Saturday, December 3, 2011

Picture of the week ~ Body wash. And a Saturday Rant!

  The beauty of these simple bottles tempted me to click.
        Yet to use this product that arrived from London.

Now,  those who can really put up with my rants / non foodie posts can continue..


Disappointments of the day!

~ Cooked and mashed palak remains 'inedible' and aloo becomes reluctant to get into the slimy base.(Even a kitchen can be the background for an encounter of a Beauty and a Beast!)

~ Incredibly shooting up weight in spite of the third session in slimming centre.

~ The naughty girl next door breaks the glass (that successfully with stood all my crazy stamps for the past 4 years) that topped the (sentimental- since it was gifted by my brother ) weighing scale. On a serious / hopeless hunt for toughened glass, which measures a square foot, in town.

Pleasant moments of the day!

~ Received a courier package from childhood mate, though aware of what was inside, couldn't stop opening like a million dollar/surprise gift!

~ Son's home coming after a month and a half long hostel stay.

~ Cheese pizza (made from the scratch doesn't let me down for the third time) baking in the oven, spreading aroma in the whole house..smells heaven...all for 'The Son!"
Hopefully I'll do the post on that without much delay.

"Doesn't let me down" in the previous sentence in reference to the uncared baking due to 'un-put-downable' read "Keep the Change" is being offering! (So there goes the clue about the morning's courier package).

   Since at at least one sub point has overtaken the unpleasant ones, enjoying the beautiful day!

   Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. ha ha- more pleasant than woes; have a great weekend with your son bharathy

  2. :) hey gal, I remember u saying that no pic of mine in FB- I have added an about page, chk it out !

  3. Enjoy ur son's saty,beautiful click..

  4. Honesty shines thru in this post..Nice one..Don't worry too much..! Try to enjoy the bigger picture and esp some quality time with ur son..

  5. gee- really sweet of u, cheers & hugs

  6. Yes, you're right the bottles are beautiful to capture. I like the photshots I thought you're a professional photographer. Are you? Provillus


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