Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Renovation of the Ancestral Bungalow ~ Part I

I am sure many of you  remember the ancestral home post done last year.

My in-laws who were living there have shifted to the near by town, again in a sweet apartment and are hale and happy with the modern facilities they were deprived of in the ancient house.

So what's happening with the 100 year old bungalow?

It's undergoing renovation with all the wood works and antiques being restored!
This massive responsibility is taken over by my husband and his uncles.

He wanted me to click, while the renovation is in progress, at intervals as he feels they would remain as a priceless treasure for posterity!

He again insisted me to share the same with my readers, though I had been reluctant about how much you would appreciate :)..

Anyway I thought of doing it as a few parts as the renovation progresses...

                                                                         The Entrance          

                                                              The centre of the house

                                                            The Backyard

                                            A pillar with wooden carvings, restored

                                                           The sepia effect here is natural!

                                                      Backyard view from inside the house

While husband was supervising the works with his uncle and I was clicking, Bhagyam the maid of the mansion was preparing some simple food for tea for all the hungry tummies.

Will keep you posted about that next!


  1. I remember the other post you did last year, I am so curuous to see how it will look after all the work is done, it will sure look beautiufl, are you going to use it as a hotel after all the work is done.

  2. How exciting ! Great that you are renovating it. My granny's ancestral bungalow (they call it "kottaram")is just bricks and sand now :( At that time nobody was eager to renew it,and by the time people started showing some interest,it was almost impossible to do anything.I remember you telling about this on FB ;-)Share more pics as the work progresses

  3. Precious bungalow,am already curious to see how it will look after all this renovation works..

  4. Really our ancestors home is a great treasure for us.Great effort to make ur home to shine with its beauty.Hope it will giv u endless happiness.

  5. Looking forward to the renovated banglow!

  6. Wow looks so beautiful, good that u r renovating it...Share more pics of the progress...cant wait for it :)

  7. Regarding ur q'n about the entries for CWS-moongal event, u can very well as Raji did Bharathy, i'll be very happy to get ur delicious entries..

  8. What a wise move to renovate and preserve this beautiful mansion..Highly appreciated, and I look forward to your posts covering the entire process ( you could even post a live cookery show for us.. something simple with nature as the backdrop, using the organic ingredients available in the backyard there...what say ? I just love nature and such age old architecture !

  9. My daughter and I love spicy food, we lived in India for 5 years and we miss Indian food. I am following you from Rome, Italy.

  10. Thank you, Finla! No, it's not going to be 'commercialised'and going to remain as our ancestral property, girl.

    Thanks for your interest, Namitha, Priya, Layaa, Anisha and Sharmee. Your words here mean a lot to me! :)

    Anna, I am sooper excited to read your comment. This is more than encouraging and I will certainly do what you'd suggested. Great idea and warm hugs! :)

  11. Francesca, so glad to see you in my space! I will be more than happy to host you with spicy food next time in India. What say?
    Thanks a bunch for following me! :)

  12. Nice post :) And loved that natural sepia efffect,lovely! Waiting for part 2 now :)

  13. Wow..Simply amazing Bharathy!!! The house still has the charm of the bygone days..Good luck for the renovation process..And yes...these pics are priceless..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  14. Love the pic of the ornate pillar. Am eager to see what the house will look like once it is renovated.

  15. I have seen this bungalow Bharathy, Erumappatti is very close to Namakkal and we have visited here very often...I too would love to see the renovated beautiful bungalow soon!

  16. Now that you have peaked our curiosity with the renovation story you must continue to provide us with pics and more stories. You are a great story teller:).

  17. I posted a comment earlier but did not appear. Wonder why?
    First of all, great job on keeping track of the Work in Progress. This is going to be one treasured album.
    Secondly, a good move to restore the beauty of these ancestral structures. So much is already lost and forgotten.You should take great pride in doing your bit for history's sake.
    Third, am glad you are doing a food chronicle based on the renovation. I can think of so many ideas for a cookbook based on this... If only I can write better, we would be teaming up :)

    Great work and eagerly looking forward to more updates.


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