Friday, November 26, 2010

Vazhakkai Vathakkal / Stir-fried Raw Bananas

Vazhakkai Vathakkal is obviously the Tamil counterpart of Kerala's Kaya Mezhukkupuratti.
Raw Banana or Vazhakka comfortably takes its place majestically in varied forms on the lunch tables of both the states, being a much common backyard vegetable!

Vazhakkai vathakkal, a very easy to make side dish is the dry stir fried version which I make at least once a week, learnt from my ma in law, which is again a family favourite.

You need:

Vazhakkai/Raw banana- 2-3
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt- to taste
Sambhar powder(better option) or red chilly powder - 1tsp

To temper:

Oil- 1-2 tbsps
Mustard seeds- 1/4 tsp
Urad dhal-1/2 tsp
Curry leaves- a sprig

Peel the green skin of the raw bananas and immerse in a pan of water.This is to prevent the brown coloration of the peeled veggie.
Slice them into thin rounds (not too thin: say, slightly less than half cm each).Simultaneously boil a wide pan of water( 2 cups more or less, to immerse the slices comfortably) along with salt and turmeric powder. Throw in the slices as soon as you are done, boil for a few seconds and drain the slices from the hot water using a colander.Be careful not to over cook the pieces and see to it they are firm and half cooked. Be careful with the boiling water while you drain too :)

[Generally the slices are seasoned without the pre cooking part. I follow this method after my in laws as it demands lesser amount of oil].

Heat oil in a wide non stick kadai.Splutter mustard seeds, brown the urad dal, throw in the curry leaves and finally the pre cooked slices.Add the chilly/sambhar powder.Toss the slices. Check salt and toss once a minute.Let them get fried for 10-15 minutes in low flame until roasted and browned on both sides.Remove from fire and serve hot with rice and curry.

I used 2 tsps of idly milagai podi ;) instead of sambhar podi for this recipe which tasted great, for a change :)
I made this as an accompaniment to Inji Kuzhambu and seasoned dhal for lunch, today.


  1. Love valakai in any form,stir fried and looks super bookmarking this

  2. wow what a lovely vazhaikkai vathakkal dear.... so lovely and using idli milaigai podi is really innovative dear...

  3. That first pic is so temptingly beautiful.

  4. Lovely looking stir fried vazhakkai,love the simplicity of the recipe!

  5. Bharathi.. i make only aviyal, sambar, kaaya van payaru erisseri with raw banana.. your recipe is book marked :)

  6. Stir fried raw plantain looks absolutely divine..yumm!

  7. அருமையாக இருக்கின்றது...

  8. came to check if you are back Bharathy and am so glas to read your last post that you enjoyed your holidays. missing so much in the blogosphere but time is not really not on my side these days...trying to struggle and keep up with life almost everyday.
    anyways am posting the Arusuvai write up today and will send your surprise package tomorrow. hope you will be there to receive it. thanks and sorry for delaying everything too much and thanks a ton for the amazing person you are.

  9. hmmmmmmmmmm! tempting nd yummy vazhaikai curry.

  10. Love your stir fry so much that probably I am going to make it right away.

  11. u have the slices placed just ass if i cud pick one up..:)thanks for the typo note.
    hey do u use any of the dal podi for the thorans?

  12. Love the colour of the dish.. very tasty


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