Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Recipes of 2011

Zoom Zoom and it's yet another year to wrap up!

Year 2011 had been quite eventful with active blogging; varied recipes, a balanced attempt of traditional dishes and bakes, owning a new dslr and a bunch of new friends!

To my surprise, the year toppers  are puddings and cakes on the contrary to the usual traditional recipes in Spicy Chilly. Again, the top five are sweet dishes!! High time I changed my site name to something 'sweet' than spicy and chilly, I believe ;)

        Tender Coconut Pudding has its credits to top the year.
   The photography and the step wise pictures were much appreciated by my dear friends and readers :)

                      The Devil's Food Cake comes next!

      Godhumai Jira, the Maharashtrian sweet I learnt from my in-laws had been tried by many who wrote back to me positively! The step wise illustrations were said to be easy to follow.

        The Homemade Donuts I tried from Swapna's were appreciated for the perfection and photography!


                      The rich and creamy Almond Carrot Kheer, I learned from amma comes next!


    Parotta posted step by step was much appreciated by the readers and regarded as the most practical recipe!

                             Vella vadai, for its novelty

         Veechu Parotta, a recipe made easy, again with step step by step illustrations..

                                Stuffed spicy baby brinjals 

                     and when my little one's favourite pizza turned out to be your favourite too :)

The top non-recipe post and also the one which received the most number of comments is Ode to my Angel  for my sister!

I am glad about my blogger buddies who never fail to appreciate the posts and leave encouraging comments, even though I delay visiting their lovely spaces  in return. I know I had been lethargic in blog hopping.
I hope I never failed to encourage the budding bloggers and a few lovely readers who gave tips to improve a recipe, pointed out errors and threw light on things which were new to me!

Thanks for being so sweet! :)  

Happy Holidays and Wishing you all a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2012

Bharathy :)


  1. Nice recap of 2011....I absolutely loved ur tender coconut pudding post and the clicks..they still der in my mind..

  2. Dear Bhakka

    Loved this post like i loved the cookies you sent me. It is a pleasure to read your well-written posts and pictures which is a visual treat in themselves.I hope that i have inherited the "kaivannam" of my dear dear sisters i always adore :)


  3. Marvellous recap, cant take my eyes from ur halwa and coconut pudding..Happy 2012 to u and ur family.

  4. Great recap of 2011... Love your coconut pudding! Happy New Years!

  5. Awesome recap... I must say the tender Coconut pudding is just too good.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I thought I bookmarked your 'Vella Vadai'...Your Recap post reminds me of trying it out :-)
    Wishing you a very happy New Year!

  7. NIce recap. Its surprising for me to see that I have missed so many of your post. Iam catching up now :)
    Happy New year to you :)

  8. Caught up with all that is scrumptious and which I missed out here, lovely recap Bharthy!
    Happy 2012 to you and yours. Hugs.
    Lite Bite

  9. Wish ya great year too,..happy blogging,..

  10. So delicious! Its perfect for this Christmas season and for the preparation in New Year's celebration. I love it! Thank you so much! Turbulence Training

  11. Dear Bharathi,
    Wisely chosen recipes...
    Each one looks excellent..

    Wish u and family a very Happy New Year 2012..

  12. beautiful presentation...Each one looks excellent..

    wish u happy new year......

  13. Great Collection Bharathi!! Happy new year to you!!

  14. Wish you one splendid year ahead! I loved the parota posts, so useful!


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