Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vendakka Thoran / Stir-fried Okra with Coconut n Spices...

As children we were not great fans of Okra, though amma had tried her best to get us have this nutritionally rich green veggie when we were growing. She never used to deep fry vendakka( which we used to love and insist her to make) with this strong opinion that it loses all its goodness when done so and cooks them the right way to get rid of the sliminess and retains the greenish hue with the final outcome-the ‘crunchy n chewy outsides’ and ‘soft n creamy insides’….

Vendakka Thoran, mingled with that coconutty- spicy, touch; cooked just the way it should be, I’d learnt from Amma…

To serve two;

Get ready with:

Vendakka/Okra- sliced round- a large cup

To Temper

Coconut oil- a tbsp
Kaduku/Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Uzhunnu parippu/urad dal-1/2 tsp
Finely minced shallots- a tsp
Curry leaves- a sprig

To Pulse/Grind Coarse,crumbly, with minimum water

Grated coconut – 2 tbsps
Chilly powder-1/2-3/4 tsp
Jeera /cumin powder- ¼ tsp
Kunjulli/shallots- -2 nos
Garlic-a clove

Salt-to taste


Wash the Okra well in running water.Trim the edges and cut each to about half a cm wide rounds.

Heat a tbsp of coconut oil in a thick-bottomed wide kadai (preferably a non stick/iron).Splutter the mustard seeds, brown the urad dal and sauté the minced shallots until they acquire a deep brown hue.Throw in the curry leaves.

Add the sliced okra, turning now and then to get rid of the sliminess and cook till half done.If you feel the okra would take time to cook, sprinkle water, close the kadai with a lid, keeping the flame low, for a few minutes. Add the pulsed ingredients and sauté for a few seconds so as to get rid of the raw smell, stirring all the while.Turn them well so as to avoid sticking to the bottom of the kadai, taking care not to turn the pieces mashy. Sprinkle some more water, if too dry, add salt and keep closed, again. Adjust the flame to low-medium, stirring the mix once every 2 minutes enhancing 'even cooking' and the spices to get coated all over slices. Sprinkle water, if necessary and keep the pan closed until just cooked.

Remove from fire and serve hot with boiled rice and curry.


  1. TH doesn't like it either but recently he has started to buy this. i usually make it with besan, like i had posted a while back in the blog :)

  2. I luv okras.....am gona try this next time I buy them.This grinding thing is new to me...they look welcoming.Will try out and let you knw!

  3. Your recipe will be my try next time i make okras

  4. i love okra....its a different recipe to me...we will try ...nice picture

  5. Nice recipe...simple&healthy...tnx for sharing

  6. beautiful clicks! I have never tried thoran with chilly powder...should try this next time.


  7. I ahd no clue about thorans,poriyals and all. Now I see so many colorful versions, I want to try yours.

  8. Bharathy, regarding payasam on my blog,it was yellowish cream in color. But that didn't show very well. As I start taking the pic, all the flakes started to settle at the bottom. So, the picture looks like that. I thought it would need lots of sugar, hence usage of jaggery. Taste wouldn't alter much I guess. I hope you like it :)

  9. I love Okra and dish looks yummy and delicious. Well presented and nice clicks Bharathy!

  10. Naakku ooruthu Bharathy..nalaikku mudhal velaiya poi vendakka vaangi itha try panrathu thaan.

    Ungalukku mattum eppadi ennai mithakkuthu kuzhambu la??Love the Brinjal curry in the back..

  11. This is my dad's favorite combination, he loves okra with coconut gravy :) perfect with roti or phulkas!

  12. Hi bharathi,
    vendakkai thoran sounds different ...must make a try...my hubby got bored of poriyal ...will try this :)

  13. I love this to eat mixed with rice...:) simply the best :)

  14. when i was young i never liked okra... but my kids love it .. they call it star upkkeri.. as it looks like a star when we chop it ...
    have never tried the infusion of coconut in okra.

  15. Thanks to everyone of you, who'd dropped in with a word of appreciation and encouragement..:)


  16. Hmmm..we don't like Vendakka..:).Love your clicks..:)

  17. Okra is so good, I will try it any which way... your pictures are tempting me, so I have bookmarked to try!

  18. Okra is so good, I will try it any which way... your pictures are tempting me, so I have bookmarked to try!

  19. okra my fav veg..anything of that i just love it...looks yum..

  20. Bharathyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............
    first of all a big sorry for the delay ..i was off from blogging..a gud news and bed rest after that... a new member is going to come to our family within 7months... :)
    nw i think u will excuse for this delay..this dish looks amazing...i make in another way, without coconts.. :)

  21. I like ur blog and I have decided to nominate you for a scrumptious award. Please visit my blog to pick it up

  22. i love vendakka!! seems like i love veggies which most people hate...including pavakka..;-P

    the colors here looks awesome btw!! will try this soon.

  23. பாரதி இந்த லிங்க்கிர்க்கு போய் பாருங்க.:)




  24. a small treat for u dear..collect it..

  25. Finally tried this today...different taste I followed the recipe blindly except using coconut oil.

  26. Even my husb doesnt like vendaka in any form....he was not at home so me and amma made it and we enjoyed the taste.Will post it soon!
    Abt the pic yes it was in a hotel named EsEs Paradise in Coimbatore!

  27. Oh next time when I make will try sauting the okras first & then add the mixture. Obviously yes we liked it and tats y gona try it next time too :)

  28. tried this okra thoran and linked in my blog. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  29. Hi Bharathy,
    I tried this recipe and loved it. I have put a photo in my blog..

  30. i tried ystrdy... very tasty .thanx sharing.hope more okra receps


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