Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Potato Bondas

How about hot potato bondas with a hot cup of tea for a rainy evening?..

I make this snack very frequently for the evening tea and never knew until from Sia who confirmed this to have originated from Karnataka.My special thanks to you Sia, who helped me realise about this.
Here we go with the recipe of the Mangalorean Aloo Bondas, I mastered from my ma-in- law, my second submission to RCI-Karnataka hosted by dearest Asha .:)

Yields 10-12 numbers.Preparation time-45 mintes.

You need:

For the filling;

2 Big potatoes cooked and mashed well
1/2 tsp each of Mustard Seeds and Urad Dal each
A fat pinch of jeera powder
4 Green chillies chopped finely
Ginger 1/2 inch chopped finely
A large Onion chopped finely
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
2 stalks cilantro, chopped finely
Salt-to taste
Lemon Juice extracted from a small sized lemon

For the Outer Layer/Dip;

3/4 cup Chikpea/Besan flour
1/4 cup Rice flour
(You can also use instant bajji mix instead of the besan and rice flours.)
A tsp of Red chilly powder
A fat pinch of Hing
A fat pinch of Baking soda
Refined Oil for deep frying


For the Filling;

Heat a tbsp of oil and temper with mustard seeds,urad dal, ginger and green chillies in that order and sauté for a little while.Add, chopped onion, jeera and turmeric powders.Sauté till the onions turn translucent.Add mashed potatoes, coriander leaves and lemon juice.Remove from fire.Add salt and mix well.At this stage the filling should be tough and firm but soft and not soggy or loose, so as to make into small lemon sized balls after it cools down.

For the Outer Cover;

Combine besan and rice flours.(Rice flour is added to make the outer cover crisp)Carefully add water to make a thick batter,(slightly thicker than idly batter) adding chilly powder, hing, salt and baking soda. Dip the balls for filling in the batter and slide one by one, 3 at a time, into the hot oil.Turn after a couple minutes at first and keep turning gently till it acquires a golden brown colour and the outer layer turns crisp.Serve these yummy and crispy hot aloo bondas with green/mint chutney and tomato sauce.Perfect with an evening cup of hot tea!.


  1. Yehhhhhhhh love them...want some hot chai now

  2. Hey Bharathy,

    Yummy aloo bondas... this is my all-time favorite snack :D...

  3. Bharathy.....I love Alu Bondas.....Ur bondas look yummy :-)
    I make these bondas on a regular basis when Raghu's friends ask me for more....:-)
    Nice one here dear :-)

  4. yummy! love these bondas..they are my favorite or shall i say one of my favorite snacks...

  5. Aloogedde Bonda is authentic indeed! Looks yum Bharathy, a wonderful entry.Thanks for taking time sweetie,I appreciate it.Excellent with hot Mysore coffee!:))

  6. hey Bharathy aloo bonda and tea/coffee would be prefect any day. Very mouth watering entry.

  7. Bharathy, I am literally drooling! I wish I could have one these with my cup of tea right now...:)

  8. potato wada on a rainy afternoon, with a cup of adrak chai....

  9. Yummy! I love deep fried potatoes, so this is really my thing.

  10. Perfect bondas!
    Hey Bharathy, why don't you send this over to Hima at http://snackorama.blogspot.com/2007/08/sunday-meal-5-whats-your-favorite-event.html for her event?

  11. banana chips, ghee rice, potato bondas - you need to rename your blog. call it 'food porn'.

  12. Bharathy looks excellent! :) great entry love the hot hot bondas with filter coffee !

  13. It's not raining here now...but i still want some for tea :)

  14. Oh Bharathy, I was just planning to do this for Asha tomorrow. Your bonda looks yummy yummy. I'm mouth watering right now.
    According to my recipe, I add a 1/4 tomato to the filling. Everything else is pretty much the same. Hope to make it before the due date.

  15. its been raining mostly in hyderabad. so how about coming over, spending some time with me and making me some of those :)

  16. Bharathi, mouth watering, I want some now !!!

  17. I remember having this bonda on a rainy sunday afternoon.... abt 10 yrs back.. Yeah.. Its that long since I have had aloo bonda. I should visit you some day Bharathy. All I will do is sit and eat...

  18. Yummy looking Potato Bondas...!!! Mouth watering!!

  19. gimme that plate of bondas with filter coffee and i will be the happiest person:) looks really delicious girl...

  20. Thankyou dear gals, Sandeepa and Siri..:)

    Nice to note that Sirisha!

    Really,Rajitha?...Whu dont you try make them?Not very difficult.

    Thanks,Asha!!:)...specially for you with the mysore cofee!!

    Thanks to you girls, madhu and tee!:)..Madhu I couldn't get in your place, dear!:(..

    Bhags, whatz "Adrak", by the way??

    Thank you Anh :)

    tbc,I have already sent 'banana chips' to Hima!I want this reserved specially for my blogger queen,Asha!:)

    D for DONE, bee...hugs to you for those great words of appreciation!!

    Me too Roopa!Love bondas with filtercofee rather than tea!..

  21. Pravs..:D

    Kribha, I want to see your version as well :)

    Anything for you,dear sis..:)

    Oh yes sreelu!:)


    Thankyou Cinnamon..Warm welcome to my place!!:)..You have a woderful blog going in a short span of time!!:)

    Thanks to you Sia...without your answers, this recipe wouldn't have been possible..

  22. Wow Bharathy...potato bonda looks very tempting...feel like making it immediately.....should prepare surely..Thanks:))

  23. Hahahaha, you know what.. I was just thinking about these bonda's n there you go.
    Looks crisy n soft.

  24. Hi Bharathy,
    Kalyanam ellaam nannaa nadandadaa? I really want to invite you home, but I am going on a tour with my sister in law from tomorrow!
    See all the recipes posted by lakshmi in the past 2 days.
    I am suffering from mild infection in my left eye. So i have not visited many blogs in the past one week.
    Have a great trip dear!:))

  25. BTW, Bhonda is looking yummy! See you after a wonderful holiday! yours and mine:))

  26. bharathy next time send across those bondas for my tea time

  27. luv the soft glow look of the snap..make the dish look soo appetizing!!!..God!the blog-world is overflowing with Karnatake recipies....Asha's site will have the A-Z of it by the end of the roundup!!!

  28. They looks great and i think they were delicious too. Woudn't mind to have few of them with my tea. Just imagine take a bite of the bona, maybe one gets a piece of chillie and then sip a bit og hot coffee mmmmm slurp

  29. potato bondas are my favourites! and its raining here in bangalore.. i have to make them tomorrow for sure!!

  30. just made those bondas for yesterdays evening snack!
    thought i would comment after i made them.
    the sad part is i just got only to taste a bite as my son gulped it down. I was happy to see them eat....but may be you could share yours with me!

  31. Bharathy, I made bondas following your recipe and they tasted great. But my question is: How do you get the potato balls coated evently with the gram flour batter? What I mean is, even if you hold the bonda only with finger and thumb, the batter turns out not smooth in those areas :) Actually some of the filling escaped from those areas while the bondas were frying!

    Sorry for the extra-long comment - I was just trying to make myself clear :) And thanks in advance!

  32. mysore bondas are very famous in Tamilnadu too. event at small tea shops we can find them. I used to simply love having it with tea. but never made them myself. your bondas are very tempting. have to bookmark and make them .

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  34. Wow nice picture which makes me hungry. I made this for my daughter's birthday last year and since then forgot abt it. Surprised to hear that it originated from Karnataka.. There are so many south Indian foods which Iam really confused abt their origin and I think we will know abt it tru RCI.

  35. Love the bondas Bharathy. They look delicious :) ! more week for JFI: Banana, I hope you will send something!

  36. great treat on a rainy day or when it snows bharathy!!!:)

  37. Yum I would love to eat some bondas, thankyou for the recipe Barathy! They look soooooo good! :) Great pictures.

  38. takes us back to our home; we had the most amazing bonds by a street side vendor, Kamath. thanks for the delicious journey back home!

  39. Hey! Nice to have you back with spicy comments!:D
    I had typed and kept the posts ready for lakshmi to post in my absence! Good idea isnt it?:))

  40. Btw. Do post pictures of your great trip! Also drop comments in all the posts you missed!:D

  41. Bharathy, make a post on Coorg and send it to me.I will be glad to add it, no cooking necessary!:))

  42. Hey! I knew Asha would be ready to grab your post!HAHA!! Waiting for the varuval!:))

  43. Please try and let me know Usha :).

    Really,Shiva??Glad to note that :)..

    Hope your eyes are better now.Enjoy your trip,Lathaji:)

    Sure Renuka..:D

    Kitchen S,Thanks a lot.I took the pic in bright day light.Month of Sep is hot here and that glow effect is natural.:)..Yes girl,Asha is everyones fav,you see!:)

    Oh yeah Happy cook..:)

    Lissie, Pls try and let me know ;)

    That was Sooo sweet of you, nanditha..Yes thats a real mother...Thanx a lot for trying,dear.Next time try confidently with larger proportions,OK??:)

    Shyamala,I had replied in your place.Let the filling be firm and the outer dip not too thick.I know you are an expert cook!Thanks a lot for trying out,dear!:)


    Thanx Sobila and Prajusha :)

    Yes, Prema this is common in T.N and I too never realised this as Kannadiga!!

    Mandira ,I am thinking about JFI post allllll the time..believe it or not!..

    Thanx,Mallu recipes and Jeena dear!

    Dee and Chai,Welcome to you...glad to note that too..:)

  44. Lathamma...Hope you had a great trip and better with your eyes.You and Lakshmi are reallllly Rocking here!:)...and yes I am "Jammed" here.Mandira has asked me for the JFI and Ashaji with the Coorg pics!:)

  45. Hi Bharathy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Your blog looks simply superb. Love all your pictures too.

    Bonda is very tempting.

    BTW I have added your blog to my blogroll. Hope it is fine withy ou

  46. Will definitely comment on the outcome of the bonda once I have a try. The only problem is, I don't know when.

  47. What a wonderful recipe. Not only do they look delicious, but it's such a tasty way to use potatoes! I would love to feature your recipe on our Demy, the first and only digital recipe reader :). Please email sophiekiblogger@gmail.com if you're interested. Thanks!

    You can find out more about it here:

  48. Lovely recipe..Looks yummy. Will try out soon :)



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