Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Arusuvai ~ The dormant chain wakes up! Yet another Season to Celebrate!

I still can't believe it's been three years since the start of the Arusuvai friendship chain, the healthy and long chain which extended to many food bloggers of the time in India and abroad.

The final round up of the chain was done by Srivalli and me after about 5 months since it started and by the time we had a real bunch of enthusiastic Indian food bloggers whom we could loop up successfully.

The list of participants in India in 2007- '08

Lathamma- Renuka & Bharathy

Renuka - Srivalli & Arundati Rao

Bharathy - Lissie & Lakshmi

Srivalli - Anita & Kamini

Lissie- Rachel & Lathamma(back)

Lakshmi - Raaga & Nags

Nags - Bhags

Raaga - Nanditha Iyer

Rachel- Shella

Bhags - Kajal & Sukanya

Anita- Reeta & Deepshika

Shella- Priyadarshini & Aparna

Kamini- Nirmala & Perspective

Kajal- Priya Mahesh

Nirmala - Jayashree M

Arundati Rao - Deeba & Gaurav

Deeba - Miri

Aparna-Bindiya Singh

Deepshika-Gayathri H & Nanditha

Sukanya -SMN

SMN - Manidipa

Gaurav - Jayasree

Jayashree - Kamalika

Jayasree- Sunshinemom

Miri - Ramki

Perspective- Simran

Kamalika - DG

Priya Mahesh-Archana

Archana- Swati

Ramki- Divya

Sunshinemom - Arundathi

The chain had been sleeping ever since.

A few months back I got a message from a cheerful and an active blogger, Sayantani that she would be interested to activate the dormant chain. It took some time to get us into the track as I had been away to my home town and later when Sayantani got held up due to her personal reasons.

Finally, I sent along the secret ingredient to Sayantani, restarting the chain.
Read about her announcement post here.

Now we have to find interested bloggers in India to whom she can pass along.

So, friends, if you happen to reside in India and want to be a part of this friendship chain, please do not hesitate to leave a message in her post or down in my comment box. We will be happy to include you in the chain.

Know more about the chain, here, here and here

Bharathy :)


  1. I am sure you will find lot of friends in India to take part.

  2. I really miss this arusuvai chain, feel like living in India...enjoy gals..

  3. Always thought it was a great idea and enjoyed being a part of it back then.
    Glad to join in this time too.

  4. great to see the chain revived! too bad i am not around this time..

  5. Hi
    yeah i read about this in Sayantani's blog and have contacted her. Glad to be a part of this lovely chain

  6. I can see my name among the list up there but I am not yet a part of this.Would love to join in!!

  7. great to see this post Bharathy...have send you mail. please check when possible.

  8. What a great event! I'm sure tons of folks are dying to do this!

  9. hei count me in...

  10. lovely idea

    Pls count me in would love to participate, u can mail me at tales.sinamon@gmail.com



  11. Plz count me in I would love to participate!my id is agp789@gmail.com


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