Monday, December 28, 2009

Wrapping up for the Year!..

I had been doing some justice to blogging this year in spite of the commitments I had to take up right from the start when compared to last year when I was hibernating with 'no recipes' most of the months ! :)..

The year 2009 had been eventful for me.
The best and the proudest moments belong to the evening spent with Sanjeevji.
Treasurable, cherishable for a blogger, right?? :)

Again 2009 is the year I started blogging with my new(no more new, now ;)) template, put up with the help of my sister, the year I decided to commercialise my space with Food Buzz , hoping that would push me back to consistent blogging and the year I started hosting the pictures using Flickr with a Pro account shared again with my :-) !.. last but not the least, the 100th post which got in this space(at last :)) by the middle of the year..

Honestly, until a few minutes back I never thought of posting a re-cap, while I was doing a lazy "look back" and was totally surprised to see the feed back for all the 30 recipes posted for the year!!.I was glad to learn that at least half of them were well approved and were tried and appreciated by readers and blogger buddies.

Goes to Srivalli for the event of Best of 2009!.Thank you Valli, for urging me for the 'look back'..:)

And now to brag about the Toppers ;)..

Chocolate Cake!

Little did I realise that this would top the hit list when I blogged the all time favourite of my siblings and mine.Probably the only Non-Indian recipe which was appreciated so far from this space ;)

Wheat Flour Dosas- Again an unexpected hit, which I counted in as a simple- humble- homely recipe.Many of them tried and claimed that this has become a part of their breakfast menu.A few of my buddies went a step ahead and shared the pictures of the dosa with much appreciations :)..Girls, you always make me feel so proud! :)

Godhumai Appam- A lucky ' Go Wheat' year for Spicy Chilly, I guess ;), is the hit number 3! :).Easy to make snack with much available ingredients should be the reason of approval of this one..

Dates Pickle- Something which I made for myself and never thought of blogging..:)..many of them tried and got back to me with good feed back. Glad to note that, guys! :)

Olan- the mildly spiced Ash gourd stew from God's own country..

and Vattayappam or the Rice Bread for their Regional Authenticity , I believe..

Peas Biriyani..

Khaman Dhokla- A challenging recipe I enjoyed making :). I can see Valli chasing me with a stick as this was the only challenge for the ICC which I took up and eventually got under the 'hit list' ;) ..Ouch!! :D

The best recipe tried from a fellow blogger of the year is undoubtedly the classic Praline Vanilla Sponge Gateau adapted verbatim from the cute space owned by Ria, who is already in her wedding blues!..All the best, sweetie :).
I make this often ever since as everyone who do the same!.

I had not been much into blog hopping, this year but I did come across fabulous blogs and I regret for not book marking promptly. All I can recall are two, which I had fallen in love with the very first time visit..Ria and Ree :)

I know I had not been contributing for events too, which I am trying to gear up more with the approaching months.Varied recipes, more of baking, better pictures are taken into consideration as well..:)..that's all for the resolution part I can think of now :)!

To sum up, I did have a contented and pleasurable year of blogging but am sure, still I have Miles and Miles to go..

I Sincerely Thank all my readers, followers and blogger buddies from the bottom of my heart for supporting me as always and I wish and hope this will continue for ever...

Wishing you all a Fabulous Year ahead, filled with Peace, Joy and Prosperity!.

Bharathy :)


  1. Lovely roundup of the year.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Great recap of 2009. Wishes to Spicy chilly for many more. Happy New year to you & your family!

  3. Lovely recap of 2009 Bharathy... for me, 2009 flew away before I could even get a hang of it ;)

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2010.


  4. Enjoyed the round up of the year...Waiting to see many more mouthwatering recipes from you :-) Wish you too a fabulous 2010!!!!

  5. Delicious roundup of the yr dear.. My favts are godhuma dosa, appam, vattayappam and the last one..! Keep it up dear!

  6. WOW! what a delectable spread, showcasing all delightful delicacies of 2009..... YAY!!!! Hats off to you.... for all efforts & dedication that went behind it...... every other prep beats the one before....That's competing with self... to bring out the best always....

    Happy Celebrations!!!!

    Wishing You & your family a very happy year ahead....


  7. Wonderful looking back I am sure cos you have so many good recipes to be proud of.. keep blogging and have fun!

  8. wow loved both the cakes.Everything looks good.Happy 2010

  9. love ur blog keep the good ones

  10. Nice round up dear!! you also know your wheat dosa is a big hit in my home:)...hope to see you blogging regularly like this in 2010 too;)...

    Whishing you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous 2010!!!

  11. They were excellent ones......

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year dear:)

  12. Thanks for stopping by kothiyavunu and lending me to ur lovely space..:)U 2 have great blog with yummy recipes.
    lovely round up !!Waiting for more wonderful yummy recipes!!Happy blogging and Happy New Year.

  13. Delicious roundup of 2009,Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year dear:)

  14. Amiga...

    que a fé e a esperança num mundo melhor sejam revividas a cada dia em seu coração!
    Feliz 2010!!!

    Itabira - Brasil

  15. Happy new year Bharathi... :)

    all snaps are superb back after 2months..came back to thrisur for delivery...approaching due date with tensions.. :)..then convey my special new year wishes to your family.. :)

  16. Happy New Year Bharathy!! What an amazing round up!

    Good Lord! Thank you so much for trying out my cake... I am so overwhelmed with joy to learn that it's been your best in 2009! And moreover...Ree and I share the same space !WOO HOO!! You made my day,lady! Mwwwahh! :)

  17. Thanks for the lovely recap ...

    Happy New year to you and your family!

  18. Nutana samvantsara subhakankshalu!(Your first lesson in Telugu!)Phew, this is the first Telugu wish I made :D

  19. Hi, I came here through the best of 2009, the line up of recipes is awesome!! Date pickle is something new :)

    The pictures are a treat on their own.

  20. Happy New Year Bharathy... hoping to see more mouthwatering recipes in 2010 :)

  21. Thank you Bharathy, thank you..
    even my favorite part is the burnt thiri mavu with ghee. And the mavilakku taste is something I can't describe,just melts in the mouth..I store it like candy and nibble it when I crave for sweets :)

  22. Somehow missed this post bharathy...nice recap of ur recipes!

  23. great recap of 2009 dishes dear
    first time here u have a lovely space ...

  24. hi, bharthy, you must have forgotten me, recap !! as you said, i was thinking about the name, and i suddenly realised I know somebody from the blogging world too!!, so went back and checked all my mails i usually don't delete them, of course I love nags blog and her write ups and her lovely photos, I am back here and i will be comming back again, love your blog with a new out look dear, keep it up, I know it is late but I thought their should be a never right ? My wishes to you and your family a very happy, prosperous and a joyous new year love.., the recap are so gorgeous now i have to check the posts!!


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