Friday, March 7, 2008

Sanjeevji Visits and Cooks for us!

Yes!..this did happen very recently in the place I reside.
Was the whole town and its residents honoured, instead? As celebrities reach here not always and very rarely does the place entertain any classic programmes.

The all women’s forum into which I am in, made this possible.
We were fortunate enough to have spent 5 long hours with this celebrity who in turn did a few rocking demonstrations with his recipes and finally interacted with us.

All the time while cooking, one could see the never fading smile on the gourmet king’s face, explaining things in a casual and humorous way.Now and then he sought help from one or two ladies from the audience to create an added spirit and made them smile while helping with cooking too :). Anupa Das, who assists him with his preparations during culinary shows was present as well. She is associated with Khana Khazana catering unit of Sanjeevji for three years!..

The Demo cooking were with the recipes,

Kesari Phirni
Mango Cheese Cake
Prawn Balchao Golgappa
Royal Hara Bhara Kebabs

Spinach and Mozarella Lasagna

A cute recipe booklet was handed over to us which helped us more to concentrate the show rather than busy jotting the recipes down.

Three of the cooked dishes were passed over to the audience garam garam and the remaining were reachable on the buffet table for lunch.Shall I mention, how they tasted ? ;)

The Connoisseur so cheerful!..

Getting ready with the Mango pulp for the Cheese cake.The Lasagna is getting baked in the Oven!..

Pose ‘Royal’ for the ‘Royal Hara Bhara Kebabs’..

Filling 'Phirni' in 'Matkas', carefully!..

The Interactive Session after the cookery show

To our surprise, the gourmet king was a warm and friendly person patiently listening and answering to each of our silliest queries with a smiling face together with that look.. “Great! that was indeed a real good question!.”

The quotes of the celebrity during the show, that lingers:-

1. Mom’s food is the best with the amount of love and affection that is poured in while cooking.

2. People try to bring the taste of a home made food to that of a restaurant or a hotel, while the great chefs in hotels try theirs, the best, to taste as home made!..

3. It is pathetic to note that in India, the uses of toxic chemicals as pesticides in fruits and vegetables is mostly left unchecked or banned.Thank the recent 'organic' farming methods. Only when you patronise organic vegetables will the cost of their production come down.More you buy them, cheaper they become!.

More about Sanjeevji here .
His official website is


  1. Oh you lucky lucky women.
    You had a realy master to learn from and that too for 5 hours.
    So are wel going to get a share of the recipes , when are you going to share all that with us especially Prawn Balcho Golgappa

  2. I used to watch Khana Khazana on Zee TV and then we switched B4U TV! Phirni in earthen pot looks yum!:)

  3. Thats very nice to must've been really interesting to be a part of..good.

  4. All women club rocks. It should have been a great afternoon.

  5. you m
    had a such a good time.. you are making me jealous:)
    kodippikkalee...i can imagine how the food would have tasted!

  6. He was the sole reason I ever went into the kitchen, he is an inspiration to me. Glad you had a good time.

  7. where were all the men hiding? they need some cooking lessons,more than the women. i'm a huge sanjeev kapoor fan. he's got no hangups.

  8. seems u had a great time ,I saw his live show once in banglore

  9. Wow, you are really lucky to see the great Sanjivji in person. You must have enjoyed a lot. The recipes look so mouth-watering. Glad you had so fun.

  10. Oh, I am a Sanjeev Kapoor fan. His recipes are so cool. Lucky you. I nver missed any of Khana Khazana shows in India. Now I don't have zee TV. :-(

  11. I love sanjeev kapoor's cooking . I am a big fan of him. You are really lucky and you making me jealous. I am waiting to get that recipe for mango cheesecake bharathy.

  12. That must be very exciting Bharathy,I guess you enjoyed his cooking as well tasting them.

  13. Ohh wow!!Bharathy i am sure this would always be the most special day you will never forget....

  14. Hi Bharathy

    Wow that really must be a great show..he is agreat cook and an entertainer..Recently he was also in a dance you must have seen that as well..I like his cooking a lot..have some of his DVD's too!!

  15. Wow, you lucky girl..I try and watch all his show most of the time in Zee. U got to see him and cooking demo, thts so cool....

  16. Hey, that's so cool! I'm a Sanjeev Kapoor fan and luv the way he says,"Ah haa haa.." smelling his own cooked delicacies!!! I'd luv to be there watching him cook!

  17. Wow you luck gal... I love Sanjeev Kapur's recipes... Did you tell him about your blog? :)

  18. Wow! how lucky are you!! Not just see his demo but to actually taste his dishes too!

  19. Wow! how lucky are you!! Not just see his demo but to actually taste his dishes too!

  20. WOW lucky are you Bharathy!
    That must have been amazing.... :) :)

    I came by to tell you that I have at last posted my Arusuvai recipe ... and would like to know whom I send the secret ingredient to next .... :)

    Thanks a lot...

  21. wow sis! lovely pics. now pass on the recipes ;)

  22. I was expecting this anytime when r u posting the recipes better be fast

  23. Thankyou HC :)...will mail you the prawn recipe ...ok?? :)

    That Tasted great too,Asha!:)

    Yes it was,Valli :)and Suganya :)..

    Verrrry good,nandu ;)

    Aha.. he has inspired you to that extend, right sreelu??

    He he.. Bee, the major sponsors were present..that way my hubby couldn't escape :)...and yes you are right he is very original!

    Great to note that, sagari :)

    Thank you Uma :)

    Oh..meera ..he has a nice collection of recipes in his site..

    Spicy tasty, I will email you the recipe,dear :)

    Yesss are right,Madhu Swati and Deepa :)

    Is it so??..thankyou Maya :)

    Absolutely right, Jyo :)...he did that with all the five dishes(never tasted his dishes)!!!!

    Oh no sig..i didnt open up about my blog..:)

    Thankyou vani :)..esp I am feeling all the more lucky when you all appreciate him :)

    Perspective...loved and loved your chocolate cake ,sweetie..
    unfortunately no recipents for arusuvai as of now here in India...

    Nags and don't have to wait for the recipes here...will pass over the booklet I have :)..okaay??:)

  24. Bharathy
    Its good to hear from Sanjeev Kappor too, that
    Mom’s food is the best with the amount of love and affection that is poured in while cooking.
    People try to bring the taste of a home made food to that of a restaurant or a hotel, while the great chefs in hotels try theirs, the best, to taste as home made!
    These statements really reflects his humility.
    Its good to interact with such persons.

  25. OH wow! Lucky u! I absolutely adore Sanjeev Kapoor and his recipes, shows, books... I like his humility and his passion for food!
    Lovely post and thanks for sharing!

  26. OMG Bharathy!! I feel so jealous:) that must have been a great time girl! so when are you sharing his recipes??:)

  27. thanks for sharing..


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