Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prayers, Blessings and an Award…

My Sweet friend, Nanditha passed me this very special wave of love, prayers and blessings, along with her thoughtful story about opening the gates of heaven, by unselfishness..

Neither like any tags out here, nor a meme, the rules are..
It’s a game of tag with a difference, rather than looking inwardly, we look outside ourselves and bless, praise and pray for one blog friend. By participating in this endeavor we not only make the recipient of the blessing feel valued and appreciated, but we are having some fun too. We’re going to see how far the bloggin’ blessings can travel around the world and how many people can be blessed! Recipients of a bloggin’ blessing may upload the above image to their sidebar if they choose to. If you receive a bloggin’ blessin’ please leave a comment on this thread here so that we can rejoice in just how many blessings have been sent around the world!

I am grateful to Nanditha for her waves of true love.I accept them whole heartedly.. and pass on to ,

Renuka-I pray for you, my friend..

Nags-who has to take up spl responsibilities, commitments and decisions very soon.May God bless you and lead you the right path..

Suma Rajesh-one of my sweetest blogger friends.Nandukka is passing her waves of love to you through me :)..

I am supposed to send to just 3!, even the tag is to one..

But I sincerely want to pass the prayers and blessings to each and every one of my dear blogger friends, who had been so loving and supportive so far..

I was surprised and overjoyed when dear Happy Cook passed over the Nice Matters Award..
Still not sure whether I deserve this cute award or not!..Thank you HC :)

I would like to pass the Award to:-

Asha-I have no explanations here!She is simply the 'Blogger Queen!':).
Asha, you might have received the same, still I need to pass along to you!..

Jugalbandi-Certain blogs are too good to just comment, pressing the key board buttons.Certain cooks are too good to be just appreciated by words…Pls accept my humble gift here, even if you have received earlier..

Srivalli-Most of us are great cooks.When a girl is up with regular food blog updations, hosts events, draws and blogs cartoon stories, co-ordinates arusuvai effectively while manging her 3 kiddos, the youngest being twin boys, taking care of her inlaws, working, …phew!!..don't you guys feel this is great?!!!.. and nice??..

Sig-My hometown gal who makes me drool and short circuits my key board:) in every lovely recipe of her’s( and yours too Siv:))

Lathamma-A Rocking Woman who blogs her homely, divine shots incessantly!.

Swapna-A sweet girl and a great cook, I discovered during my college days!..Her patience and flair for cooking had astonished me while working together in the homescience lab!..:)
A new blogger,who started right away after a few gentle pushes :)..

All of my friends here are nice and fabulous!..Since I had to restrict to a few, I’d done the same..so, no hard feelings pls :)..


  1. Oh, thank you sweetie. God bless you and yes, nice matters. Have a great day, hugs to you!:))
    Enjoy your awards.

  2. Your post popped up as I was doing my usual hour long "blog rounds" in the early morning!:D
    Swapna needs do the "rounds" as you advised her orelse she will be missing us too!;D

  3. Gog bless you Bharathy.
    And you deserve both of them.

  4. thank you, dear bharathy. it is a real pleasure and honour coming from you. you have a wonderful blog that comes straight from the heart, and we enjoy it immensely.
    are you on sailu's taste of india? if not, could you get on there? would hate to miss your posts.

  5. congrats dear on the award!
    and for passing on the )))))))))))))))))))
    take care

  6. Congrats, Bharahty! You go girl! :)

  7. Congrats..Well-deserved awards.

  8. thank you so much sis :) this means a lot to me!!

  9. Just came back from chennai and logged in.Your award is a sweet surprise!! :) Thanks a ton dear! Hugs! Hugs!
    2 days back I met you in my dream during my trip to Trichy! :D
    After a few more important functions, I will be posting and bloghopping regularly. Please excuse me for a while dear!

  10. Bharathy, thats so sweet of you, thank you for the nice words and the great award. Feels good to get it from you...:D

  11. Thank you so much Bharathy for the nice words and the great award!!!!This means a lot for a new blogger like me!!!Thank you dear!

  12. congrats on th award bharathy...

  13. Hi Bharathy,

    How areyou? Congrats.....Hey Meen kuzhambhu superb pa....hmmmm mouthwatering!!!!i remember my mom now:((

  14. hai bharathy............am speechless...dont know whther i deserve it or not.......but am just one of ur fan and a regular reader.........anyways thank u and may god bless u and ur family with lots of happiness.......

  15. Thank you sweetie pie... Hugs to you for this, and wish you a happy Valentine's day!

  16. Congrats on the Award and god bless u Bharathy.

  17. So glad you enjoyed taking part in the bloggin blessing!

  18. Hugs to you too Asha,for accepting this!:)..Hope, more are flowing on your way :)...and yes, Asha swapna is busy exploring blogger as she is new to things,but should soon get to her readers at least,back soon! :)

    Hugsss HC..God bless you and your family :)

    Thankyou for accepting,Bee,it's a pleasure to pass to you as well!..Yes,I submitted the form there as you had poited out..Thanx again!..:)

    Jason..Soory..couldn't get into your site..??!!..

    Thanks to you too Nandu,for conferring those lovely,meaningful waves to me..:)

    Thank you,Kalai..seri..enge pogattum??;)

    Hugs to you girls..Rachel,Vimmi and Richa..God bless you all!..

    Thank you sis :)..

    Excused..since you dint mention ur experience as a 'nightmare'..:D :D..

    You simbbly deserve that Valli!..:)

    Ok, Swapna..now scroll up and read Asha's comment there..will you??:)

    Thankyou Shanti and Usha :)

    Thankyou Suma, and one more to add..Better start your own place, soon!!:)

    Hugs to you too,Sig..Did you know yesterday(i4th feb) was world hug day,as well!:)..hope you had a romantic dinner in one of those best restaurants out there with Siv ;)..

    Thank you..God bless you and your family too,Prema..:)

    Ofcourse ukok..Thanks for that wonderful experience!..God bless you!:)..Amen!

  19. congrats bharathy on the award !!!keep going!!

  20. Hi Bharathy,
    The onion thokku looks awesome. Mouth Watering dish.

  21. Congrats Bharathy!! u deserve it...

  22. Hi bharathy
    I agree, prayers and blessings gives encouragement to move forward in life. All the best wishes and congratulation, too,dear !

  23. bharathy, r u on sailu's TOI???

  24. I'm soooo happy for you Bharathy. Enjoy the awards. You truly deserve it.

  25. hi bharathy...happy to come across ur blog ..u have a fantastic one.i am new to blogging just started a food blog of my own a month back.i have a doubt i wanted to know how u made that pic gallery on the sidebar with scroll down action.i also wish to do it in my blog but cant figure out how to do it.and also how were u able to make 2 columns of pics and when u click on the pic it goes to its corresponding post.plz help me.

  26. Thankyou EC,Deepa and MT :)

    Thank you for your sweet words,Chithra and Anamika :)

    Yes Sia,I am in TOI..but very recently..Thanks for your concern,dear!:)

    Hugs,Kribhs..:)..you too enjoy the nice matters award,girl ;)

    I can help you out,Ranji.Do you know the simple HTML codings so that you can pick up in an easier way..as the picture gallery is done likewise..the two column of pics is nothing but coding..
    Any mail ID where I can write to??

  27. hi bharathy....yes i know the method of html coding.plz mail me the details to binu.ranji@gmail.com
    thank u so much in advance!!!!

  28. hi bharathy!!!i am really grateful to u for this help....ur steps were precise n good and i didnt have any problems understanding it.thank u so much!!!i have uploaded all my recipe photos without any difficulty:)


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