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Puliyogare/Tamarind Rice

Dear Asha, also known as the "Blogger Queen" is a lovable, likable person, who reaches out to all with her care, love and encouragement.Any objection? :)..

Well,I had been 'pestering' her lately with umpteen queries, pertaining the recipe, checking up whether it belonged to Kannada cuisine and with her gallons of patience answering to each and every one of my silliest questions saying,"I know it is really tough for someone to make a Kannada dish without much experience."

She was virtually "missed" by almost all the bloggers when she was away for her Lasik treatment...and now she is getting ready for the round up with her sharp vision, without the glasses!!..Yaaay!!..

Surprisingly I learnt from Wiki that I had been preparing Kannada food very frequently.Bisi bele bhath, vanghi bhath, aloo bonda, masala dosa, puliyogare and the simplest yoghurt rice/mosaranna..all fall under my usual menu!.

My queries about puliyogare sped to Roopa who sweetly replied,"well puliyogare comes as i know from iyengars mainly living in mysore and bangalore. it is common in tamil, telugu as well as kannada cuisine our cuisine has a more sweet/ ting than the others."

Ashaji has confirmed the name of the basic sauce as Hunise gojju, a very authentic B'lore iyengar recipe..:)

The Tamarind rice, the Pulyogare or Puliyodharai is my family's any time favourite and here we go with the recipe which involves three steps of making the sauce/gojju,the powder and mixing them together with cooked rice...

Ingredients for the Hunise Gojju/sauce:

A cup of Thick Tamarind Pulp extracted from a small orange sized ball of tamarind.
Salt-as needed
A small piece of Jaggery
Soak tamarind in warm water for half an hour.Extract pulp, as thick as possible.Keep aside.

For the powder

A tbsp of dessicated coconut
2 tsps coriander seeds
2 tsps peppercorns
A pinch of hing (asoefetida)
2 teaspoons mustard seeds
6-8 Red chillies
A tsp of white sesame seeds
A teaspoons urad dal /black gram dal
A teaspoon channa dal /bengal gram dal
A tsp cumin seeds

Dry roast the ingredients for the powder one by one.Trickle oil if necessary.Powder the roasted ingredients when cool.Set aside.

For Seasoning

5tbsps Gingelly oil
A tsp each of mustards,fenugreek seeds,urad dal and channa dal
2 teaspoons peanuts
4 red chillies each broken into 3 pieces
A fat pinch of turmeric powder
A sprig of curry leaves

Method to prepare the Gojju.

Heat oil and fry the peanuts;keep aside.OR, micro the peanuts for a minute, toss, micro again for a minute and keep aside.In the same oil season using mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, urad dal, channa dal, red chillies and curry leaves.

Add the tamarind pulp, jaggery,turmeric powder and salt.Mix well and let it boil.Add the powder and let it simmer for a few minutes mixing well to avoid any lumps.Add salt.

The oil starts separating and the mixture would have thickened by now giving off a wonderful aroma.

Cool the sauce and store in an airtight container.

How to prepare Puliyogare /Tamarind Rice

Mix hot rice with gojju, adding liberal amounts of gingelly/sesame seed oil.Check salt and the tanginess all over while mixing.Let the mixed rice be one step spicy and tangy so that it comes down after an hour or two as it penetrates the soft rice.So see to it that you prepare the tamarind rice at least 2 hours serving.
The gojju mixed with the powder stays well for a month if refrigerated.
Puliyogare is also a "perfect pack away lunch."

This goes to RCI-Karnataka hosted by dearest Asha :).

So..what's up next?...nothing else but packing away with my hubby and kids soon for a few days to the southern parts of Karnataka ; Mysore, Belur, Halebidu( a few temples in an around these lovely places) and Coorg !!.


  1. the pictures are too good, bharathy! this is one of my family's favourite dishes.

  2. bharathy...the pictures look so good..enjoy your trip..

  3. Excellent!! Yes,Puliyogare , vangi Bhaat have become integral part of K'taka. Looks great and thank you for taking time!:)
    I have too many Chitrannas and Kesari Bhaats,so I didn't want to add more!:D
    Enjoy my home in India,my granddad's coffee estate is 12 miles form Belur!:))

  4. Bharathy,

    the dish looks yummy and pictures are too good..:D . this is one of my favorite dishes since childhood. Being an andhraite, I used/still have fascination for puliyogare.. thanks for sharing.. will definitely try soon..

  5. and happy journey for your trip..:D

  6. Dear Bharathy,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.. and also for the appreciation.. U have too good a blog and that too within a short span of time..:D.. My Vinayaka Chavithi was good too.. just now completed the pooja and still cooking.. bye n cya..:D

  7. Reminds me of the time when my family used to live in Hyd ages ago and puliyodara was a regular ..hmmmm..speaking of which when are u coming to hyd next? :D

  8. Beautiful photo and delicious looking rice! I wish I could taste it.

  9. Nice entry for RCI-event. Curry leaves powder is new for me. I think when we use this then very nice aroma in curry.....This is also nice powder you made for Gojju. I alos like to make masala powder at home. This is perfect pack for lunch my dear.:)

  10. puliyogare looks wonderful bharathy... have a great trip!

  11. hmmm.. puliogare, my second fave variety rice (after thenga sadam of course)..

    have a wonderful vacation sis, really well-deserved.

    see you back soon :)

  12. wow great bharathi wish i would be able to go to :) enjoy dear post some pictures after you comeback would be great for RCI too :) the puliyogre looks yummy my favorite too :)

  13. Bharathy,

    Looks delish, I love it served on banana leaf.

  14. Dear bharathy, Very happy that you are going (or should I say coming)on a holiday to most beautiful places in karnataka!Enjoy!!:)) We visited almost all places in 1990s, when we shifted to Delhi! Back here again.
    Yes puliyogere is an Iyengar dish! Lot of Iyengars shifted to Mysore during Tipus period. Their puliyogere has a dash of til and some jaggery too! They speak a mixture of Tamizh and kannada! Otherwise all practices are same as ours!

  15. HI Bharathy,
    first time here...came to know from ur blogs that U and Nags are sisters!!..gosh!!..a great cook-ie pair!!!..U monther wud be an even great cook, herself...glad to meet u, and hey, ur dish looks real appetizing..nice snaps!!!

  16. Looks lovely Bhrathy. You know, I have never tried making puliyodharai by myself yet!

  17. Bharathy,

    Puliyogare looks Nice:)
    Beautiful pic and great entry for RCI event.

  18. bharathy..looks delicious...u r on a cooking spree now...hmmmm

  19. vaayil vellam varunnoo!
    puliyoothre always reminds me of the prasad we used to eagerly wait for during the temple visit of anganeya at nanganallur , chennai. i am really missing that now. my son even goes for a second round of darshan so that he can get a 2nd serving.
    you brought back all those memories.hope you had a nice vacation with family.

  20. I will try this out. I have always used those instant mixes for making this.
    Enjoy your vacation.

  21. It is yum.
    Good pictures.
    Hope you had a good trip with your family

  22. I'm ready with a spoon to dig in... its sooo tempting:)
    BTW its my portion right???

  23. Hi Bharathy dear...ur Pulihora looks very yummy dear...and that gojju is sparkling (It has a good shine to it :-)).....great color....:-)

  24. This is one of my fav dishes. Sometimes I'd even prefer it for breakfast. Your picture is making me hungry now. Looks darn good Bharathy.

  25. what a beautiful presentation Bharathy!! I am simply impressed! you made puliyogare sound so special and delicious.

  26. Oh I love the Gojju sauce. Never had ti, but this is the second time I heard about it. Gotta try. I love how thick it is ..

  27. Thanks Lissie and srivalli..:)

    I have vanghi and bisibele bhaths right here in my drafts!!shall I send over them too..he he..:)..Had never been to these stretches of Karnatake..looking forward to the mountains of Coorg..will pass your "hi" to your granpa too....err do you acquire your culinary skills form his wife??if so let me that we can STOP there for a while..;)

    Thankyou soo much,Siri..

    Wink..over to Hyd, next!!!:)..armed "batallion" with goodies!!Varatte??!!;)

    Thanks to you girls, anh and sig!

    Try and see this Kajal.I bet you love them!!:)

    Ah sis!..I never knew you like thenga sadam!!!

    Oh yes Roopa,Nice idea!If Ashaji is kind enough to accept my photos after the deadline!!

    Thank you Sreelu!

  28. Thank you lathamma for that wonderful info!!..I made the sauce with all jaggery and the powder with til!just for the RCI..otherwise I omit these when I make regularly!:)..
    BTW..I may knock your door anytime!!:)

    I have a humorous funfilled place along with the yummy recipes,dear young scientist!!:D..

    Really? Sugi its easier than all those international goodies you venture!!

    [Thanks to prajusha mol and rajitha mol nandhitha mol,tbc mol and happy cook mol!!(to the great mallu speaking gals!!)]

    Rajitha,I had been in my ma inlaws place last month taking care of the hose while sha was away..making loots of food..!!:) I am back..and lazzzy :I

    yes get this as prasadam in Vaishanava temples in T.N..That was soo cute of your son..:)

    GO ahead,Tbc..this tastes way ahead than the readymade ones..!!

    Happy cook, I have yet to leave...on 21st and be back by 26th of Sep!!:)Waiting for the kids to get over with their exams!

    Absolutely for you,Shiva!!:) was over exposed actually ,and glowing bright.I had to work on it to make it blur and warmify to suppress the natural's september,the second summer and soo bright here,dear!

    Whats "Darn" good BTW,kribha??:)..Thanks dear!

    I am Impressed AGES back(and so all around here in blog world)with your wonderful work dear Sharmi!!:)

    I bet you love this Zlam..It's a spicy preserve..Perfect for you to try!!:)

  29. Wishes for your pleasent vocation bharath!!!!!!!enjoy...

    puliyogare looks so delicious & different ,love ur pics.....

    sorry i was late to comment :( happy journey!

  30. Thatz perfectly OK Sobi...Feel relaxed and free here!!:)

  31. Bumped in here for the first time and loved it a lot,nice collection of recipes..

    Puliyogare looks tempting with beautiful color and sounds delicious at the same time..

    Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe including all ur signature ingredients..

    Njoy blogging n Happy cooking...


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