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Indian Cooking Challenge - Khaman Dhokla ~ The Authentic Way!..

Khaman Dhokla - A delicacy which I had always to try, being postponed just because of failing to get a perfect recipe and lack of confidence :)..

Well, I am extremely glad about the best outcome with Srivalli’s Indian Cooking Challenge for the month of July-09. I enjoyed taking up the challenge, immensely and here is the recipe for Khaman Dhokla , guaranteed to success ;)..

Khaman Dhokla

To yield 10-12 squares

For the Batter:

Bengal Gram flour / Besan – 1 cup levelled( 1 ½ cups in the original recipe)
Curd – 1 & 1/2 tbsp (not very sour)
Water - 1/2 -1/3cup
Cooking Soda - 1/4 tsp

For seasoning - to be mixed to the batter (to be added just before cooking)

Oil - 1 tbsp
Turmeric- a generous pinch
Green Chilly paste - 1 - 2 long (as per taste)
Sugar - 1 tsp
Citric acid – a fat pinch(I used a tbsp of lime juice, instead)
Eno fruit salt –lemon flavour–a 5gm sachet(reserve 2-3 fat pinches for dusting)

The Thadka

Oil-1 tbsp
Mustard Seeds- ¾ tsp
Sesame seeds-1/4 tsp
Curry leaves-2 sprigs
Grated coconut- 2 tbsps-or as you like, to garnish
Coriander leaves-to garnish

Little water + Oil to be topped on Dhoklas

Method to prepare:

  • Mix first the curds with water. Start with ½ cup of water.Since I used lime juice I had to be careful here.To this add the besan and mix well to get a lump less batter.The consistency should be like of idli batter, more of dropping, not pouring consistency. Slowly add more water if needed else, add the soda. Keep it aside to rise for 1 hour.
  • Place a large vessel or pressure cooker with about 3 cups water on the stove top to heat. Grease a round pan or a pressure cooker insert vessel.
  • To the batter mix in the citric acid, oil, salt, sugar, green chili paste and turmeric powder. Mix well. This has to be done just before pouring to the plate.
  • Meanwhile have the pan on stove, and let the water start boiling. When the water reaches the rolling stage, you can mix the eno to the batter (remember to save little of eno for dusting on the plate), mix gently, you will see bubbles coming out, the batter turning frothy and light.
  • Dust or sprinkle the plate with eno. Immediately pour the batter to the plate. Place the plate carefully inside the pressure pan and cover with lid. Cover the cooker with its lid now.You need not use the whistle. Wait until you get a forceful jet of steam.Keep undisturbed for 5-7 minutes.
  • The batter should be filled to only 1/2 as it will rise up. After adding eno, the batter should not rest. Amount of sugar can be increased on preference.
  • Remove the lid and proof it using toothpick or knife. If the knife comes out clean, it’s done. Cover back and let it remain on flame for another minute and switch off the gas.Let stand for 5 more minutes.
  • The total time taken is 20-25 minutes.
  • In a bowl, mix 2 tsps of water along with a tsp of oil.
  • Open the lids. Remove the cooked dhokla from the pan carefully.
  • Sprinkle the oil-water mix as soon as you take out the dhoklas as they tend to be a little dry.

The Thadka

  • For seasoning, heat a pan with oil, pop mustard seeds, add sesame seeds, finely chopped green chilies and curry leaves in order, pour over the dhokla.
  • Garnish using finely chopped coriander leaves.
  • If you want perfect shaped ones and not the crumbly squares, cut and handle gently.
  • Serve warm with Green Chutney.

Green chutney

Green. chillies - 3 nos
Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
Fresh coriander leaves, chopped –1/4 cup
Cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp
Lime -1 big
Salt to taste

Grind all the ingredients except coriander in a food processor. Grind to a smooth paste.
Add the coriander and grind again. Remove to a bowl, add the remaining lime and serve with warm Dhoklas.

The changes I made from the original recipe.

  • A levelled 200 ml cup of besan instead of 1 & 1/2 cups.
  • Reserved 2-3 fat pinces of Eno from the same sachet for the purpose of dusting.
  • Cooked the dhoklas just like steaming up idlies, the traditional way,with the boiling water rolling down in the pan and dhokla in idly moulds, proving to be the best and hassle free method; got cooked in 12-15 minutes.
  • Along with the thadka, I added a tbsp of “Hot” water + a tsp of sugar mixed together for a sweetish finish, before pouring over to the dhoklas.
  • The above claims to be the original and authentic recipe for making Khaman Dhoklas.The recipe seems to be quite elaborate and complicated but easy to make, once the ingredients are set :) !!
  • The best and the easiest method to prepare ‘Jhatpat’/ ‘instant’ Khaman Dhoklas which I had tried and tested along with the authentic is here and here.


  1. Dholklas everywhere! I too am lazy enough till now to try it out,looks sinful!

  2. Ah..dhoklas with a grated coconut garnish..looks so pretty.

    So good to see your post dear Bharathy:)

  3. so glad they came out well sis!! this is on my to-make list too!

  4. Perfect dhoklas with a lovely color

  5. I love the color and texture. It would have been porous and yummy, I know :)

  6. Same too made in an idli thattu :-))

  7. Look at the air pocket, proof that it had a lovely texture.

  8. this looks perfect.

  9. Just speaks volumes about the outcome.

  10. looks so nice and the pic :)

  11. delicious dhoklas and perfect picture.

  12. lovely pic bharathy.. the porous texture assures that it had come out soft..

  13. dhoklas look so perfect and yummy! great job!
    I have an Award for you waiting... plz collect it from my blog


  14. yummy looking dhoklas. like ur chutney too.. the green and the yellow looks so fresh together.

  15. Hi Bharathy,
    I recently started reading your food blogs..I tumbled upon it accidently when i was searching for some Good recipes to cook for my 2 little sons ,Hubby and Me:).
    Your blog is exceptionally good and fun reading with YOUR great introduction and pictures..Please keep writing makes me feel close to home from Dallas ,TX

  16. I have also always wanted to try dhoklas... now that u have trie it successfully ... I will also try my hand at it :)

  17. perfect thadka on dhoklas...looks tempting..

  18. perfect thadka on dhoklas...looks tempting..

  19. I know I am being very unfair lately for not visiting my readers promptly :(...just getting held up with family commitments and long hours of powershut down! :(...

    Thank yoo Raks! :)

    Divya, Thanks sweetie!.. :)

    So sis, better whip the 'besan idlies' up soon.. ;)!

    Renuka,Rachel and Jayashree, thank yoo girls for the comments so "perfect" too ;-)!

    yeah, my exp with cooking, it was truly good! :)

    Jayashree..dont you feel it's more practical??!!

    Srivalli...:D !!

    Medhaa, yeah it did have a lovely texture and colour! :)

    Thank you, Praju!! :)

    Hugs to you girls..Priya, Simran and Lata.. :)!!

    Dhoklas are very very photogenic, girls,,Sushma, Sumi, Varunavi,A and N, Prathibha and Hema ;)..

    Alice..I have no words to Thank you!! :)!

    Mallugirl, I am sooo pleased! :)..hugs!

    She!!...wonderful readers like you make me BLOG!!!!Welcome to my humble place..coz this space is just a grain of sand in this vast sea shore of great and awesome blogs/bloggers..

    Nandu, it's high time I visited your blogs.. :)...won't you accuse me for NOT doing it recently and kick me back to blog hopping!! ;)

    Suma kuttye Thanks...Thanks Sumak kutty(since you have commented twice you deserve this);)!!

  20. Dhoklas look so yum, pics are so lovely Bharathy!

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