Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Break in Dubai and Egypt

I am just back after a wonderful holiday with my mom and brother in Dubai. Sis and me enjoyed the quality break in Egypt with our husbands :)
Here are a few pictures and experiences...

In Dubai

Sis suggested to try Sushi food.

We came across Yo! Sushi right in the mall we got her new camera :)

Ann posed happily for my click :)

Sis receiving the main food and yeah I enjoyed sushi immensely, trying for the first time :)

In Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Giza!

The Citadel of Cairo

the shawarma,

pita bread, hummus and felafel we had for lunch

We shopped later in the evening in the Khan al Khalili bazaar of Cairo.

Dried dates in baskets.

The Abu Simbel

and the Temple of Philae in Aswan are worth a visit!

A piece of agricultural land in Cairo

The art which really amazed sis and me.

These bottles were filled with coloured sand, manually with care using long spoons with much expertise.We spent a long time watching them doing it by the street sides and got a couple of them for ourselves :)

Our tour ended with a 3 day cruise in Nile. The greenery lining the river bank with desert in the back ground throughout was a new and refreshing experience.

This lady was making the traditional Egyptian flat bread, a few feet away from where our cruise was docked. She looked grim :) but was happy to see us shooting and offered hot bread even before she grabbed her pay for posing :)

The pizza stones she used.

The fermented dough

Rolls out one, shapes into a small flat bread

and places in the hot oven with a long wooden spatula.

She rolls out more

while waiting to get cooked

takes out

hot hot and offers us readily!

Sis and me enjoyed tearing them, hot and fresh, munching all the way till we reached the cruise :)

The largest temple in the world~ Karnak @ Luxor, was our last spot!


  1. Loved watching all the pics Bharathy..Great pics..It was as if I was there in Egypt for the few minutes I spent here..Looks like you guys had a great time there.Beautiful place it is indeed.

    Do visit my space sometime.


  2. That was too quick, Gayu :).Thanks for the prompt comment.
    Unfortunately your page is not accessible :(

  3. I thought it was just Nags and hubby went to Egypt. Seeing the pictures it makes me Nostalgic, We were there for 3 weeks few years back and loved it. I was more impresssed by Abusimbel than anything else there. Your pics are really making me nostalgic.
    You know I have never had suhi, i don't dare to try them, maybe i should be courages like you and try.

  4. Hi Bharathy, lovely clicks, looks like u and N had a great holiday. Egypt is surely in my list to visit.Loved the bottles of coloured sand.

  5. Lovely photo tour,thanks for sharing bharathy,sure it would have been fun being around with ur sis :)

  6. Nice trip u guys had.....looks beautiful...

  7. Wow nice tour, and awesome pictures with descriptions....Looks like u guys had a great time.Thanks for sharing the pics, enjoyed it thoroughlly

  8. Wow beautiful clicks, truly enjoyed..Thanks for this virtual visit..

  9. Nice pics and wonderful quotes...Jus feeling as if travelled to these places...!!!

  10. beautiful clicks there..the bottle art is truly amazing!

  11. wow lovely pictures.... feel like i have travelled to these places...

  12. Lovely photographs Bharathy. esp the ones with the lady & hot bread. true foodies are - you both ;)


  13. Enjoyed looking at your photographs. Thanks for sharing them.

  14. Wow, beautiful pictures, have loads of fun. Sounds like a place worth visiting.

  15. Loved this post; particularly the bread-lady!


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