Friday, November 20, 2009

CabbageThoran- Shredded Cabbage cooked with Coconut and Spices.

The first drop of rain hits the ground.. few more …many!…the fresh smell of the soil!...the dry ground quenches its thirst…a shower after a long long summer!..

We have rains, at last, in T.N :)..showers paving way to stagnant water pools, everywhere, floods...[Alas! We still continue to have power shutdown a couple of hours a day, the timings which get re-scheduled every month…bah!..:( ]

The smell of the fresh soil with the rain gets me back to those care free teen days, lazily curled up on a couch with a book, some favourite music flowing in the room, the mingled aroma of coconut oil, spices and vegetables that spreads and lingers the whole place.

.....on a note, back home I try hard to experience the same, but can’t simply be relaxed, wondering, amma still around in the kitchen? high heat? is the thoran burning?...and I rush to the stove :)…

Cabbage thoran is one such dish, mingled with memories..

and now, for the recipe,

Mix together:

Shredded cabbage –as thin and fine as possible- 3 cups
Freshly grated coconut- 1/4 cup, loosely filled
Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Shallots-4-5 –minced
Green Chilly - one small, sliced to thin round circles. (not more than a tsp, loosely filled)
Jeera powder-two fat pinches
Curry leaves-2 sprigs
Salt-to taste

To Temper:

Coconut oil- a tbsp
Mustard seeds and Urad dal-1/4tsp each

  • Mix together the list of ingredients above. Let it stand for 10- 20 minutes.This is to help the spices seep in the raw, fine threads of the shredded cabbage.
  • Heat coconut oil in a thick bottomed, wide kadai(Iron wok is the best option :))splutter mustard seeds, brown the urad dal.
  • Immediately transfer the above vegetable mixture into the wok and mix well.The vegetable would have given out some water which would be enough at this stage.Close the pan with a lid.Keep the flame to the lowest and see to it that the lid doesn’t let out steam from the slowly cooking vegetable.For that real taste, it 'should' get cooked this way :)!.
  • Open the lid once in every 3 minutes.Give a stir and sprinkle water if needed.Check salt and turn off the stove as soon as the cabbage is cooked just right (not too mushy).Let the thoran be a little moist and not too dry.
  • Serve Cabbage Thoran warm with steamed rice and curry :)!


  1. The memories attached with the dish make a simple dish more special.

    Delicious platter and a lovely click.

  2. awww...such a senti post :) love the thoran looks delish..

  3. I'll just say one thing-nowhere have I seen cabbage thoran looking so pretty:):)

  4. I think it is terible my hubb and daughter don't like cabbage.
    This is one dish we had often in our lunch box and i used to love it, especially as it got mixed up with the rice and the rice turned yellow.

  5. Simply Delicious...Perfect with rice...

  6. Ohh so sipmle and easy..Ma all time fav thoran..Perfect with curd and hot rice.

  7. this is a very simple dish and love it like anything....nice pics

  8. isint it the simplest stuff that are most tinged with memories?:)) so u are back home. i will send u a detailed mail soon.

  9. This is a very simple & regularly made pallya at my moms place... I loved it right from my childhood... but unfortunately, could never get it right, for me to prepare & savor... This recipe posted comes as my savior.... Thank You...


  10. Man... I know it's a simple everyday dish, but the cabbage looks absolutely GORGEOUS - so fresh and tender and green! Lovely pix!

  11. I will join the party that says i have never seen canbbage look so gorgeous!!!Cabbage thoran and vengaiya sambhar is the best part of any lunch!! Nice pic ...

  12. Can have this delicious dish everyday...just love it..

  13. nice thoran and u have presented it in a very welcoming way.Bookmarked.

  14. Visiting your blog for first time..Cabbage thoran looks so fresh :)good photography!!

  15. i too love rain and the smell of rain when it first hits the dry earth has with it a bnch of memories .. but rain in chennai is never the same ... it only stinks ...
    your thoran looks great ....

  16. Looks delicious and very different recipe of preparing cabbage with coconut. Thanks for this new recipe.

  17. As usual,gorgeous picture of cabbage poriyal,I do a comparitively tideous job,will try this way next time,am sure shallots and coconut make an awesome flavor!!

  18. எப்பொழுது நான் சமைத்தாலும் கண்டிப்பாக பழைய நியபகங்கள் கண்டிப்பாக வரும்...அதுவும் அம்மா சமையல் என்றால் கேட்கவே வேண்டாம்..

    சூப்பராக இருக்கின்றது முட்டைகோஸ் தோரன்...அருமை

  19. Simple and yet wonderful meal at the eand of the a realc omfort, thoran my fav' one.

  20. Never tried cabbage with coconut oil.Looks really good,will try soon

  21. Very pretty cabbage thoran... I want to eat rice, moru curry cabbage thoran and Fish curry right now :);)...

  22. This is a very simple yet great tasting curry :-)

  23. I love cabbages, lovely recipe!

  24. Hello, I made this today for my father, and it was delicious!! He insisted i was being gingerly with the chillies, so I wanted to ask, for a real spicy flavour, how many would you recommend? I put in 8, which I thought was ridiculously brave, but apparently not :/
    Thanks so much for this superb recipe!

    1. Ayesha, that was an eye opener! I completely left out to type the amount of green chillies! For the above quantity of cabbage one or two small green chllies will suffice.will edit rightaway!

      Glad that you tried and liked the recipe but gosh 8 chillies is freaking fiery!! Me feeling guilty :(
      Let this not stop you from trying it again. It is a yummy recipe and take care to add just one chilly minced round next time.

      Thanks a lot for pointing out in a pure elite way! :)


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