Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Have Been Tagged!..

Four great months of blogging and I've been tagged for the first time for a meme; of 7 random facts!. I love to be tagged and thankyou Roopa for tagging me the first.Thankyou Suganya and Archana for tagging me as well.

Here goes those cool facts..

1. When my better half came to know that his wife has developed an interest in creating a food blog,the next moment came the comment,"You hate to cook and you are absolutely a wrong one for thaaht!”.Yes!..I am a lazy cook but had developed my interest to cook, with much effort, keeping up the proverb,'Reach a man’s heart through his tummy'. I have tasted its fruit too :)...

2. I am an Art Lover.I had been immersed in creative hobbies like Oil and Fabric Painting,Hand Embroidery,Craft work,Singing and writing Poems.Is blogging eating up all my leisure time,lately?.

3. A sort of a person who gets confused easily but tactfully hiding this negative character,I try to confuse others.I am a multilingual and a South Indian mix….33.33% Mallu,33.33% Tamilian and 33.33% Andhraite. I was born and brought up in Kerala, got married to Tamil.N,but we are basically Andhraites!!Confused???:D

4. I am a lover of Non-veg food.Most of my blogger friends invariably torture me by posting all those yummy favourites of mine making me crave ssooo badly.I love eating out,Chinese being my favourite.My man and kids are pure veggies and I console myself…After all the world is turning vegan…(sigh)!!.

5. I am jovial and friendly…yet sensitive and short tempered :).A messy place around, irritates me and I get madly upset when my expectations turn topsy turvy,the negative aspects that I sincerely try to change.

6. My happiest moments, are the ones spent with my parents and siblings in my mom’s place every summer in Kottayam.I adore my Mom as she is the most active and talented person , I ever know on earth.Love her chocolate cakes and her traditional Southie foods.Holidaying with my man and kids is my passion that certainly follows..:)..

7. I always wonder, how anyone could Love the Unseen God,when one fails to love his fellow human being?.I am neither an atheist nor an ardent worshipper of God.Still, I’m Blessed with all the best in life so far which makes me happy and contented.

I tag 7 too….Nanditha , Shivapriya , Kanchana , Dr Soumya , Alapana, Sobila and my sister.
Please accept if you have time and inclination.Ignore if you are already tagged :).


  1. Man, where is your Kannada bit.Not even 5%?!:D
    Love the Teddy.
    I agree with you at #7, go to temples once in few years just show the architecture to kids.Other than that,not very religious!:)
    Great MeMe Bharathy.

  2. Hi Bharathy, Loved reading your MeMe.

  3. hi bhags...nice reading your meme......


  4. Nice MEME Bharathy! Was interesting to read about all your backgrounds. I have a cousin who loves NV and her hubby likes V so she was struggling for some time. Thanks for tagging me! I'll have to think about it....

    BTW, I went to your sisters blog! So nice. I love how you tagged your little sister, I will be doing the same! You guys seem close.


  5. that was a great one to read. very interesting indeed. it was really nice to know you so close.

  6. so good to read about for the very 1st hubby chuckled at first and was posting Anonymous comments on my posts until I caught him red-handed one day :)

  7. Hi Bharathy, first time at your blog, i think. Nice meme! Hope you get to eat N V food once in a while at least!

  8. Hey Bharathy!
    it was great reading about you! I can relate to most of what you had to say!
    Thanks for tagging me too!
    I will surely take it up! It would be something of an introspection! I would love doing that.
    It was nice to see you back after a gap! that too with a wonderful post!

  9. LOL..that was quite funny n cute meme:) pity that u can't(or don't?) eat non-veg now? and yeah, everyone is turning vegan these days:)
    i would like to know the fruits of ur hard labour(cooking);) he he he...
    by the way not even 1% of kannadaiga? he he he...

  10. Hi Bharathy, fun meme to read !

  11. Nice MeMe Bharathy, good to know you

  12. Gr8 meme Bharathy,nice to know you :).I am lazy too when cooking and I am with you on that 'reach a man's heart through his tummy' :) Many more similarities between you and me except I don't eat non veg and I don't know tamil :)))Thanks Bharathy.
    I have sent your sambhar masala as entry for MBP :)

  13. Hey Bharathy,
    Thanks for tagging me, Lemme see what I can come up with;). How is ur sis doing. How she is better now. Loved reading ur meme. It feels nice to know about u.

  14. hi bharathy ,
    it was really nice reading abt u...first time at ur blog....lemmee introduce im remya.....u could hve seen me in reddiars community in orkut ..hy that was nice describing us as multilingual n south indian mix...i too hve confused others...i love cookg n love trying out new dishes....ur blog has both our traditional n creative dishes.....thank u soo much

  15. Hi Bharathy, lovely and little funny meme...nice to know about you. I will accept with your #7. Thanks for sharing dear.

  16. funny meme Bharathy! nice reading about you, and thanks for playing around.non veg turning veg hmm :) great going

  17. wait, bharathy. i ate only non-veg, then turned vegan, now i am eggitarian. you will turn vegan too. loved reading your meme.

  18. Don't worry... you will soon love being vegan! ;)
    I am with you on no#7! :)

  19. Asha and Sia..well..I can understand Kannada as I know the other 3 south Indian with the Kannada Cuisine..:)

    Thanx girls,Poonam and Raaga..:) confused with Bhags and me??:)..Thanks for reading the meme,.

    I am still struggling Kanchana..:)
    Looking forward to your meme post...yep,me and my sis are close..:) you and your sis :)

    Nice to note that..Sharmi..

    Komal...I laughed out soo loud LOOL..that was really cuuute.My man doesn't visit mine that often but he does enjoy...

    warm welcome to you sra..!!Yep I have NV very rarely..:)

  20. Nanditha,I am looking forward to yours :)

    Sia, is always a NO FUN fact for me..:( meant to say my man loves my cooking,though...

    Thankyou girls Dhana and Bhags :)

    Archana ..that was really nice of you dear..So much respect to a simple dimple Sambhar and its masala..!!:)

    Shiva,My sis is fine now and will be to work next week..I am looking forward to your meme post..:)!!nice to see you here as a food blogger..welcome dear girl..:)

    Jyothi..welcome to you too to my place,dear..

    Roopa..where did I play around??;)

    Bee...Hugs and hugs to you for your prrrompt visits dear..:)

    Hopefully,Coffee.. :(..can I sigh again?:)

  21. Hi Bharthy,
    Thats a interesting Meme,,,,to know more about you...Welcome to Tri-state club...yep even i hope you know Maheswari(
    is also same ur type..born and brought in kerela married to T.N but basically Andhra..
    Coming to me ...Tamilian born and brought in Andhra...married to T.N,,started our married life in Karnataka...

    This is Flashback of Tri-State-Club...hehehe:)))

  22. Bharathy,
    Loved to know about you. I am with you on the 7th one.

  23. Nice meme Bharathy.... So what are these fruits of your labor? ;)..
    Hey your mom is from Kottayam, thats my hometown!! Sorry you don't get to eat non-veg food these days, but I say go for it... cook some and may be the wonderful aroma might make your family converts... :D

  24. hi.....

    can't v increase the facts no?
    7 is a bit small to know about u,,
    can realize ur crave for non-veg bcoz me too give up that for my veggie hubby,,, tell me if u ve some plans to change them......:)

  25. awesome meme :) good job with the first.

    I have completed mine too

    check it out at:

  26. Nice reading your MeMe Bharathy. Would love to have a peek at your other creative outputs

  27. Yes bharathy...i remember now..I was wondering how lucky you are, when I was reading about your 33%...but I guess that period everybody writing their meme...I kind of didn't relate...and kerala dishes seem more...anyway now your kids are lucky..they get to learn 3 languages....

  28. Poosani halwa sweets la ellai! Meme roomba jorr! penna, bhrathinna summavaa?
    ella pongalukkum amma than pet! Blogla poda padam venume, samchuthan aaganum!

  29. Very nice blog. I like all recipe here. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your me me.:)


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