Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vegetable-Rava Khichdi:an anytime,quick balanced meal in a bowl.

As you might have noticed, most of my recipes and cooking methods are a little elaborate.

Thus cooking up a meal in 30 minutes, had been a little challenging for me, with a timer clock, a delightful challenge I ventured for Mallugirl's Summer Express Cooking Event.

Well,..coming to the main ingredients of this recipe, I would suggest you to Grab a pack of pre-roasted Rava/Sooji and another one of Frozen,cut Vegetables of your choice, if you sincerely would try this out.This would of course save you a clean 10-15 minutes and the cooking part will definitely take, not more than 15 minutes!.

Serves-4 portions.Total time needed-30 minutes.

Cutting the veggies-10 minutes

Cooking time-12 minutes

Making the Chutney-8 minutes


Sooji(Rava) - 2 cups

A cup of diced Vegetables like potatoes, carrots,beans and peas

A tbsp of Oil

½ tsp Mustard seeds and Urad dhal each

2-3 Green chillies slit lenghtwise

A Medium sized Onion sliced lenghthwise

A Medium sized Tomato,sliced to 8 pieces

A tsp of Ginger paste or 1/2 tsp of finely chopped ginger

3 pinches of turmeric powder

Chopped cilantro-to garnish


1. Roast the rava in 2 tsps of oil in a deep kadai with medium heat till rava turns to very light brown in colour. Remove and keep aside.

2. Heat the remaining oil in the same kadai.Splutter mustards and brown the urad dal.Sauté the sliced onions till translucent. Now add the ginger and saute for a few seconds. Add in, the chopped tomatoes and chillies sauting for a minute in a medium flame.

3. Add the Vegetables and pour in 5 cups of water.Let the vegetables get half cooked by keeping the vessel closed.

4. Open and mix in the fried rava, little by little, stirring with a spatula, continuously.(Addition of rava and stirring are to be done simultaneously.Care should be taken to avoid lumps with the boiling water; reduce the heat to medium).

5. Keep on stirring the rava to get to thicker,cooked and the right consistency.

6. Remove from fire and serve hot with chopped cilantro.

Nutritional facts:

If you are a fast cook you should be through by 20 minutes.As you know, the sooji/rava is the cereal part of the dish which is rich in carbohydrates.Potatoes too contribute the same.The 'Vitamins and Minerals' part is handled by the carrot and the tomato and the vegetable(leguminal) proteins by the peas and beans.

Advantages of the dish:

1. The raw materials needed and to be shopped are minimum.

2. Easy to make.

3. Preliminary planning or preparatories like soaking and grinding are not required.

4. A simple, balanced, healthy and filling meal, suitable for breakfast, brunch or dinner!.

Vegetable Rava Khichdi goes well with coconut chutney.Go for it if you are left with a few more minutes :).. if not; simply enjoy the meal with a tsp of sugar..:)...

Time needed-10 minutes

To Make the Quick Chutney; You need to grind together:

1/2 cup Frozen Grated Coconut

1/2 cup Roasted gram/Pottukkadalai

4 Green chillies

Salt-to taste

Water-3/4 cup or as needed

and temper the ground chuntney with

A tsp of refined oil,1/4 each of mustards and urad dal each,2 pinches of hing powder and a few curry leaves.Do not boil or heat the chutney.Tempering should be done separately and poured over the chutney.


  1. LOL, but Vegetable upma is one of my favorite breakfasts. It is one of the items which you eat any time of the day even though it has a breakfast tag.
    Your pictures are so inviting. I truly want to have that bowl.

  2. we do this often. to make i even faster, use soaked and drained poha (avval). no cooking. just need to heat it through.

  3. that bowl of upma looks so good. many ppl don't like upma but your picture will tempt those ppl to start liking it.

  4. Veg Uppittu! I love it.If you don't have any leftovers for weekends,I make this in a jiffy!
    I love the photo.Great entry.See you later!:)

  5. lovely photo! esp love uppitu anytime too i make it for quick dinner too :)

  6. Perfect for 30 minute meals. Bharathy, Rachel Ray has nothing on you. My mom says she roasts the ravai, and thalichifies the kadugu etc, and keeps up to a week. Then just add water and frozen veggies!

    (ps. I'm still thinking about my MEME)
    pps. I use the Canon Rebel XTI Digital Camera SLR for my pictures. Its a new one that Shankar got me. And I crop etc in Picasa.

  7. I want that bowl. Looks lovely and yummy. Great entry dear. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Bharathy, that upma looks so eminently edible. Where do you live, I'd like to come over!

  9. rava upma is the least fave dish for me but this pic makes it look very delicious, which i am sure it was :)

    way to go sis!!

  10. veg upma is one of my favorite dishes.this is the most frequently cooked meal in my kitchen...it is the easiest an fastest for me.
    your bowl is soo tempting!

  11. My first time here.
    That's a good looking upma, so colorful! Nice pics.. can't see the 3rd pic though.

  12. MMMMMM ur vegee uppma.....My all time fav....Love it....Ur picture is looing lovely....

  13. i like veggie upm, its so much better than plain upma. very filling too.

  14. Glad that you like it Suma..:)

    Yeah Bee,I too make aval upma pre-soaked in sour butter milk..but no veggies

    Hopefully Sharmi..Including me,a pakka upma hater..:D

    Hugs to you,Asha and Roopa :)

    Wow Thatz a REAL tip!!Your mom is def India's Rachel Ray!!:)


    Sra..very much welcome to Tamil Nadu!!:)

    yeah sis,it tasted good..I didn't have even a morsel of it...As you know both of us are upma haters.:)

    Thanx Nanditha,If you have a liking for the dish,..you can go for it anytime!!...in a jiffy..

    welcome to my place tbc,the 3rd picture you couldnt view might be the event logo..hope you can see now

    Thanks and hugs to you sukanya:)

    Thanx for accepting the entry,mallu girl!:)

  15. Hey bharathi , U know what I prepared this yesterday and thought of posting it for express summer cooking this weekend.....
    vegetable rava khichidi is something which is quick to prepare if u have the frozen veggies. Love it and perfect entry.

  16. hi bharathy,

    Rava kichadi on seeing itself, tempts me 2 eat. The nutritional facts are gr8


  17. Hey Barathy this dish looks great! I bet it taste lovely it is just the kind of food I like. :)

  18. vegetable upma looks great with chutney. kerala spl is upma with boiled banana,rite.Nice pics.i have added u to my blogroll.

  19. i was looking for a gud recipe for Rava Kichidi, got into ur site n saw.... WOW!!!! IT looks really Yummy... am gonna try this out today my hubby n kids love this. Thanks a lot Bharathy.

  20. One important thing missing is grated coconut. This can be added when fried rawa is added or at the end.
    Surprising a kerala variety and coconut is missing!

  21. Hello KLP,

    Welcome to my space :)
    Rawa Upma, a drier version, as far as I know is made in Kerala with grated coconut added to it..
    Rawa khichdi doesnt belong to the state's cuisine. On the other hand,in Tamil Nadu Khichdi is made 'without' coconut..

    Bsides, under every recipe I add labels. If it belongs to Kerala, I will certainly add it along..

    I havent added so in the Khichdi recipe coz it doesnt belong to the 'Kerala Delicacy' category....

    Hope you get my point :)

    Thanks again,

  22. your photo seems to be used here... http://malli.in/recipes_detail.php?recid=455&cat_name=cuisid&cat_id=18

  23. nice recipee.....But where to add turmeriic powder??..didnt mention that in cooking method steps.


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