Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Another year of celebrations, happiness and good will, sharing them with sweets, crackers and lighter moments with near and dear ones ..

Wishing You all a very Happy Diwali..

For this special occasion, I am here with Suhiyan, a very traditional delicacy of Tamil Nadu which falls under the appetizer or the ‘sweet’ category. Also known as Suliyam or Suzhiyan, each home has its own version of it!..

And here's mine which goes to Vee of Past Present and Me, who hosts JFS-Diwali ; Special Edition of JFI.


For the outer cover:

Parboiled Rice:urad dal)-4 : ¾ parts
For the above filling I needed 2 cups rice and ¼ cup ball variety urad dal
Salt-1/4 tsp or to ‘just’ taste

Soak Rice and dal together to 3-4 hours and grind to a smooth batter which is slightly thicker than the regular idly batter, adding salt.Keep aside.

For the filling:

Bengalgram dal/Kadalai paruppu-1 ½ cups
Jaggery/Vellam-3/4th of a medium sized ball or 1 cup grated, loosely packed
Grated coconut-3/4 cup
Cardamom powder/yelappodi-to flavour
Salt-a pinch


Wash and cook the bengal gram dal in liberal amounts of water(3 ½-4cups) till done.Avoid pressure cooking the dal as it would turn overcooked and mashy.Press the dal flat with your finger tips to check and see whether cooked soft.Transfer this to a bowl and mix the other ingredients to it, when cool.Pulse in a mixie adding no or minimal amounts water(justsprinkle if necessary).Let the filling be just mashed and not too much.A taste test can be done to check the sweetness and add jaggery or coconut a little more, if you prefer more sweet or coconutty.Shape them into small lime sized balls

To prepare the Suhiyans,
Finally you need:

Refined oil-to deep fry


Heat oil in a kadai.Dip the balls one by one into this batter and deep fry as batches of 3-5 numbers, in oil.Remove the Suhiyans when golden brown and crispy.


  • I used 'IR-20 puzhungal arisi : muzhu uzhutham paruppu' for the rice and urad dal combo, which gave good results.
  • For normal iddly/dosa batter we use 4:1(Rice: dal combo).You can substitute this batter too, but has the risk of the Suhiyan absorbing too much of oil.
  • Maida batter can also be used as the outer cover as in the Suliyam here or Suzhiyan here.
  • The filling should be firm but soft and let it not be loose.
  • During the course of frying, the batter droplets released might turn to small black powdery bits that get dispersed in oil.You would just have to sieve and remove them in between to avoid them sticking to the Suhiyan. Observe the pictures carefully and you can spot them out in mine too :).


    I too use maida for the outer covering and coconut poornam for filling!
    Take your time to post for Arusuvai!:)

  2. That looks Yum!..thats my favorite I wish I could make some now!..:D...yes as lathamma says, I too make with maida but inner is bengal gram filling...that is also yummy..this is are making me hungry!

  3. u surely in festive mood girl. i am still thinking what to cook and so many of u have already cooked these goodies and making me J :(

  4. Hi Bharathy,
    Suhiyans looking superb!!!!

    Happy Diwali :-)

  5. I made Sugian too but you don't visit me, so you don't know!! Bad girl!
    Looks great, my cookbook says you can idli batter. This is what you used too.Not bad at all. I used Rice flour. Happy Diwali!:)

  6. My grandma makes it using rice flour. But she always told me you have to be very careful as it tends to fall apart while frying, so I never made it. You make it seem so simple.
    Happy Diwali

  7. that is one tasty sweet :)
    u like the banana leaf for the background, don't you? looks beautiful! Happy Diwali!

  8. Looks fabulous Bharathy. I make this too for Diwali but on that day only. Can't wait to eat it. Your suzhiyams looks perfect. Have a fantastic Diwali.

  9. Suhiyan looks good but I like that bowl of chocolates even better;-)

  10. Bharathy.....I have the same bowl with me :-))
    Suhiyan looks tempting....YUM :-) Happy Diwali to u and family dear :-)

  11. these golden globes look so inviting ..yummy !

  12. Wow this is the first time I've been able to comment on your blog. Something about snapshare closes down all my windows everytime I've attempted to do so. Happy Diwali Bharathy.
    Your suhiyan looks so perfect and golden... did you have to ferment the batter (outer covering) at all?
    Also, I liked your first pic... very cute. I'm too scared to click on the hyperlink which says who it is from for fear of closing all my IE windows... will do that at a later time after I finish commenting! :)
    Take care and bye until next time this miracle occurs...

  13. Wishing u a very happy diwali....suhiyan looks yummy....

  14. suhiyan look absolutely lipsmacking. will try them

  15. We call it senagapappu (channa dal) booralu. My mom makes it similar way.
    Happy diwali to you and ur family bharati.

  16. We call it senagapappu (channa dal) booralu. My mom makes it similar way.
    Happy diwali to you and ur family bharati.

  17. Those black spots are inevitable. I don't remember seeing suhiyan or rava kozhakattai w/o them. This is my fav sweet. Next time I visit you, I want this on the table ;)

  18. Lovely sweet...and I also love that beautiful bowl of goodies ;-)...Have a very happy Diwali.

  19. Taht looks YUMMY!!! I love puran stuffed deep fried godies! have had only one chance to taste these and loved them!
    Happy Diwali to U!!

  20. yum! i love sister's fav..she would let me eat ony 3 tho..the rest was hers ;)

  21. Suhiyan makes me hungry....:)
    Happy Diwali to you and your family, Bharathy

  22. suhiyan tannu sukhippikkuvaanoo!
    bharathy, i was thinking what to make for this diwali and i knew exactly where to click!:)
    happy deepavali! my pressure cooker is cooking the kadalaparippu for the filling!:)
    i will be using the maida for the outer layer!
    thanks ! and wish you and family all happiness on this auspicious day!

  23. Happy Diwali Bharathi
    I have not heard of this sweet, loved the name as well as the look

  24. Happy Festival Wishes, Bharathy! i wish i could have your suhiyans right now :)
    i have send you an email. pl check :D

  25. wow!!! love ur lovable suhiyans!!! i too made for this diwali ...hmm our thalai diwali...i used same poornam but with maida as outer layer....

  26. Oh Yes Lathamma, I need some time as I am held up a little with a few pre and post Diwali preps :)..

    Preparing these are not that dif,try them out Srivalli :)

    Sia,I know very well that you come up with the finest goodies, skipping once in a while is fine, girl :) regrets :)..

    Thankyou, MT and same to you :)

    Oh my my...over to your place Asha, dear..:)

    Thankyou mocha, happy diwali to you too :)

    Thankyou Siri..:)

    Spreading banana leaves are Quick and convenient,Richa.Thankyou :)

    Thankyou Kribha, wishes to you too ;)

    TBC, I did have a second thinking while impoting that pic..:)..coz me too love those better than the suhiyans..he he ;D

    Is it, Sirisha?Thankyou for the wishes and same to you too..:)

  27. Pooja, thankyou girl :)

    Laavanya..really..hmm but no one had had a complaint like this before...think you have to change your browser settings :)..thankyou sooo much for taking that extra effort for your precious comments!!!..:)

    Thankyou girls,Suma Swaroopa and Shiva :)

    Suganya,ungalukku illathatha ? ;)

    Thankyou and wishing you the same Sunita!..:)

    and you too Manasi..:)

    he it Rajitha?..thankyou girl for dropping by :)

    Thanyou Sagari and Bhags!:)

    Nanditha,glad to note that you tried this too:)!!!..not supposed to pressure cook,dear,it might all get mashed up and overcooked..:(
    gimme the feed back..
    Warm wishes to you and your family,girlie :)

    An authentis southie snack, Sandeepa.Thanks for visiting!:)

    Belated diwali and anniv greetings to you, Remya !:)

  28. as you said it got all mashed up and i ended up making pooranpoli!:)

  29. it was a longer process ! but kids loved it! so worth the time:)

  30. Nice to note that take soo much pains in preparing all the "tough to make" goodies...why don't you post them too!!:)?? I would love to see the
    pics.. (at least)!!:)

  31. Looks perfect! yummy.... This is my first visit to your blog and will be a regular visitor... U have a wonderful blog.... Wish u a very happy diwali!

  32. Oooh, see this the fun part of the event, learning about new traditional recipes. This one is a new one for me. Thank you for the recipe and for participating!

    Warm festive greetings to you and yours!

  33. Yum! These look delicious, never tried or even eaten these!

    Thanks for the recipe, Bharathy!

  34. the suzhiyan looks yummy i should've dropped in to taste it too

  35. Sorry Bharathy,I dont know how I missed to check your blog and missed wishing you!!!
    Thanks for refering me and your sulzhiyan looks yummy and perfect than mine....:))


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