Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Break in Coorg!...

I am 'just' back from my holiday in Coorg/Kodagu, Karnataka...

As suggested by my blogger friends I am glad to share a few pictures as a separate post.

The Resort where we stayed.

The Mangalorean style entrance of the resort.

The Beautiful valley of Coorg/Kodagu in Karnataka.

The pretty Madikeri town.Kodagu district.

The Coffee plant bearing the berries.

The coffee estate.We had to walk a little through this to reach ...

..The Abbey falls.We were warned not to go near as the monsoon water rush proved to be dangerous.

The well maintained Omkareshwar Temple of Lord Shiva, Madikeri.

The Temple tank.One can see the unique combo of the Persian Muslim dome with the Hindu Golden Flag atop!!..

The 'Raja's Seat' of Madikeri,Coorg.
King Vira Rajendra Wodayar ,the last king of Kodagu, is believed to have watched the sun setting behind the beautiful misty mountains, from here.The view from this point is the pic no 3, up!.

We also experienced the adventurous and the exciting,"White water rafting" of Dubare. If you ever get a chance to do this anywhere, please go ahead.Those who do not know swimming(like me) must surely try ;)..

The drive up to the source of the River Cauvery, Tala Cauvery, and a holy bath there, washed away all our sins..:D..

Asha has a handful of childhood memories associated with this lovely place...this is specially posted for RCI-Karnataka hosted by this lucky gal :).
By the way, this is definitely NOT a cruel intention to turn her homesick and nostalgic while busy doing her fabulous round up.. ;)..:D..


  1. wow!!!! beautiful place....nice pics...seems like u had a relaxing time there.....wish to go there sometimes.....hmm i really missed u :-))))

  2. Cool!! What great pictures Bharathy! Though you visited off season, thankfully there were no rains for the past 10 days! I love visiting places off season just to avoid crowd!:))

  3. I have been to Coorg too Bharathi.Its a beautiful place with even beautiful people.

  4. thankis for these pics, bharathy. this is a beautiful place.

  5. I have been there many times and its always cool and beautiful, thanks for the pics feels close to home.Guess you have very nice time there.

  6. Bharathy,

    So beautiful, would love to visit coorg some time

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  8. Bharathy, I wish I was there with you girl.When I saw the Temple, Raja's seat , coffee plants and Abbey Falls, my heart skipped a beat. I almost had tears in my eyes, and I am not a very emotional person!
    My SIL is from Madikeri too, her dad has a estate there. My grandfather's and my FIL's estates are near Belur and Sakleshpura, in Hassan district but we do have many relatives in Coorg too.We are not Coorgis or Kodavas but Lingayat coffee planters!:))
    My dad was a judge there in Madikeri Civil court for more than 5 yrs and used to live near the college up the hill if you have seen it.
    Thank you so much for this post.I will show Arvind too, he is out now. Hugs Bharathy, more photos if you have please!

  9. wow,,pleasuarble photos of coorg bharathy,think u had a very pleasant vocation, i ve never visted coorg :(,,will definitely plan for a trip there....

  10. And thats where you have been... Vacation is yr way-of-life, I reckon ;). Beautiful pics though, Bharathy. I have never been to a coffee plantation before!

  11. great pics sis :)

    Glad to know you had such a nice time! Now start cooking!!

  12. very nice shots!
    have never been to coorg. but would love to visit.

  13. great snaps, Bharathy..u had a great time , i bet!!

  14. Remya,I was sooo happy to see you with your cute updated posts,dear!

    Oh yeah,Latha we did relish the off season off crowd..but it was raining or drizzling the whole time.Still we enjoyed the weather!:)

    Yes Sumi,esp the Ladies there are cute..:)

    Thankyou,Bee :)

    Yes,Madhu esp a week with no cooking and blogging..he he..and Madhu i can't get in your blog as the profile is not available..:(

    Sreelu..we have fantastic spots in south India!

    Asha, Sorry to drive you emotional honey.:(...will surely send more,but not now..don't wanna spoil your mood while doing the round up,dear!..

    Sobila...thanx dear :)

    This year,Suki..I am out with more holidaying..:)..thatz all..

    oh sis,dont remimd me of that bitter reality...Grrrr...

    Nanditha,Coorg is more or less like kerala..the food the climate etc is mostly the same.Since I know all the other 3 South Indian languages,understanding Kannada was not a problem...It is really a MUST visit place,Nandi..:)

    Oh Yeah,Sona...Relaxed with no cooking and house works!..:)..

  15. Great pictures Bharathy...looks like you had fun..very nice...and a unique entry..

  16. They are just out of the world beautiful pics Bharathy ,thx for sharing.

  17. Ah girl, looks like you had a relaxing vacation... beautiful pictures... India rocks :)

  18. Looks beautiful Bharathy. I love vacations in India. The hills, and coffee estates look amazing. Thanks for sharing, I would love to go visit this place now.


  19. wow Bharathy i am damn jealous of you :) you took me down to the memory lanes i spent 4 yrs in hassan and every sem we sould visit the coffe plantations the falls a wuite a number of them. loved all the pictures :)

  20. wow Bharathy.....Coorg looks awesome dear...have heard a lot abt the place.....some of my relatives stay there.....but am looking at its pics for the first time.....I a sure u must have had a wonderful vacation dear :-)

  21. bharathy,
    wow..beautiful pics.
    coorg girls nalla sundarikuttikal aanennu kettittu undu,aano:) hope u had a nice time.

  22. wonderful pics bharathy... we have a coffee and cardamom estate in coorg... its our summer hide-out:)

  23. Those are some very fantastic pics.. hope you had a great vacation..

  24. Cool pics Bharathy. Never been to coorg before. It's so nice of you to share this.

  25. great pics bharathy hope u enjoyed every bit

  26. Wow you sure had agreat relaxing vacation, beautiful pics

  27. Very nice pics. Coorg is indeed a b'ful place. heaven on earth i would say.

  28. Bharathy - Coorg/Kodagu is not lik Kerala. The food is very distinct. Though there is influence of coconut, it definetly is different. I am a coorg and i have been in Kerala too. Also, the landscape is very different,though it is green alike kerala, it is mostly made up of mountains and streams and coffee estates. There are no beaches or seashores. Coorg is distict and the pepople of coorg and their language, food, dress, looks are far different and does not resemble any south indian regional people or places. Though, in recent years there is influence of certain ingredients that is used in cooking.

  29. Warm Welcome Preeth!!..

    I am pleasantly surprised to see your comment in my place! ..:)..
    Nice to note that you are from Coorg!..

    Just meant to say Coorg is "more or less" like Kerala..Yes the food is a little different from Kerala and supports Kannadiga food...But the climate is almost the same...Rains till September etc..
    The quality of Flora is richer in Coorg!!..Of course Coorg is not a coastal spot as we all know.. :)

    Why so much of research?We enjoyed every moment there..One of our best holidays in India...The resort was great..esp the food!!..We enjoyed the Coorgi dinner served in the resort and the leaf lunch in Adithi of Madikeri..!!..

    The only part which set our mood off were those pathetic roads leading to the place from Mysore!..
    Coorg attracts mainly the local tourists as of now. If the Govt shows interest in better conveyences,for sure,we can promote foreign tourists as well..


    Visit us for a virtual trip to Coorg!


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