Monday, June 15, 2009

Aval Nanachathu- Sweetened Rice flakes

I was in Chennai past week; plus V and minus Kids, that proved to be a lovely n relaxing weekend..;)
..and this Saturday night around 10pm, I happened to be in a restaurant fully packed, waiting, hoping to get one of the tables cleared.
A girl popped up from behind,"are you Bharathy?.. of Spicy Chilly?”..
She looked beautiful, 'slim n smart' and my “grey matter” was working with its fullest effort, trying to scan the cute face…

Yes I am……??..hmmm..!!..??*&*#

Nanditha”.., she yelled sweetly.. !!..
.. next moment we found ourselves hugging tight, each other.. :)

Nanditha looked naturally pretty with no make up except for Kajal,…bubbly and young in a simple pink chicken-work cotton top n black pants that suited her very well which again complimented the colour theme of the restaurant(this part was ultimately detected by her warm and cheerful husband).. ;)
We ranted for quite sometime; about kids, family, her dance classes, her own academy that got inaugurated in a grand manner the very previous day ….and when I asked her to sit for a while(possibly to relax)..the next question was shot,"well, do you really mind me talking to you ?”

“Ha ha.. not at all”… (scratch scratch ..;) she would’ve read my mind struggling to keep a pace with her constant lovely n lively conversation ;))
Her cute little boys were playing in the kids area when I approached to say a 'hi' ...little more rants and finally it was time to say a bye..

Another warm bear hug…:D!!

It was the first time I’d bumped on a blogger pal.. and just can’t put in words how sweet n memorable those moments are.. !!..

…and now for the recipe, promised to rush to my sister who hosts Monthly Mingle-‘Ravishing Rice’, an event started by Meeta.

You need (to serve two)

Aval/Beaten or flattened rice- I used Double Horse brand thin red rice flakes-2 large cups

Fresh grated coconut- ½ cup(more or less)

Cold milk- ½ cup(a little more or less)

Jaggery-grated fine- 1/2 - 3/4 cup(or to taste-I like it sweeter)

Powdered cardamom- A fat pinch(optional)

Mix together aval and jaggery until it has blended well. Now mix in the coconut and the cardamom powder. Add the milk a few spoonfuls at a time and mix well. Using your fingers, preferably.. :)

You are done!... dig in a spoon and enjoy the world's easiest snack..:)


Feel flexible with the ingredients making them more or less than suggested according to your likes.:)
If you like it a bit soggy and soft, use warm milk and leave aside for 10-15 mins before serving. This is an easily digestible, healthy snack and can be made in no time.

If you're new to 'flattened rice'..

Flattened rice is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes. These flakes of rice swell when it absorbs water,milk or any other liquids whether hot or cold. The thicknesses of these flakes vary between almost translucently thin to nearly four times thicker than a normal rice grain -


  1. is meet a blogger pal...

  2. Wow..a truly blogger-pride moment!!Imagine someone recognsing you through your blog..why doesnt such incidents happen to me:)??and where was I when you came to Chennai...bah:(.

    My quick fix snack..aval nanachathu!!It cant get any it!!

  3. I think it is always nice to meet up with other bloggers and chennai seems to have a lot of them :-)
    Aval nanachathu was a very often 4 O'clock snack when we were back from school.
    This reminds me of the happy carfree time ;-)

  4. Oh wow memorable incident.... This version with rice flakes is new to me.....looks yum....

  5. Wow! I haven't been so lucky to have an incident like that yet, Bharathy. Sounds like so much fun! This quick aval snack is perfect anytime. :)

  6. Wow thats so good to meet up a fellow blogger,sweet poha looks wonderful, never made sweets with poha, thanks for sharing!!

  7. It's my favorite too. We also prepare it in a different way by preparing jaggery paagu and then stir the poha.

  8. How exciting to meet a fellow blogger and by accident, at that! The rice flakes look very very good!

  9. i make this on and off on weekends as a snack. TH is such a snob, he doesn't like it much so won't have more than two spoons. who cares! i devour it all :)

    how did nanditha recognise u though??

  10. I am still not able to digest the fact that I met you .... OMG! i WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad and happy that I did come up and speak to you .... I suddenly saw this tall , confident lady walk through ... not bothering to wait out side for your turn.... to be called .. and you have quite an attractive personality .. so any one would have noticed you ....but some thing just clicked as i saw you ..... yes , i knew this lady ....
    you just made my day ! ,
    I am sure you will be coming to our area more often ... just drop in a mail or ping me ...
    i just loved the ambiance of the restaurant ...whenever i go there .. i will be searching for your lovely face ....

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post,you hav written very interestingly!

    Aval,my mom used to make it in my childhood days,me and my brother used to hav this as a snack,but now a days not fond of sweet!

  12. feels so good to meet a blogger friend, doesn't it? Poha snack looks so tempting and yummy :)

  13. It's a lovely and pride moment to meet another blogger na??? I too had got the oppertunity to meet two other bloggers in Kuwit and are very close friends of me now:)

    I love aval nanachathu....amma used to make that for us:)

  14. A pride moment i wud say:).It must have been wonderful for the both of you.Poha looks good...quick fix snack!

  15. How lovely ! I have not met any of my food blogging friends yet,just to imagine meeting onw of them in a restaurant gives me goosebumps.

  16. Hey I do understand how good it would have been without the kids just a weekend!!! The aval looks so yummy and deliicous!!!

  17. Nice to bump into a blogger friend :) Simple and sweet dish!

  18. Hi ..
    I love this simple sweet dish ..Nice click ..I used add banana also
    U have a great blog with great kerala dishes..Keep up the good work and keep in touch

  19. Must have been nice to meet a blogger time u r in chennai, do give me a buzz....


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