Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Mid name Meme..

This had been a pending post since I had been asked to do a 'Middle name Meme' by the cute Sirisha and the sweet Zlamushka!.Sorry to keep you waiting, girls.

Posting right away with not much of mental preparation or attatching the Meme with a recipe post.

Here are the rules:

* Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
* When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
* At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

I do not have a Middle name and I would like to choose SRI.The reason being this is the first part of my man's pet name and that the word denotes prosperity and wealth..:)

SSincere..I like to be a sincere person.Whether the task is light or not,I do it in a sincere way. Sweet-Love sweets and love to be sweet.Self Confidence-I lack this a little too much.Mainly when it comes to responsibilities and leadership, I move behind getting tensed up for the same other word Procrastination!.

RRhythm,Raaga is all what rushes by.A Lover of Music, Eastern or Western.I start comparing the melodies associating them with raagas.Anandabhairavi, Hamsadhwani, Sahana, Sindhu bhairavi are my favourite few.Love Roses.

IInnocence- I love innocence..of a baby or even this sweet quality if resting in adults!!:)

Irritation- As anyone it is tough to stand this.My latest irritation was that when one of the ladies here who has the name of an Indian holy river passed a statement."Ooh!What's big issue about this food blogging!!.."I had been thinking lately to ask my husband (poor hen pecked fellow) to take one of the dishes I make everyday in our digital camera (she stresses the word everyday and adds that a digital camera can make the work easier!!) and upload the same in the web!...after all everything looks nice through the lens!"

I was aware of the fact that she lives with her husband and two sons, pampered by her own relatives, cares little about her aged parents-in-law(her husband is their only son) and poses she is occupied the whole day!..

I could speak nothing but smile and move away from the holy river, as a reaction..

And now, I am supposed to pass this to my blogger friends with names beginning S,R and I.

Shall I ask SRIvalli and SReelu to take up, please?:D...


  1. I know you are too sincere, unwantedly advertising your failure!! that much is not required dear!
    Nice meme!
    Now!whoever this river is?? Do such people make any difference to your life? Being more specific, Is there anything you can learn from them? Just ignore!
    We love food blogging, so we do it! No validation required from any one!

  2. Nice meme...
    I love the one about tje Holly river.
    I can imagine your face when she was telling about the cooking blog.
    I di agree with latha, one can't lean anything from people like the holly river so just ignore her.

  3. there will always be two kinds of people, ones who appreciate and ones who are pains in the ass. so just ignore and forgive her ignorance.

    on another note, tell me if you want any holy river's ass kicked (with all due respect to real holy rivers :D) and I am there for you, Sis :)

    You have a rocking blog and I know how much trouble you put in here. Just keep doing that, ok?!

  4. Thanx for that lovely comment Lathamma.Whwn it comes to a meme I have to admit my faults too!I do have my own negatives,you see..:)

    Oh yes..Happy cook..if I need to pass foolish comments,I better go to her and learn a few!.. know the truth?she never has visited a food blog yet...not even mine!!!:)...that was too much of a support!!LOOL

  5. bharathy...well poor lady I..really!! has a dummy for a hubby, has relatives cowering and kissing her behind and no responsibilities or mission to life..she wants to fight and make people around her that she gets a life..and u want to take that away from her?? he he how cruel ;)
    next time she waddles herself to u..give it back to her and be sarcastic..this way you will give her something to do..what u ask?? fret and cry
    btw..nice meme

  6. We are all fabulous people with fabulous dishes to show off!!;D
    Seriously, ignore the ignorants I would say! Do what makes you happy, listen to the Raaga and be happy! Nice MeMe, wanna be Sri!:D

  7. Nice meme. Dont bother ur self with her mean comments...some ppl are just very mean and net time she tells u that lens makes food look attarctive than reply bk saying ( if possi whn u r looking at her pics)..." lens makes ppl also look good but i wonder why u r an exception"..hee hee

  8. You have pin pointed her absolutely right,Rajitha.:)

    She is an educated lady Ashaji!..and does use the net!..She just wanted to look us down..

    Pooja..that was just PERFECT LOOL..Definitely..I don't care anymore even if an illfeeling rises between her and me.If she pokes me again..DONE!!!:D

  9. Bharathy,
    Nice meme, My first name starts with Sri, ignore the Holy rivers, people mock when they can't have what other have.
    You enjoy your music and roses,btw I think I am in sync with your meme.Love roses and music

  10. excellent meme ,about holy river people who comment so are actually scared about your acheivements just ignore your patience will make people come to you one day which is not far off...enjoy what you like doing becoz iam enjoying what you are doing in this beautiful blog of yours

  11. nice meme! so u r a lover of music, good to know!
    This is ur blog, u can pretty much do 'whatever' u want over here ;)

  12. bharathy, what kind of fancy digital camera is this? why does she need her husband to point and shoot?

    as for not looking after her in-laws, i'd cut here some slack. his parents, he should show the initiative. if he isn't interested, she needn't be held responsible.

    love your blog. if you send us holy river's e-mail ID, we could spam her badly, you know. :D

  13. Nice meme....So did this lady know that you write a food blog and deliberately make this comment?
    Good for you that you had the patience to just walk away from the situation.

  14. that sounds like a brief and lovely MEME. It was nice knowing you this way.

  15. Lovely Meme bharathy....

    Holy river sounds like a holy pain in the rear... tell her thats exactly how easy it is to start a foodblog, encourage her to do so... if she ever gets off her lazy ass and do it we will all post some nasty comments, what do you say? ;)

  16. if she thinks she can make the dishes from all over india everyday,then hats off to her!!but need to learn how to take pics too i guess;)i got/learned a lot from all of you and i am thankful to you girls:)awsome girls:)keep up the good job and feel sorry for holyriver;)

  17. that was a nice cute meme! i especially loved it because my younger one's name also starts with sri.
    though comments and opinions affect us , just don't let it bother you too much. you are doing what your heart speaks and you cannot change others or the way they behave or think.
    i am happy to have a friend like you in the blogsphere. i love your blog ! take care! hugs!

  18. nice meme, common just leave them dear and go on i know it hurts but well we are happy what we do and the only ones are your famliy who knows how much we care to do it right :)

  19. Nice to note that you are a lover of flowers and music!..sreelu!

    Renuka!!:)..over to bsnl..

    Oh yes,Richa I am already doing it..:)

    LOL..I will deal with her mail ID...will soon send the blog link!:)..

    Yes jayasree!I told her! but haven't sent the link yet!

    Thankyou dear sharmi!:)

    Sig,LOOL..I bet she will be the last person to enter this lovely world!..what if she doesn't even know abt shooting a picture!:)

    Meera!..I dont know abt that!..but She doesn't understand that blogging and food photography involves lots of time,interest,creativity and hardwork!..

    Nanditha..yes I know abt your little one's name!:)..
    I was fortunate enough to develop my knowledge and interest in music recently from/through my ma and sis in laws!
    Yet to learn abt the wonderful art of Indian dance!Now that I got the apt friend to learn from!:)

    Yes roopa!Sri doesn't encourage me blogging but he knows very well abt me that I take up the responsibilities in my limits!Even today I am shifting from his parent's place back to my home after abt 2 months of family commitments!..I seldom waste time watching TV serials and I enjoy blogging and friends in my free time!:)

  20. Enjoyed reading your meme Bharathy...will do this little later as I don't have a middle name nor do I have ever wanted to have a different name! was wondering what to talk about..maybe you can help be out!...and about that lady...well as you seem to have done, just ignore her...thats the best we can do....

  21. Hi Bharathy dear....
    Sorry saw ur meme a little late but nevertheless u never fail to express yourself freely...learnt a lot of good things about you dear.......Your meme only reinforced my opinion that u are a sweet,lovable and sensible person.God bless u dear :-)
    Regarding that woman...I too know a couple of them and I usually avoid being in their company as much as I can bcoz I just can't stand such characters.....
    Well tell her name incase she uploads her work.....we will make sure she doesn't get any attention...fits her right....:-)
    Again a very nice meme dear......:-)

  22. Such a cute MEme...
    I just back from vacation n saw ur Blog it feels really nice when I read ur post.

  23. Nice meme Bharathy. I can understand how you feel about the holy river. I have had the same experiences too. It's hard to ignore such comments. Usually, I would feel bad on the inside and just smile when I hear such words. But , I really appreciate your boldness to speak up. Anyway, forget about it and keep on blogging.

  24. Hi B,

    it was fun to learn more about you... and the obnoxious holy water loud-mouth... She s just jealous, cause she doesnt make wonderful international friends like we do and her hubby is probably tired of eating take away crap.... So, I wouldnt be irritated, but satisfied :) Because (at least from speaking for myself) I LOOOOOVE my Spicy Chilli girl´s food :0)

  25. Srivalli..go ahead only if are interested dear! probs if you ignore..:)

    *blush*..nice to have a sweet friend like you,dear!:)..I will surely let you know if she comes up..:)

    Shiva..hope you had a good vacation!!:)..nice to hear from you..

    Oh yes Kribha...It is quite natural!Thanks for the opinion,dear!:)

    LOL...hugs to my dear international friend who has come up with that spicy comment...LOOOL..!!

    I feel proud and satisfied for earning wonderful friends in this amazing world of blogosphere...hugs to all my girls who had stood by me and leaving your valuable opinions!

  26. Bharathy,

    Will play along the meme thaks for asking

  27. hey !saw ur comment on my ammumma 's blog!
    i could feel you!....
    just wait .. ...and see... nothing is permanent rt?
    i know your family can't help loving you!
    love and hugs , nanditha

  28. Don't let "holy river" bother you :) It is not only about food blogging, there will be such people in all aspects of your life, the best you can do is ignore. You really are innocent:)

  29. i too like sincerity, rythms and innocence. and i love sweets and roses judt like you do! nice Meme bharathy.
    your sister started visiting my blog.

  30. Very nice meme... As our blog friends say, just ignore and u keep doing whatever you are doing right now.. ur blog is just great.. and is one of my favorite bookmarks..I hope u are feeling better.

  31. Why do people like holy river say such things? Have met quite a few people like this female..they can turn the happiest moment to tears by their harsh words..what do they get from it? Hugs for you for your patience..feel like kicking that female even though its my first time on your blog..hmmp!

  32. Looking forward to Yours Sreelu!:)

    God is great Nanditha;I hope for the best!..

    You are right Sandeepa!these loose talkers are pthere in every field!..
    ..for the second part of the comment!..err ..most of my friends and relatives say so..'SRI' are you around??;)

    Nice to note that we share the same interests Lissie!..You have a wonderful collection of kerala recipes that makes ppl visit...not only my sister,but anyone!:)

    Thank you ani!You too have wonderplace!:)

    They are ignorant too Pragyan!...and they cant digest others doing or having something better than them!..

    So..let us learn to ignore the ignorants..:)..
    Hugs to all my well wishers!:)

  33. Hi Bharathy...check my post i did the mid name meme...


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