Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Kuzhi Paniyarams' for Breakfast…fortified!..

What shall I make you for breakfast?”, asks the young bride..

“Hmm... Kuzhippaniyaram and Varamilagai Chutney”, replies her beloved after a pause, pleasantly!..

The girl is perplexed. She confronts with these alien names for the very first time in her life time. Yet, tactfully hides her ignorance, repeatedly mumbles the names, not letting ‘em slip off her brain till she reaches her Ma in law, in the kitchen, downstairs.

The moment Ma hears the names,reaches out for a ‘specialised’ cast-iron griddle(now the girl is pleased-at least the griddle is familiar to her, which resembles the famous unniyappa-chatti of her place), mixes some rice flour to a bowl of Idly batter, seasons and carries on making the ‘alien’ main dish, with much expertise and ease, simultaneously instructing the girl, step by step, how to make the ‘ alien’ side dish!..

Fast forward a few years!..

The girl gets metamorphosed to a good cook(at least to her husband and in laws)…….

And here, she has modified the same main dish to a more healthy and appetising one, not compromising the authentic taste and quality, by adding a medley of minced veggies, preparing them in a non stick griddle which means less oil; gingelly or sesame seed oil.

Vegetable Kuzhi paniyarams

You need:

Idly/Dosa batter-a large cup
Finely minced vegetables of your choice(carrot, cabbage, peas,beans, shallots etc)-1/4 cup
Rice flour- to make the batter, thicker-1-2 tbsp
Sesame seed oil-to drop in the holes of the griddle
Salt-to taste


Mix rice flour,salt and minced vegetables to the batter.Let it be slightly thicker than the cake batter. Runny batter tends to absorb more oil.

Heat the griddle and drop(4-5 drops) oil into each hole. Fill 3/4th of each one with the batter. Keep the flame steady to low-medium.

Wait till the bottom turns golden brown(will take 2-3 minutes).Turn each upside down, carefully.Trickle a few drops of oil if necessary.Cook for another 2-3 minutes to get them cooked and turn over again if you like them more crispy. Remove and repeat the same with the next batch. Serve warm with chutney of your choice.

Kothamalli Chutney

The dip here is not with varamilagai(dried red chilles) as in the story, but a healthier susbstitute.

You need:

Grated Coconut-1/2 cup
Roasted gram/Pottukkadalai-1/4 cup
Coriander leaves/cilantro-1/2 cup
Green chillies-2-3
Salt-to taste
Water-3/4 cup or as needed

Temper the ground chutney with:

A tsp of refined oil, 1/4 tsp of mustard seeds and urad dal each, 2 pinches of hing powder and a few curry leaves. Do not boil or heat the chutney.Tempering should be done separately and poured over the chutney.

For Suganya who hosts WBB-Healthy Eats :)


  1. Wow!vegetable kulipanayaram....innovative idea..u got the perfect color and shape...yummy dish

  2. Haha! Nice story!
    When I heard Paniyaram for the first time in other blogs, I didn't understand what it was and then when I saw the griddle, I knew it! It was Gundappa or round Appes as we say in Kannada. Same way as you make it here but with different name!:D
    I loved the first photo, they look so plump. I paid $25 for that small griddle online, expensive but atleast I get it here!:)
    Good one B. Is it for WBB?

  3. Aren't they a work of art. Super, Bharathy.

  4. Looks delicious... i too make the same way... My kid love them very much...

  5. i just love the substitutions you made - and the pics are awesome.

  6. Love the story. The paniyarams look so yummy. Nice pics and wonderful entry.

  7. What a coincidence..I am making them tonight and just got the batter ready for that

  8. Love the vegetables added in to the appams/ paniyaram and anything else these are called! Nice pics too!

  9. We think on the same lines Bharathy :-) Beautiful pics... and what a cute story!

  10. that looks awesome sis. needless to say i havent eaten this :) dont even have an appam chatti, of course :D soon, i will get one :) enthu parayunnu?

  11. awesome one lady ..esp the and newspaper and SO DU KO ...excellent one !!!

  12. pictures look fab!...busy is it..haven't seen you around for sometime now!

  13. superb paniyaram's. could'nt take my eyes from it. defineatly you are cooking superb ly and tastily..

  14. Hi, I am Back!! Paniyaarams look pretty and with coffee the pictures look very temping:)
    Liked ur onion thokku too!

  15. cute story with wonderful recipe:)

  16. I haven't had these paniyarams..looks delectable! nice flashback read!

  17. Bharathy, you are so cute!!! I love your story. The paniyarams are gorgeous and I love the idea of adding vegetables! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  18. Hi hi funny story, i am so glad i never asked my hubby what do you like for breakfast :-))))
    I have had unniappoms but like this never? Actually only after i stared bloggin i started knowing about these dishes, only think i knew was uniapom made with this chatti

  19. we make it dish oftn too... we call it appo...
    i liked your healthier version...:)
    the pictures look awesome...:)

  20. they look really crispy and the presentation is lovely.

  21. we make these but we dont add any vegetables ,adding veggis is a great idea barathy

  22. It looks so good, wanna have that now!

  23. love kuzhi paniyarams bharathi. my husband's favourite. just now came across it in a blog too. I want to take a bite of it now too.

  24. Hi Bharathy,

    Perfect weeekend Breakfast item.
    Lovely presentation.
    Lemon pudding looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  25. lovely recipe and the pics look so inviting...

  26. Hi Bharathy....nice stroy....I too thought what is this after reading the title!!!!will definitely try this out after I buy an unniappam chatti....very tempting pictures....

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  28. My maternal grandmother's younger sister used to make the best paniyarams. In my memory these are linked to her. We also call them uppappams.

  29. Thankyou Dhivya :)

    Cost me around 350rs here Asha!..These are the speciality items of South India,I beleive :)..Yes for WBB.. visited while I was editing as always!:D..Hugs!!

    Suganya I just felt I was cooking for you and you were right beside me when I had them!..Glad that you liked :)..thanks!

    Nice to note that Anu!..Thanks!:)

    Bee..that was too sweet a compliment!..Thank you!:)..

    Thanks,Uma :)

    Shankari,would love to see your version!Do blog!:)

    Manasi,nice to see you back here after a long time!..Thank you so much!

    Great minds ----- ----- ,Latha :D

    Ok sis!I can get it for you!..:)

    So sweet, Deepa..Hugs!:)

    Valli, I have mailed you!Travelling lately..thats all :)

    Thank you for those nice words, Lavanya! :)

    Welcome back,Raji! :)..over to your place!..

    Thank you girls,-Sia, Rachel and Kalai :)..

    Happy cook...I dont do that mistake now :D..yes it is a tamil recipe..but after asha I hear this is made in Karnataka too..:)


    Alpa,Sagari and Mona...great big thanks!!:)

    Thanks a lot for visiting,Prema and Anu!:)

    Thank you MT:)

    Thnks t you too Priya and swapna :)

    Aparna..those names are new to me!..:)

  30. Bharathy..i didnt hear abt this one..Wow looks yummy... missed ur lots of yummy i am on a small break..hope i can join with u guys soon.. i would like to pass "E for excellent award" for ur great creations..please pick tht award from my site..

  31. It looks yummy bharathy,its my all time fav dish. love the pics.Great post.

  32. Can't remember what we call these appams, maybe uppu appams but I love these. Yours look perfect!

  33. Hi Bharathy, I just saw some of these over at Latha's blog -- now I come here and you have them too -- so golden and crispy I'm really craving now! Time for me to get that pan. Enjoyed the story, too :)

  34. vegetable kulipanayaram.....Love it...Looks perfect.... Mouthwatering one....I feel hungry seeing this picture.....

  35. Kuzhi paniaram is yummy..When my mom does it ,,I fall for her...:)
    I get good Kuzhipaniaram in Grand sweets in annanagar Thats really good,

  36. Hey, nice site! We call it as Gunta Pongadalu in Telugu... I feel lucky enough to get a griddle the last time I went to India :)

  37. Me too a great fan of sanjeev!! :) He is very casual and makes cooking appear simple!
    Nice paniyaaram and kothamalli chutney! :)

  38. wow!!! this looks yummy..definetly gonna try this once i buy the unniappam chatti.

  39. hey,
    is this paniaram..actually i am from north thus not familiar with the name. but i love them..i used visit some hotel n would ask for something like.#@#@#@#@...
    gosh now i know it is paniaram.
    One of Sis-in-in who is from maharastra used to call it "Appe".
    ..but said "whats in the name"
    i love.. appe..paniaram or whtever it is called.
    thanx for the recipe.

  40. hai, when i saw this paniaram i remember posting a comment...anyway, or i might have got confused with somebody's blog...we call this as Gunthpanganaalu in karnataka, I love them, ur photos are so tempting..I do not have the girdle with me....I am feeling hungry now seeing that....they are awesome...ur photographs are so beautiful

  41. Wonderful dish. My 2 year old loved it. :-)

  42. Glad to note that need to fry a little more than you see in the picture..with a little more oil or ghee for your little one..somehow I was in a haste that day and now realise that I should have cooked a li'l more.. :)


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