Monday, August 20, 2007

JFI-Ghee Rice & the Awards!..

Ghee rice is one of the simplest yet delicate forms of variety rice with the natural flavour of the long grained basmati with the fresh aromatic burst of home-made ghee.I first tasted this “Simply irresistible”, delicacy in one of the muslim weddings during childhood and turned out to be my favourite till then.I like the rice garnished with fresh chunks of pineapple, steamed bits of carrots and sauted raisins.These ingredients are not a part of actual recipe,but I enjoy biting into the varied sweetness of the three, along with the hot aromatic rice :).

This goes to JFI(jihva for ingredients): Rice-hosted by Sharmi of Neivedyam.

Serves-4;Cooking time-35 minutes.

Get ready with:

2 cups Basmati rice
2 nos Onion(medium) -sliced length wise
4 tbsp Fresh Ghee
A few Cashew nuts broken into halves
2" piece Cinnamon
2 nos Cloves
2 nos Cardamom
Salt - As needed

How to make:

1. Wash and soak rice for 15 minutes.Cook the rice and drain.Spread in a flat utensil and allow to cool. Mix in salt and a little amount of ghee to separate the rice grains, gently breaking lumps if any.

2. Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed, wide pan or kadai.Fry the cashews till golden brown and keep aside.

3. Fry half of the sliced onions till brown and crisp.Keep aside.Sauté the remaining onions until golden brown.

4. Add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and stir.Add rice gently and mix so as to get the onions and spices coated.Check salt and remove from fire.

5.Garnish with the crispy fried onions and cashews.Serve hot with dhal curry, khurma, chicken or mutton curry.

I have not tried making the other version of direct cooking method of Ghee rice.If you feel cooking and draining rice, a little eleborate, fry the rice for a few minutes in a tsp of ghee and keep aside.Carry on with the tempering part, add the rice(1 part of rice with 2 parts of water).Close it with a lid until the water is absorbed and the rice, cooked.This is the plain and simpler form of Ghee Rice.If you add veggies, the draining method would be better!.

By the way, friends, I am pleased to announce that Archana of tried & tested recipes has passed me 2 great awards!. Again, it had been a pleasant surprise for me when Roopa of my chow chow bhath honoured me with the 'Power of Schmooze Award', just in time I had published my post, passing the same to her!!.No words to thankyou girls ; from a person still confused whether she deserves them or not!!..

The 'Power of Schmooze Award' is for bloggers who “effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship".

"The Rocking Girl Blogger Award" is for bloggers ,who are girls or women, who blog and who Rock!!."

Just like Archana, I too feel the awards are passed along to promote friendship, love, care and encouragement among us!.

I accept them with pleasure and pass on both the awards to my friends who really deserve; more than me!.

Listed in alphabetic order, they are:



Nanditha Prabhu

Priya Bhaskaran











With brimming happiness, I could see my all my dear friends Asha, Bee, Coffee, Jyothi, Jyothsna, Mallugirl, Prema, R.P, Seema, Sia, Sig, Srivalli, Sukanya and Tbc already beholding the awards.Cheers to you all!!...:)

Let this be a good encouragement to continue our active involvement in blogging!.


  1. Bharathy, that's a lovely platter of ghee rice - first came across the dish in hostel, I think, where it was not much more than rice, one clove, one cardamom, one stick of cinnamon and some ghee. No vegetables.
    It's very generous of you to give me an award, thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much Bharathy!!!
    You are the sweetest blog friend I have! Seriously.

    Love and Hugs! Kanch

  3. Thats sweet of you Bharathy. But do I really deserve this?

  4. That's the best looking ghee-rice I've ever seen.

  5. That's a gorgeous platter of ghee rice.
    Congrats for your awards.
    Thanks for your kindness. I am pleasantly surprised. You have made my day. :)

  6. Bharathy
    Thats a lovely pllate of ghee rice, yummy.
    Congrats on all your awards, your blog is a pleasure

  7. Thank you so much Bharathy, ur the best blogger buddy I met. I'm really glad.
    I will post it in my blog soon thanks again.
    The ghee rice platter looks delicious.

  8. very tempting pictures. lovely looking ghee rice. first I thought I will bookmark but then I thought it is going to be in my blog heheheh...

  9. congrats, dear bharathy. and i always love your pictures. i even was tempted to eat sambar looking at your sambar pic (i hate sambar).

  10. congrats bharathy on getting 2 awards ... u sure deserve it.
    look at the pic of ghee rice.. looks so nice and mouth watering. nice presentation too. I think i can see some spicy dish of chicken??? peeking next to it.. why dont u invite me man..
    I make ghee adding coconot milk!!.. try it out next time...

  11. bharathy,
    thanks a lot for the award.
    ur ghee rice looks delicious. pics adipoli:)

  12. hi bharathy....

    Congrats for getting 2 great awards, really u started rocking,,everyday im seeing new posts....

  13. Hi Bharathy,
    Congrats!! for the well deserved award :)I like your recipes and your blog. Keep it Up !!
    The ghee rice is looking gorgeous, each grain separate. Mine never turns out so good.Pineapple, raisins, I can eat this rice just like that:)

  14. thats a great recipe bharathy...and nice entry to JFI....and your logo looks sooo cute...nice work on that....guess you are very fond of chillies....

    and congrats on getting those awards you really deserve them...


  15. Congratulations. And I can almost smell the ghee rice from here!

  16. Hi Bharathy,

    thank you so much for the award, i am honred. It is the second time this month, I am just sooooo happy. Glad you sent your beautiful pic to the DMBLGIT contest. I am holding my fingers crossed for you. If I was the judge, you´d get one for the grinning pearl spotted fish :-)
    I simply love that one...

  17. Hi Bharathy,

    I see that you have picked me up among all your food blogger friends...and that makes me special ....I am flattered and honored!
    You have coupled ghee rice along with the awards....and that is surely a treat!I am going to try this one.

    So what am i supposed to do now? pass on this prestigious awards to more many?

    will pick up your tag soon.I am keeping a bit busy with a few performances!

    Thank you, ji!

  18. Sra, you really deserve it,girl :)


    Folding my fingers one by one...whooosh...that's the punch u gonna receive each time..if you talk again like this..:)


    Suma,I felt u deserve it,coz u reallllly rock!!

    Nice to hear that from a blog celebrity like you, Sandeepa!!:)


    I did it all for you,Sharmi..LOL..I forgot to e-mail the entry,OMG!!This is me!! absent minded!!:D

    Bee, a blog celebrity!!an expert photographer!!..I am honoured!!!

    Will surely try,prema..but how to check the calories?? :)

    Thanks Prajusha..hugs to u.

    Everyday? no way...only once a week..I think you get in my plca once a week..right?:)

    Archana,I am the one supposed to thankyou.A great Hug for you,again for passing me the same..:)..I too love your blog!!..The grains are separate bcoz I drain the cooked rice..the other method tends out to give sticky grains..the disadvantage of draining is that the rice loses its natural aroma to about 50%.But here I compensate it with fresh ghee:)!!

    Without thinking too much I named the blog spicy I dont have any other go you see!!The picture was passed by one of my cousins Indira..I hope it's a free pic and wont get into trouble!!:)

    Thankyou so much...Raaga :)

    You deserve them , really rock and deal well with all bloggers..I saw your entry to summer express too..:)..
    I dont have much hope for winning..just participated!Thatz all..Inform me if you gonna be the judge next that I can send over that fish pic!!;)


  19. Enjoy the awards Bharathy,you deserve it!:))
    I will home today, had a great time at the beach but time to head back!

  20. Nice picture. Congrats on the awards!

  21. Nice picture. Congrats on the awards!

  22. thanks sis :) and i know for a fact that ghee rice was really good :)

  23. I can eat it off the plate Bharthy! :) I would say its ghee rice with a twist! :)

  24. Uhu, finallY I updated my blog, check it.

  25. Hello!
    Good work, and good food, thank you

  26. Nanditha,I think I received your mssge just after I finished mine in here!
    Yes, you are a non-foodie,but that doesnt mind for me..I didnt want to make you feel an odd one out,here by the caption non-foodie either!!You can accept and pass the awards to your friends,whom u believe ,"she deserves this".You r the judge here!!:)..No pressure either,if u are interested only!!
    Take your own time!!All the best for ur great programmes!..

    I think you are holidaying a little too much these days!!:)..But prompt updations too..I wonder how you make it!!

    Jyothsna has apprecited me twice :) for the first pic and the first award..secondly for the next pic and the award ;)..Thankyou dear,into 2..:D

    Nags!!Siii..I know what you meant by that,you r talking too much nowadays here..;)

    Sugi,antha mela irukkira blue colour award logo le irrukkira kaiyya pathingala?Athu vechu kuthalamnnu than pathen...Ippo koduthathu CHELLA KUTHU...athukke ippidiya?:D

    Coffee..Thanks dear!!You are right!!

    svr,I couldn't enter your place..:(..are you sure you enabled??

    Welcome to my place,david and Thankyou

  27. Hi Bharathy...
    Ghee rice is looking awesome.... Nice picture...Mouthwatering recipe...

  28. ghee rice is looking yummy mounth watering dear! sorry i took so long to reach here :0 its great deal of boost for us !. Thanks for the awards and have a great day!

  29. Bharathy, naan mango icecream la ezhuthina comment nee ennum padikkalaiyaa? Rice pakka roombha nanna erukku. ennum seriya padikalla.

    Mango ice cream urugama erukka oru Tip. liquid glucose 2 table spoons use pannalaam. stabilizer oru powder kidaikkum. oru 1/4 teaspoon use panna poothum.maida thevai ellai. senchuparthuttu sollu. un rice padichuttu ada patthi comment ezhutharen.

  30. congrats on ur awards girl! ur ghee rice does look awesome and inviting. i always make the direct way to save time and pulav is made ur way with veggies.

  31. hey, i have started on ur tag....yes just started.. i am approaching it a small twist....hope thats ok!check out dear!

  32. Yum ! The ghee rice looks so good..all the grains standing out. Perfect. Nice pic of it too. My first visit here. blog hopped from your sis nags blog to yours :D

  33. Hi Bharathy!
    Congratulations for 2 great awards!!!
    You created a wonderful place!
    I learned more about rice and ghee today.
    Best to you!

  34. Hi bharathy, This is hima from SnackORama. The due date for WYF-Snacks is Sept 25th. So you do have plenty of time to post your entry. Love to see your contribution. And btw, this is such a nice entry for Rice. Excellent looking.

  35. Dear Bharathy,
    Viratham nanna pannathu kettu roombha sandosham. Blog event thavira vera recipes um ezhuthu.
    Niraya perukku thinamum naama seyara samayal than pedikkum.

  36. Hi Bharathy,

    Hey this is my frist time in ur blog.. loved it.. Hey Ghee Rice has come out very nice nice presenattion too.. this always reminds me of my mom.. thnx for sharing..

  37. bharathy I have given reply for your query in my blog.

  38. Thanks sukanya :)

    I again Thank you,Roopa,for passing me the great award :)

    Yes Sure,Lathamma ..but I would have to wait for the next season!!:)..I am thinking of blogging more tradition stuff,keep visiting!!:)

    Yes,mallu girl,I have described it "as the plain and easy version"... great to have you here:)!!

    Nanditha,I have answered you in ur place!Thanks a lot for taking up my tag..that too with a cute twist!!:)

    Thanks,pravs and kristi!!:)..I pray for the boy,Kristi!!God is great!!

    Count me in Hima..Thanks for visiting..:)

    Welcome to my place smn!!Thanks for you valuable comment.

  39. hi bharathy....

    u made me so happy by writing such an ample,lovely comment,,,,cheers to you,,actually aint preparing those html, though i knew how to do,just im getting that from,, u can also try that...:)

  40. This looks really good! thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  41. Hi Bharathy,

    Lovely pics must say! nice recipe..


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