. as u said its correct that ginger has a medicinal value as it is good for digestion....surly this sunday am goona try this recipe....

  12. This is such a healthy recipe with all the goodness of ginger...

  13. One awesome and healthy kuzhambu for this chilly weather Bharathy!

    ~ Siri

  14. That bowl looks so good...will surely try to make this sometime...

  15. lots of injiees here, inji curry, injhi pullie, ijnhi kuyambu, which ever form , i like it!!!
    and, dear, u are being unfair, showing green papayas while there is a pregnant lady here, who is not supposed to be craving for that..hummmm

  16. i have to try this it looks soo delecioussss

  17. hmmm... though i am not a ginger-lover. the kuzhambu looks nice, like vatti pulusu :)

  18. Like the gingery taste!! great for winters!!

  19. Lovely Kuzhambu Bharathy! Nice entry for the event. Ground masala must be tasting good! I must try!:)

  20. Never tried making kuzhambhu with ginger.. Temptine one... i love the flavour of ginger...

  21. wow!!!this is something new and different ...will try it soon lady ...thks for sharing

  22. Mouthwatering recipe Bharathy.....I too have this recipe in my cookbook..Should try this some time!!

  23. Yes Mandira,it is :)..

    Asha,We will miss you...

    The base ingredients for the Kuzhambus are more or less the same, Kribha.Pls send over the ginger tea for the round up.It is very good.After all a recipe need not be always complicated..

    Yes Rina,very comforting too :)

    Happy cook,it is not a juice to drink :)'s a curry and is very concentrated than you see.Even with the rice you can't have more than a tablespoon of it..:)

    Thank you Rajitha,it is the combo for this curry :)

    Hugs, Sunita :)

    Remya,your inji curry is rocking!..Love the shot too..I could see that standing ahead in the round up :)..still drooling..

    Thank you,Shiva :)

    The combos!:)...Thank you Lavanyaa,'Pattinam varuval'too goes well..had blogged earlier.

    Suma, thankyou for your encouring words...inaugurate your blog soon pls :)

    Thanks to you girls, Meera,Siri and Srivalli :)

    Sonakuttyee veruthe kothikkandaa...thalkalam Inji kadichangane irunna mathi tto..pinne thinnam kaplanga..:)

    Thankyou sagari :)

    Yes Sis, but this tastes different from vattipulusu :)

    Thankyou for visiting,sweet lady of Sugarcraft...:)

    I am sure you will like it, Lathamma :)

    Yeah,Anu,Deepa and Raji..this is an authetic and a different one. Pls try when you can :)

    Thankyou ladies, for all the sweet words and encouragements.Happy cooking!..:)

  24. the temperature out here is -10 degrees and just came home picking up my son from school.and your recipe and picture is so inviting....i just need something tasty and hot like this now!

  25. Hey bharthi,
    This a best dish for this cool winter i guess.Looks nice gotta try this.

  26. Hi Bharathi,

    First time on your site. Loved the look and feel and I am always looking for different sambars as it does get boring now and then. Do you also have authentic "Injipuli" recipe? I have bookmarked ur recipe to try for tomorrow. Shall let u know how it comes out.
    Thanks, Shobha

  27. Hi Bharathi,

    I did try it as promised. I have made a few changes outwardly and I really loved the result. have posted it too so do come and take a look...
    Thanks again and keep coming back,


  28. I tried this recipe with jus reduced red chillies and it was really delicious. Loved it. Have stored it away for the coming days..

  29. I tried with this recipe with garlic too. It was good. Thank you!!


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