Friday, November 6, 2009

All these days...

Two months, I was with my inlaws as ma in law had been away for a break, back to
joint family, commitments, responsibilities, …
Feeling- Proud! A sense of self satisfaction!.
Lesson- You feel Great, to be a 'responsible-ma-in- law-cum-daughter-in-law'!.;) esp while people around admire the way you handle things with ease. (whew!but you know how you juggle) ;)

When you mediate a wedding proposal?.
Oh yeah!. One of V’s Cousin’s son and my cousin’s daughter got engaged last week.And I was supposed to be the one mediating the alignment right from the start...since past 6 months!..
Feeling- Great!.
Lesson- Nothing wrong.It’s pure fun!..!...a fine new experience yet, wise to be careful with words, actions, might get into trouble at times.:)

V gives me a pleasant surprise, plans a short holiday with my older brother, who lives in the Middle East..first visit, after a decade, many fun filled and cherishable moments!!
Feeling-Recharged-A pampered sister; got back to those childhood days!
Lesson- Caring husband, esp these days.;) …holidaying had always/mostly with/to my inlaws(’), ever since!..;)

You are a part of a social networking site.
Well, you opt to update a decent and a generalised proverb, in your profile.One of your contacts feel it’s targetted to him(possibly your enemy;)) and responds with a sharper proverb (??!!)..shooting at you…dishyoom!!!;)
Feeling- Strange!.
Lesson- Have pity on such people.They are obviously suffering from low self esteem or strong sense of guilt or at least some sort of (serious) complex! not hesitate to continue with your say.You may even preach what you may not practise ;)…You know yourself, right?! :)

Son, who's still in high school badly wants to go for a month’s trekking camp, far North, organised by the NCC.Remote place,mobile not reachable, no electricity, camps on mountains, forests, war front, controversial area,…still you are brave enough to pack him off, coz he’s daring…soon he informs, sick!!, too late to discontinue…
Feeling- Strong!
Lesson-Pampering kids doesn’t help.World is rough!.Let them Face!.

Daughter, getting ready for the publics, still not clear about the higher studies option, feels parents should be the guiding light, not ambitious as such!!..
Feeling- Under Pressure!.
Lesson-Watch out!.. all the trust in you, guide her right.She might accuse you in future!!.
It’s great if children are ambitious by themselves..less pressure for the parents!. ;)

Obviously you have all the above reasons for not blogging, all these days ;), still you blog hop, and leave a comment in one of those amazing blogs, and win a prize!.. :)
Feeling- Elated!
Lesson- It’s taking part that matters, not winning.
Don’t forget to shout, YAAY, if lucky enough to win! ;)

The 'commemorative' Apron ;) with the neatly embroidered logo, from Cook’s Cottage, for winning her cute One Million Clicks Contest.Tight hugs to you, Girl!.
Wishing you many more lovely clicks and posts!.

P.S- I’ll be seeing you soon with a recipe post!
Feeling- Lazy ;)
Lesson- Sporadic bloggers do not deserve to be in the blogosphere.
But again… it’s your space… your mood!...;)


  1. I was thinking of adding a comment of ur sudden vanish yest and here u r today...:) That justifies ur miss out from bloggin world all these days, still we missed you. Be back to blogging soon Bharathy!

  2. Read each line of the post and got a lesson from it for me.

    Loved Reading "Y" para. it happened to me once, i took it serious and got hurt. I love your approach.

    With Wishes & Luv

  3. I like this post :) Straight forward post!

  4. Nice..good to see that you took time to update...:)...get back when you have time..afterall life happens!..and congrats for everything!

  5. That's one lovely post. Precise and well written. I am sure the lessons are helpful for the readers as well.

  6. Hi
    Lovely's a learning for sure...It's a reflection of experiences in some way for each one! good one dear :)
    Wish to c u back with a yummy recipe!
    All the best

  7. wonderful post and thoughts enjoyed reading it.

  8. I think you should write more like this,than recipes ( nothing wrong with recipes, but that we have all around)as i think the you have a wonderful way of writting about what happens in your life.

  9. Very nice post! loved reading every line of your post :)

  10. GR8 thoughts!!!!! Come with more spices soon:)

  11. GR8 thoughts!!!!! Come with more spices soon:)

  12. nice post and u have lot of followers too ..
    appreciate that..
    Do blogging

  13. Lovely read and wonderful post Bharathy.... and I completely agree with Happy Cook...You should write more post like this... :)

    Still laughing here thinking of that "Y" know very well why I am laughing... alle???;);)


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