Monday, November 14, 2011

Godhumai Idiyappam / Whole Wheat Flour String Hoppers

Healthy breakfast always goes a longer way. The easily digestible steamed food is not only nourishing but is apt for all ages.

Here is a breakfast which you can prepare within minutes. If you do not have the time to make a side dish for this one, simply drizzle fresh melted ghee and top with sugar. It will definitely be a change to your routine cereal and fruits!

Honestly I havent tasted this ever since. Neither I have seen my mom or in laws steaming wheat flour hoppers!
I was much prompted to try this after a phone call with V's cousin lately  after her beautiful narration of how it's prepared by her ma in law! So, being my first attempt I am still unsure whether I had perfected with the outcome but still couldn't stop me from sharing with you, about just how I made it!

Yields- 10-12 small idiyappams
Serves  2

Whole wheat flour- 1 cup
Salt- 1/4 tsp
Oil - a tsp
Coconut shavings- 1/4 cup or as needed
*Water 1 cup + 2tbsp

Fry the sieved dry flour in a thick/copper bottomed kadai to ensure even heating.(No oil is added)
Keep the flame low-medium and fry continuously. Within two minutes you will see streaks of flour turning dark brown at the bottom and sides even while you stir continuously!

Minimise the heat to low and continue for 8-10 minutes. Take care not to burn the flour!
I fried for 9 minutes, continuously and carried on for another minute in the heat of the pan.

Transfer the flour to a bowl and heat water with salt added. The water should be just hot and should not bubble as you see here.

*For 1 cup of flour, start with 3/4 cup and add the remaining water carefully, little by little. Stir in oil in between.
I needed 1 cup + 2 tbsps of water to make the dough.The amount of water depends upon the quality of the wheat flour as well. Prepare a soft warm dough using a ladle or a wooden stick.

Shape the dough into small cylinders with your fist before to ease into the presser.

Squeeze out the warm dough on your idiyappam plates over the sprinkled fresh coconut gratings.

Place over the steamer, on fire, and it's ready to be steamed.

Steam for about 10 minutes or until done.

Topple carefully inverting the plate with cooked idiyappams over another one.

Wheat Idiyappams go well with coconut based curries like Vegetable Ishtoo / Stew ,  Mutton Stew or Vegetable Khurma. I served with an onion based gravy which was fine too.

I loved it topped with melted ghee and lots of sugar :)

So, never bother if you don't have a side dish in hand..

                    The warm melted ghee and sugar combo is simply flavorful and delicious!


Whole wheat flour with comparatively less gluten content makes the best idiyappams. I used Aashirvaad atta.

Never use boiling water for preparing the dough. Boiled water cooks the flour and makes it difficult to squeeze. The hoppers get  too soft and soggy too!
Fry the flour well. I fried for 9 minutes continuously and continued for another minute in the heat of the pan and am thinking of frying for 9-11 minutes over controlled flame and a minute without flame, the next time I try, making a total of 12 minutes frying time.

Wheat flour Idiyappam needs a little more time than the Rice Idiyappam to get cooked.So, give at least 10 -12 minutes cooking time.

Warmer the dough easier the squeeze. A smart cook can always preserve the heat of the dough, kept as a ball, in a hot box / casserole until the next batch is squeezed. Or one can squeeze out on a couple or more plates and steam the batches at the same time, thus acting fast.

Another method of preparation - Wheat flour is steamed for 20 mins,cooled and sieved, made into a dough and squeezed out. I haven't tried this method though!


  1. I have never had with wheat flour, always had with rice flour, looks super super healthy and delicious. And love the fine strands too.

  2. What can I say, simply just love it..I can feel the aroma from wheat flour, sugar ghee and coconut right from your pictures :)

  3. Wow!!! beautiful clicks..I feel like digging right in!

  4. Wow!!!healthy idiyappam looks perfect.It never comes out good for me,yours is so perfect and not sticky.I think the secret is in roasting the flour,will try it for sure.Bookmarked.

  5. Looks a winner.
    Noted this recipe and will for sure try...Thank goodness I have the same brand atta on hand.

  6. Looks absolutely mom prepare the same way too..

  7. Healthy idiyappam good to go with spicy chicken curry. Your prep is brilliant bharathy.

  8. wow!! i have never tried with wheat wil sure try this. thanks for sharing

  9. Such a perfect recipe to avoid the rice diet..Loved your precision to the details..Will definitely try this recipe and keep u posted...

  10. Looks yummy... have tried rice flour ones but wheat looks healthy & appetizing :)I have flopped once by making them with cold water :(
    P.S: The onion gray looks delectable too... reciple pls...

  11. Healthy and flavourful, yummy idiyapams

  12. Absolutely awesome n fab dish.. ihv been thinking to make this.. for a long time.. now i hv decd.. too yummy..n clicks r fab..

  13. Awesome looking idiyappams with godhumai. Looks sinful!

  14. Adipoli recipe! never heard of wheat idiyappam... lovely clicks as usual...

  15. Now this is something new.After wheat dosa this one is going to be a winner recipe from you.Love your Idiyappam achu:)

  16. Hii...have never eaten or used wheat flour to make idiappams, they look amazing. Can't wait to try them. Glad to have come across your blog. Its lovely!

  17. never heard of wheat idiappams!!!...but happy that i heard it from ur blog along with the's soo simple, healthy n easy to prepare..thnx for sharing spicy chilly n i should admit that i feel g8 for subscribing here! thnx

  18. Hey! I am new to your blog and I am in love with your recipes and photos!
    Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I like your blog!


  19. wowww... really good.. never tried with wheat before.. am sure going to try this .. great pics :)

  20. This is my first time here and wow! this looks neat! never tried idiappam with wheat. bookmarking this! Thanks :)

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  22. really good recipe...have been serching for a good kodambu idiyappam..Will try yours recipe for the dinner today...Thanks for posting this healthy recipe


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