Monday, December 6, 2010

With Love, From Sayantani

I am so excited right now. yesterday I wasn't at home (my cousin was leaving for Kolkata so went there to help her with packing) so when Hubby said a packet has arrived for me I knew it was from you... this morning I came back and opened it...thanks for everything again.....I have made something handmade for you and am dying to send it to you with my secret ingredient....

take care and happy festivities.


What you read above is the mail I received from Sayantani, a few days back :)

The courier boy got the paper hurriedly signed from the 'impatient me' and left with a smile probably spotting the excitement in me ;)

I could no longer wait to open the parcel and lay out the pretty looking goodies!

They were more than just snacks or hand works; a carefully packed bundle filled with loads of love, concern and appreciation!..

.....the most precious gift that makes a blogger proud! :)


  1. Wow, thats really nice of Sayantani...definitely makes a blogger happy and proud at the same time..

  2. Why do i never get parcels like this. Lucky girl you are.

  3. How sweet and beautiful. :-). Now, I am curious what would you make with those.


  4. wow, congrats dear. I love the bags :)

  5. That's really sweet!!! Luv the kachchi emboyidery bag!!!

  6. That's really sweet!!! Luv the kachchi emboyidery bag!!!

  7. All are wonderful,whats that sweet snack called? I love it...yummy!

  8. thanks a ton bharathy....came here to check the last time's participants and saw this. thanks for all your lovely words. am glad that you liked it...

  9. Wow..things like these make blogging so cherish-worthy!!


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