Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I did before Blogging…

After two years of blogging..err.. “Food” Blogging, up with the 100th post and the celebration,

I badly need to admit something, honestly..

I Hate Cooking!!..

.... I see a few confused faces... but, this is for 'Real'........ Apologies !!.. :)

I prefer cooking as an ‘Art’, something creative, something traditional, a delicacy or may be something presented in a stylish way.

...but definitely not to tire myself one after the other the whole day, whipping something up in a hurry burry way meant for breakfast, children hurrying to reach school on time and V to office…and a sumptuous lunch prepared with fullest effort mostly going “Unrelished”or “Untouched”, failing to be have had on time or even if ; in a hurried way.

The snack time next which calls at 4pm; children of course back from school but gulping down/swallowing in a haste, again to step out for extra classes/tuitions(inevitable in our surroundings)...

...then comes the 'mighty' Dinner time; chidren having the same, watching TV / fighting / (the Tom & Jerry way) and V having it as a part of some ‘nightwalking’, after 12 midnight, better explained as a wee hour breakfast..

Those are the normal weekday scenarios.

Yet, I do have the Sundays, all for myself, cooking for the family, with pleasure, care, the favourites, something tried repeatedly, authentic and simple…

I strain less, receive a very satisfactory feed back and something to be happy about is that the family gathers round the table and is ‘Together’ which means a real LOT to me :)

I can hear you scream now ;)…

"Then why on earth do you need to blog, wasting the much wanted Cyber space?"

I Love photography, food photography to be precise and friends…the lovely virtual friends who make my day, the moments I treasure, being something unexplainable…

Above all, blogging has drastically become my major hobby which has helped me to find myself, making a tremendously confident 'Me'!..:)

This post, the 101st, throws light to the hobbies I was obsessive about, before the blogging days…

Let the Pictures Speak :)..

My Sister gave a helping hand to finish this hand painted saree..

If only she'd not been stalking my place, I'd have 'cleverly avoided' mentioning her name and got the credits all for myself :-(...... ;-) ;-)...


  1. Ur paintings are wonderful. It has a definite style comparative to European works. Rich, bold and splendid use of colors. i think u should try portraits too.

    search for the works of van gogh. Probably u will find things of interest.

  2. wow! excellent hobbies!
    paintings are simply superb!
    may i know the stitch name u have used in the 8th picture?

  3. Oh my god! You are something which none of us knew. You are a genius :D And about mentioning about Nags, cheating!

  4. are very talented. I love your paintings and embroidery....

    Please do keep posting your new finishes...

  5. Bharathy..Paintings says stories..I love the cart strucked painting(a small kid lending hand) beautifully painted!!and the frocks are all neatly done. are they Kavya's? I will come and learn from you all this one day!!

  6. They r beautiful B!!. I just cant decide which i like best!! Hope u havnt given it all up..Not all of us are blessed with such talent!!

  7. You have a great talent, lovely work. Loved your paintings and the dresses you have wonder you consider cooking as an art.

  8. Beautiful paintings, Bharathy.......I admire any one who can draw & paint well - that's something I have absolutely no aptitude for.

  9. Hi..i have been following your blog for a while, but have never posted a comment..
    I adore all those people who have the time and effort to make such beautiful dishes..i started my food blog so i wouldnt go insane cooking...its def not the right reason to start a blog, but yes i needed some inspiration because i completely suck at it.
    so hats off to you for the wonderful job.

  10. Hmm...I agree with the first part.After seeing my blog,when people comment..Oh so you love cooking huh?I am at a loss at what to say..I don't actually look forward to it,but I love cooking up new stuff,strange huh?

    Love your paintings..looks great.But I love those teeny weeny frocks better..who's the lucky baby who gets to wear them??:):)

  11. wonderful paintings and hand work. Nice to know about your talents.

  12. hi,
    wonderful work of art, u are very talented dearie :) keep up the good work!
    God bless!

  13. omg!! that black saree.. when did we do it? in karappuzha house? so that must be easily about 6-7 years back! gosh! i dont have a single photo of all those sarees i painted when we were there :(

    but by god, you are talented! my talented talented sis :D

  14. Beautiful artwork! I've done some embroidery and fabric painting... but I'm no good at "proper" painting with watercolours, acrylics, oils etc. Lovely work!

  15. wooo i really admire u...u have so many extra talents..keep up ur good work continued...nice to have u as my best blogger pal..hugs :)

  16. WOooooooooooooooooooow it really superb painting.... Hope i am first time here and congrats on ur 100th post dear..keep rocking

  17. wow those are lovely..I loved those paintings....especially that saree..

  18. Bharathy,
    You have got such a wonderful talents-singing,photography,fabric painting, embroidery and all above u r so sweet in making friends!

    Leave cooking behind ya,some how u r managing no?

    I too feel lazy to cook,but wat to do? ;D

  19. Here after a long time..i do not know why i thought you stopped bad! are so talented and artistic! I hope you are still indulging in your talent....and keeping the fire alive :)

  20. Congrats on your 101 post which is along pending one.
    Bharathy,I fully approve of all the above comments and hope you use all your talents to the fullest which only few are gifted with.If not for you I would not be blogging today,thanks a ton dear

  21. I know what you mean about feeling rushed in the kitchen, I really dislike that part of cooking... I really like to take my time :)

  22. Congrats, ur paintings are gorgeous..! Lovely blog too. U can put a followers gadget for us to follow easily! Do check my food and art blog@!

  23. Loved your paintings, you must continue painting...also hand painted saree looks gorgeous!

  24. ooh.. ur paintings look as good as ur delicious recipes, so keep on posting. I do love the sari a lot.

  25. Those are quite pretty. And I completely get what you mean by hating 'cooking' but loving it as an art form :)

  26. very beautiful painting...i love the sky!!

  27. I know how i missed this beautiful post, in jully/August I never blog and in 2009 took a full summer break from blogging.
    I like all you paingings and handwork.
    But the best I love is that first painting and then then hand painted saree BEAUTIFUL.
    Now why you want to waste time cooking. Do you hand art lady do'nt waste your god given talent. Wish i had this talent.

  28. wow! u r a real inspiration... i can't help admiring all those things u did.. if u were near to us i would hav certainly come to you for a helping hand in my stitching... i love to stitch and particularly admire those cute little baby dresses u stitched..

  29. beautiful paintings Bharathy, hope you are still pursuing this art. you are very good at it.

  30. must be a very old post :) but i just saw it around. such beautiful stuff - esp, the embroidery! have only awed at it, never been able to stitch a button! WOW!


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