Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style, in the air there's a feeling of Christmas, children laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile and on every street corner you'll hear,- Silver Bells,... it's Christmas Time in the City, Ring-a-Ling, hear them sing, soon it will be Christmas Day!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of recipes for cookies that bring the Season to life, but I guess these simple chocolate chip cookies probably capture the spirit of the season as good as those yummy fruit cakes all out here...:)...

Here's how I made two dozens of these cuties..:)

All purpose flour- a heaped cup
Brown sugar-1/4 cup
Baking powder-half tsp
Salt- a pinch
Chocolate chips
Butter -1/2 cup
Walnuts/Pecans coarsely chopped -1/2 cup(I added walnuts to the second batch and is purely optional)
Semi sweet chocolate chips-3/4 cup
Pure vanilla extract- 1/2 tsp

  • Cream the butter in a bowl using an electric mixer. Add the sugar, beat until fluffy for a couple of minutes. Beat in egg followed by the vanilla.
  • Combine flour, baking soda and salt in another bowl. Add this to the butter-egg mixture and beat until well blended. Add the chocolate chips and the nuts.Blend well.
  • This will be a soft dough and so needs to be refrigerated for around 20 minutes or until firm.
  • Make equal sized balls out of the dough and place leaving a 3 inch gap, as they flatten while getting baked, on a prepared cookie sheet, in a preheated oven. Mine got baked at a temperature set at 375 deg F (190 deg C) for about 10 minutes.Remove once the edges turn slightly brown.The centre will be soft, but once cooled they are sure to get a bit hardened.Let cool completely before removing from the cookie sheet.

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!..:)


  1. Lovely!!! Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Perfect for the holiday season!

  3. Tempting cookies. Pic is so inviting that I just want to steal a cookie from it.


  4. Looks sinful Bharathy,yennaala saapida mudiyalaye :(

  5. looks delicious..and merry christmas to you..and wishes for a great year ahead

  6. Delicious as always... love the chocolate chips peeking out....
    Merry Christmas & Happpy New year!!

  7. Beautiful cookies for the X'mas celebrations !!! Wish you too a merry X'mas !!!

  8. these cookies looks so tempting... perfect for the holidays.... Have a wonderful new year..

  9. cookies look perfect and yummy!!!!!
    Merry christmas

    Love to share an award with u . Kindly accept it

  10. wowwwwww...cookies look so crispy and yummy!!
    Wish you a merry xmas and a Happy new year.

  11. Hi Bharathy,

    Nice website and the cookies look yummy.. I came across this from your orkut profile.. Now visit almost everyday to hunt for recipes and to see new posts..

    I am Geetha Iyer, was your senior in school, your brother's classmate.
    Good to see you here..


  12. Geetha!!! What a pleasant Surprise!!!Gald to see you here...why dont you send me an invitation in orkut??!! :)..
    We have lots to catch up!!!!

  13. Who would say no to these yummy treat! Happy Holidays!

  14. I never get bored of any type of chocolate chip cookies... they are yummy any time of the day :-)


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