Monday, November 16, 2009

Godhumai Appam with Jaggery-The soft n sweet Meteorites!

I haven’t come across Unniappams or Neyyappams in T.N and eventually realized them as the 'copyrighted products' of God’s own country! :).

Having grown up with them, Unniappams being an all time favourite, I get hit with that natural craving now and then.V, kids and my inlaws are never fans of sweets, and I seldom make the sweet appams at home.

Godhumai Vella (jaggery) Appam is a simple recipe from V’s Ammayi(granma) - a quick to make appam that’s again, cousins of my favourites above ;)..and yeah!! satisfies the craving really well.
Ammayi ; the best cook at home, not much mobile without support at present, unfortunately doesn’t follow exact measurements when it comes to cooking and just gave a short narration of how to go with it.I tried this when I was with her last month.

Here’s her version- (for my patient readers who can read and follow Tamil typed in English ;))

Oru kinniyile ¼ padi thalai thatti godhumai mavu edu.Oru ‘ara urundai’ vellam nalla thatti athula podu.Romba koncham arisi mavu.Thengai oru kaippidi, soda uppu, uppu oru sittikai ( rombavum pottudathe, vellathula uppu irukkum), vasanaikku yela thool.Thanni vittu ellam nalla onna serthu pesanchukko.Idly mavu mathiri irukkanum. Aduppula ney allathu ennai oothi kayavidu.Yendal karandiyile onnu onna mondu oothu.Venthathum thiruppu.Ennai koncham izhukkathan seyyum,atheypathi romba kavala padathe.Ennaikko oru nal seyrom, avvalavu than.

I couldn’t wait any longer, rushed to the kitchen to work with-

  • Wheat flour-one cup, heaped
  • Crushed Jaggery- 1/2-3/4 cup
  • Raw Rice flour-a tbsp
  • Freshly grated coconut-a tbsp
  • Cardamom powder-to flavour
  • Salt and cooking soda- one pinch, each
  • Water- just enough to combine the ingredients to form a batter (that resembles Idly batter)
  • Ghee/oil- to fry

If you feel the presence of sand particles in jaggery, it's always safe to melt the lumps using minimum water.Cool to room temperature and mix in to prepare the batter.
The batter need not stand to ferment.

Heat ghee or oil in a pan. Using a flat spoon, pour in the batter carefully, moving aside a little towards one side to form the circular shape.
Take care not to move the ladle in a circular way.The shape gets distorted.(Sorry, the pan is not that great looking :)..but I do admire him for being a patient soul to all my 'tortures' for the past 15 years! ;))

Turn over carefully when cooked. Fry one by one.

The above measurement yielded around 8-10 medium sized appams that tasted Heaven!..

Well, Ammayi who is highly diabetic :), having her share of two from me, was with her beaming proud smiles when I went ahead to pick up my camera.

"Seri seri modhalla sooda sappidu mmaa…appram eduthukkalam, photo ellam…enna?" she voiced at me, affectionately, munching the soft appams, relishing every bit, still lying on her bed.


  1. Are these tasting same as unniappoms then.
    I too love unniapoms and neiappmos, now a days when ever i am in Kerala i buy from Varkey's shop as like you i am the only one who like them.

  2. Luv this version, slighly like nags kothumai roti but this aapam is deep fried, looks spongy soft,bookmarked!

  3. superb...nice tempting it so much...

  4. Luv this version...Looks delicious and spongy...

  5. Wow! Tempting appams ! Nice to read in tamil. Lovely appam.

  6. wow what a soft appams.we all at my home love this a lot.and great to read ur grandma's recipe ,felt like watching a video.
    excellent click

  7. Wow, look really soft and yummy...I had these a long time back and they tasted really great. Craving for a bite

  8. Really tempting soft appams!!! looks similar to neyyappams one of my fav...Excellant clicks too :)

  9. godhumai aappam is my favorite as it is very very soft...

  10. Oh this is so soft and fluffy, i love the texture! Great pictures dear.

  11. appam looks so soft & yummy.... makes a quick snack...

  12. they look like unniappams
    will have to try it
    never made unniappams since I didn't have the pan to make it
    But u have the cool way to make it

  13. OMG its been years since I had appams. And we do make them :) The Tams, that is. For Krishna Jayanthi.

    I love how yours look. Just the right size and shape. Love them!

  14. I love these traditional dishes that I am afraid will be soon forgotten. I am sure amma doesn't know a lot of stuff aatha used to make no?

  15. I had once tasted this at my friends place, never made them at home, i guess frying would be a challenge, sure to try sometime!

  16. my mom will do in same way.looks so good

  17. I love this too! Ur pictures are really good,I too hav this in archive,but with terrible pictures :P

    Typical aatha style :) Nicely written in english :)

    We make this for offering to Krishna on Krishna jeyanthi!

  18. enjoyed reading the tamil /English version of your grandma.I'm sure my grandma would give the recipe in a similar style too!:)

  19. Hey, we Tamilians DO make this sweet appam! - I adore it, by the way. Try it with a ripe banana mashed well in the batter... that's how I make it (without the coconut), a recipe I learnt from my mom. It's DEEELISH! :)

  20. so very tempting Bharathy....will surely try very soon

  21. i o comment ellam delete paneerunga....famous vadivel dialog ;) from friends movie...ippo elarum solra dialog thaan

  22. Lovely pictures to match the lovely & yum recipe.... When the look itself is so pleasing.... I can imagine how pleasing the taste must be.....


  23. Looks awesome! I heard of this lovely dish for the first time..I will surely try it.

  24. I liked your blog very much. As I have become your follower so I will be visiting your blog hereafter. You are welcome in my blogs.
    I appreciate for your wonderful presentation. Appam with jaggery is absolutely new dish for me. It looks yummy and delicious.

  25. Bharathy, by the time I saw ur message online, u went offline... glad to hear from u after a long time :)
    these appams look like neyyapams...delicious!


  26. Looks delicious..never knew abt this dish...thanks for sharing and liked the pics too...

  27. plzzz oru appam home delivery cheyuu...

  28. Looks delicious! specially that 2nd pic is out of the world.

    I got to try this one, but not sure if I can get that shape:)

  29. nanga remba nalaveenga ;) solratha thaan seivom ;) nalatha mattum thaan poduvom ;) lol

  30. emmmm,,,yummy,,,,, friend....!!!!

    please visit me back!!!!
    Culture of Indonesia


  31. wow! they look soooooooo tempting ...!

  32. excellent . thanks for the recipe ..i tried it , tastes great ..but my crust was lil crispy ..i remember my mom doing this as perfect as in the above am wondering where it went wrong ..but for that the recipe was gr88

  33. There was this sudden sweet craving for all of us at home. I had very little prep time and wanted to make something in a snap. I rushed to your blog and this was my choice. Was it good? Ooh..delicious! The edges were crispy and the center spongy but sinfully oily. As your gran says ..just once in a while!


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