Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rice Wine ~ for Christmas!

I just got back after a short break in Pondy and Chennai.
So what did I make special this Christmas?
Yup! home brewed wine!

When I went through my friend Swapna's post a month ago, I believe I started to prepare this one the next minute I finished reading the post!
The simplicity, the availability of the ingredients and the classic end product was more than tempting.

I quartered the original recipe; brewed 750 ml, since both of us don't take wine.

Anyway, here's the verdict of our best friends, who tasted this!

Verdict 1- A strong wine with a wonderful woody flavour!

Verdict 2- The drink that tastes between toddy and fruit wine. The best wine I've ever had!

Even if you have not brewed wine at home, you can easily try this, coz you can never go wrong with the recipe!


I used basmati rice.

The suggested quantity of yeast in the original recipe is a bit overpowering and it needed only 7 days to ferment (14 days in the original recipe).You can reduce the quantity of yeast and ferment for a fortnight.
The filtered wine would be cloudy. It took 15-20 days for the sediments to settle down. I placed the jar over the refrigerator and the mild vibration of the machine accelerated the sedimentation! ( now, do you hear me shout E-u-r-e-k-a!! :-D )

                                                The clear rice wine is light amber coloured!

                                                        So, Here's Wishing You all a Very Merry Christmas!


  1. I did think i saw this in Swapna's place in FB, i woudn't mind a shot of this. Wishing you and family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year.

  2. I wouldnt mind having some too :-) The clicks are beautiful.

  3. Never mind the wine - I just love your glass!! Please send me the glass!!

  4. Perfect for Christmas....I loved ur glass and clicks...Both are very beautiful...

  5. Superb ! I have always wanted to try one of the wine recipes in Swapna's blog and never got around to do it ! I like sake and this sure will be better than that :-)BTW I love your glass too. Happy Holidays !!

  6. I am very very happy that your wine turned out well and also about the comments of your guests too :):)..... Thank you dear for the mention and link back to my post... Love your clicks and also love those glass too!!! Merry Christmas to you all !!!

  7. I've made wine only with grapes so far and have been wanting to try out others too... I would love to try this.

    The glass is really beautiful... 2nd picture looks outstanding!

  8. WOW! You made your own wine! That sounds so interesting! I don't think i should start brewing wine... there will be no stopping me ;)

  9. Well done Bharathy, beautiful capture.

  10. Very easy recipe...and the glass is a beauty...

  11. I would love to try making wine sometime, that looks awesome. Love the pictures!

  12. hii.. Nice Post

    Thanks for sharing


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