Saturday, June 27, 2009

Butterscotch Blondies~The 100th Post!..

A Monday morning, some two years back, I was chatting with my sister, a googler.. a blogger..

Quite impressed by her cute space (she was not a food blogger then) I was all in(silly)doubts and(stupid)queries..

Me: Can anyone like me, 'blog'?..

Her: Why not??!, as long as you can write something interesting and can hold your 'readers'…

Me: Hmmff… I don’t think I can write a thing and expect someone to read my journal perpetually..I fear I'd run out of ‘interesting’ topics very soon to ‘hold’ anyone..bah..!

Her: I am confident that you never would run out of 'recipes!'..

Me: @#$#@%

Her: Click a decent picture(??!!)of what you cook and type in …the world is always in need of good food recipes..

Me: Aah!![Now sitting erect..head held a li’l high…cough web cam..bleh!]
“Holding a site requires lots of basic knowledge and I am a total zero in there…”

Her: Din’t I tell you that blogger is user-friendly, the more you invest time in there, the more you learn…and no more questions YOU CAN do it, START.. right away!!…

I created a crude one, sent her the link in another couple of hours..

"Good start up..but very disorganised..guess you’ve to work a lot in it with the header, title, side bars,and….. well check out this link..and see how tis done.."

From this lovely place and the smart blog roll, I found myself virtually flying in the wonderful sky of food blogging...bloggers hailing from different countries with varied creative!.. food photographs, recipes, write ups,…. totally fascinating me!..

....Thus began my journey with the “crude disorganised space” as a food blogger enriching little by little with recipes, pictures, write ups……

....and I believe I’ve come a long long way!!….

Now, I feel proud and happy to have come up with the 100th post, a bench mark that deserves a simple celebration.. :)

Butterscotch Blondies from my sister's place was something I’d wanted to try for quite a long time and was postponing just because I failed to get the Butterscotch chips here.
Down came a cute bottle from her when we spent our lovely days in our home town, two months back, and here I am with the final product…

Her recipe reproduced

Get ready with: (yielded 16 squares)

1/2 cup butter (melted)
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup butterscotch chips
1 pinch salt

How to make:

1. Cream the melted butter and sugar until well blended.
2. Add the egg and mix well. Then add the vanilla extract.
3. Dunk the flour and salt in. Mix well until combined, with no lumps.
4. Add the chips and mix gently.
5. Transfer to a greased cake tray to a pre-heated oven at 350 F/174 C and bake for about 30 mins or until a toothpick/skewer comes out clean.
6. Cool, cut into squares and enjoy!

Find the step by step procedures and the “Yada Yada” here… ;)

I am extremely grateful to my readers and my blogger pals...

Bloggers pals are many to name :)!!.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you who had supported with undying enthusiasm thoroughout my journey…

Tight hugs to Swapna, my class mate, who always gave a tender “kick” when ever I hibernated.. :)..without her pushes(many a times, too hard ;)) I would’ve definitely taken yet another year at least to reach this milestone.. ;)

Thank you so much everyone for following along...
You guys are the very reason why I'm still blogging today!
Hope it continues for ever…

Bharathy :)


  1. Congrats sis!! I am so proud of this amazing space you have created here. Rock on!! :)


  2. Congratulations, Bharathy! You have a wonderful space that is a pleasure to visit. Fantastic blondies! Here's looking forward to many more delicious years of blogging. Hugs to you, dear! :)

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love blondies :)

  4. Bharathy, thats too yummy!..Congrats on your milestone, wish you won't take too many breaks..:)..and wishes for many more wonderful years to come!

  5. Congratulations on a major milestone and wishes for more to come. You had been one of my inspiration when I just started blogging. So hope you keep blogging for a long tim now.

  6. Congrats Bharathy and feel happy for you!!! The blondies are so yum!!

    I too wish that you should blog regularly :)

  7. wow...congrats bharathy...It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.

    Butterscotch blondies looks yummy...good photograph

  8. congratulations on your 100th post. expecting more and more from you. good work. keep it up. proud of you dear sister.

  9. Congratulations!! blondies look delightful:)

  10. congrats on the century. must try those blondies sometime..

  11. Hi Bharathy, Congrats on your
    100th post! First time here, and I must say you have a great collection of recipes!

  12. Congrats on your 100th post. First time here and your blog looks awesome. Nice blondies, apt for the 100th post.

  13. Congrats on ur 100th post,ur blog rocks.As u said ur sis blog is lovely :)

  14. Congrats on your 100th. Wishing you many more happy blogging years ahead.

  15. Congratulations Bharathy on your 100th post and hope you will celebrate your 200th post soon:)...and if you are thinking of to taking a long break, kick from my side will be much harder;);)

    Butterscotch Blondies looks perfect and nice photos as always:)

  16. Congratulations!Beautiful blondies :)

  17. Wowww!!
    Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Really u r a very cute blogger.. once again congrats!!! :)

  18. You are the one who helped me into blogging and i miss you when you take off.Congrats bharathy hope you don't take breaks and expecting a fast 200th post.You should have called me and i would have readily helped you finish those tempting ones

  19. Butterscotch blondies look inviting.Drop in sometime to my place

  20. bharathy,
    congrats on ur 100th post
    butterscotch blondies looks yummy and perfect

  21. Oh wow......Congrats on your milestone i know why they are called that aweosme color...keep rocking....

  22. Thanks a million for all my friends who are here with those lovely and encouraging words :)!!

  23. Hey Bharathy...congrats on your century:).Perfect dish for the hundredth post:).

  24. hey bharathy...congrates on ur 100th post...its sooo tempting.and perfect dish to celebrate his special post....

  25. Congrad's Bharathy!! If this is your 100th post, i should dig in deep on ur blog to have a glimpse of every posts. Slowly i got addicted to ur blog, u know, iam visiting ur blog daily atleast twice. It really feels good to read ur blog and watch ur pictures!
    Blondies are Drool worthy here!

    Congrad's once more!!

  26. Congrats on your 100th post! I am sure you will hit many a centuries more...!!!
    Butterscotch blondies are so tempting! but I notice that no baking powder is used...


  27. First time here... you have a nice blog. The butter scotch blondies look yummy

  28. Congratulations on your 100th post. It sure is a big achievement and along the journey you have made so many friends which you otherwise would have not made. The blondies are a perfect way to celebrate. Thanks to your sis too!

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