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Arisi Upma-Food for the Goddess!..

Varalakshmi Vratham had been celebrated last week in major parts of South India.

A day for Ladies, with the yellow sacred threads, kumkum, flowers and the Kalasam with the face of the Goddess atop, decorated with jewellery and flowers is a never to miss sight.Offerings or Neivedyam like white payasams,tamarind rice and some traditional sweets are made for the goddess Varalakshmi along with the offerings of fruits, coconuts and betel leaves and nuts.Pushparchana or flower offerings is done along with the sacred Ashtothram chants with the 108 names of the Goddess!.

The day falls on a Friday,every year according to the Tamil Calendar.Learn more about the festival here and here.
I have been celebrating the Vratham since my marriage according to my ma in law’s ways, in a simpler way; simple meal after the Ashtothram chant followed by a day’s fasting.The main meal is Arisi Upma made of Raw rice/Pachari/Pacharisi.

Serves- 2 ;Time needed 20 minutes.

You need:

Ponni Raw rice-1cup
Water-3 and a half cups;more or less.
Grated coconut-1/4 cup
Thuar dal-a tsp
Pepper corns-1/2 tsp
Green chilly-one, slit lengthwise
Refined Oil-A tbsp
Mustards and Urad dal-to temper
Hing-a pinch
Salt-to taste
A sprig of Curry leaves


1. Heat a thick-bottomed kadai and fry the rice (without oil) for a few minutes,say for about 3 minutes, till it heats up well.Do not let it change colour.Remove from fire and let it cool down.

2. Combine rice, thuar dal and the pepper corns.Dry grind in a mixie to a coarse(slightly coarser than rava).Do not make it to a fine powder.You need just to pulse for 3-5 seconds.

3. Now, heat the oil in the same kadai,(I use a thick bottomed bronze pot for better results)splutter mustard and brown the urad dal. Add the green chilly and the curry leaves.Sauté for a couple of seconds and pour the measured water immediately.Bring to a boil.Add salt.

4. Add the coarsely powdered rice and slowly mix into the boiling water.Turn the flame to medium and carefully blend in the rice so as to avoid lumps.The mixture at this point would be watery.Bring to a boil stirring in between.Now close the kadai with an appropriate lid, not allowing the steam to escape.Turn knob to 'sim'.

5. Open the lid after 3 minutes and check by scraping the bottom with the flat end of a ladle to confirm any charring or sticking to the bottom is not taking place.Add the grated coconut.Turn the mixture.

6. Cover again.Open again after 3-5 minutes.Repeat the above process.Continue doing this every 3-5 minutes till the rice grains are soft and cooked well.If the water content is more, keep the kadai closed till it gets absorbed.Note that the upma hardens when it cools down to room temperature.

7. The Upma should have reached the consistency of Pongal(semi solid)by now.

Note:I am more used to trying this recipe in a Bronze pot with a lid as the in-between turning can be avoided and the grainy rice gets cooked by the consistent heat of the heavy metal bronze, contributing a richer taste.Moreover the utensil is considered to be auspicious for a ceremony like Varalakshmi Pooja.

This is my Neivedyam to Neivedyam.:D..

One of my dear blogger friends Sobila of Iniya Tamil Virunthu had honoured me with her cuuuute logos!!!..Here they are:

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No words to Thank you dear Sobila, who again lovingly put the query in my previous recipe comment box,"then how u celebrated varalakshmi viratham? i expected ur dishes for that".
I dedicate this recipe post to you, Sobila....Hugs to you!!..:)


  1. Your neivedyam for Neivedyam looks nice :)

  2. Nice looking dish Bharathy...and your friend is really cool..those logos look so nice...

  3. Hi Bharahty,

    you are a real winner :) You know what ? I have another present for you not an award, but something similar. I am very curious about what YOU have to say. Check it here:

  4. Bharathy, the upma is looking so nice on the banana leaf. Liked the pictures too.I can see some appams or dosa also at the side and some stew too :)
    Congrats for the awards. They are really colourful :)

  5. the upma, dosa ?? and the whole arrangement on the banana leaf looks so inviting..

  6. beautiful texture!
    can any kind of rice be used?

  7. Hi Bharathy,
    My mother make this upma always in vengala panai. Nice presentation.

  8. I saw this on tasty palettes, and now my interest is really piqued. I gotta make this and taste it. Looks so fluffy and nice in your pictures. Nice to hear you are doing the vratham...way to go girl!


  9. Oh....gazing at your post Bharathy...Thank u so much for ur grateful dedication & honeyed words.....Uppma looks so good!!!
    Really i don't know to read malayalam :( thank U!

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  11. Comment box is not allowing HTML, there is no html ,in my last comment.... better copy that directly from, 15th page....

  12. Hi Bharathy
    the upma looks sooooooo mouth-watering......and Its one of my fav upmas dear.....:-)))

  13. Bharathy,
    First time at your blog,boy upma looks so delicious and so are others.Pic look fantastic as well

  14. Ouch it really aches,Suganya ;)..Quite coincidental..BTW,Can I marry your Arisi upma?it looks so pretty

    Thanks to you Sra and Srivalli..

    Over to your place Zlamushka :)..

    Archana, those are Raw rice dosa and pumpkin sambhar with channa dal chtney...the vratham meal!!

    Thanks to you have an awesome blog!!

    Richa..thanks..I have replied in your place..:)

    Menu Today..Thanks for your visit.welcome...I too opt vengalapanai..Thanks for your appreciation.

    Kanch,pls do try and let US know!:)..its very easy to make.Suganya's version is easier..

    Sobila,I decided to dedicate to you much before you passed me the logos..!!I picked up the html directly from the site you suggested...Thankyou so much..Btw..i never use honeyed words ..Those are from the bottom of my ...

    Sirisha,I had linked you..did you notice??

    Sreelu, you have great photographic skills!Love your blog too..Welcome to my place..

  15. Beautiful pic! I am not a big fan of upma though I make it regularly.
    You lucky thing, u have banana leaves:-( My Onam sadya was served on fancy plates:-(

  16. Hi! The upma looks so very very delicious! I will try soon! Thanx!

  17. Thank God you posted your VV prasaadam! Thanks for linking to my post!
    Bharathy, take pics of all that you cook and you will have the pics ready! You just need to type the recipe when you want to post! Thats what I do! I hve the pics ready for so many recipes I am yet to post!
    And that thankyou award is simply superb dear! I need to tell this to sobila also! My days are filled with fun and happiness because of friends like you dear!
    I was busy yester day, you know there are so many Muhurthams! So took time to visit you!:))

  18. Have never tasted arisi upma Bharathy.. looks too good in banana leaf..nice entry and good neiveidyam.

  19. Hey Barathy I love this recipe your pictures make the rice look so yumm! :)

  20. u actually did the ashtothram and the one day fast and all that?? gosh! how come u never told me??!! :O :O

    btw, beautiful pic :D

  21. Tbc, fancy plate or leaf..the involvement is all what matters!..You made Sadhya!!..:)

    Try out and let me know Manasi..

    Nice to note that Latha!!.,:D..Thankyou..

    Thank you Prema and Jeena!..:)

    and sis..err..this time I am here in athamma's house..the book was missing..the time was running out(9-10.30am supposed to be auspicious) and I just dedicated the offerings and finished off..

  22. Bharathy,
    It looks so tempting served on banana leaf.

  23. i just love this recipe bharathy!!will def make this:)thanks:)

  24. Bharathy yummy upma,
    love the presentation and the glimpses of side adds on to the temptation.

  25. Hey Bharathy....Just checked out the link dear....That is so very sweet of u...ummmmmmm :-))

  26. hey ,seedai flopped for me too.....:),,same pinch...sweet seedai & Thattai came bad for me...
    Uppu seedai is ok..

    Somebody voted my blog as terrible bharathy....:(,,,my hubby started teasing me saying that...if u have any suggestions pls let me know.....

  27. HI Bharathy, your site looks beautiful too wih the pics and the drop down! i don't think u need to wory about its looks:)

    as for your query, someone else did it on my site; i'm not a programmer, so wouldn't be able to help u with that:( but i did find some templates here if they could be of any use to u

    hope this helps!:)


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