Sunday, March 23, 2008

Karikku Dosa/ Tender-Coconut Pan cakes.

Summer is just round the corner for us, residing in India.
The season of hot n fiery Sun…the season for holidays…the season for jack fruits, mangoes, water melons ...the season for chilled drinks…

The street vendor with his heap of tender coconuts, busy chopping the head off the fresh green coconut, a dent on top with a straw inserted and the thirsty pedestrian enjoying nature’s very own drink with that natural fizz, is a common sight, so enjoyable, here.Generally the vendor scoopes out the tender coconut with much expertise using that natural spoon; the earlier chopped green piece from the coconut, passes over to be eaten as a post-drink option :)...

At the comfort of the home, the soothing 'tender coconut water' gets consumed leaving behind the tender white flesh unconsumed. I mostly use them up for making these light and healthy Karikku Dosas for breakfast which take up comparatively amount of oil while cooking.

Srivalli, this is specially posted for your Dosa Mela :) .Hearty Congrats on your 1 Lakh mark!!.

Mansi - so sweet of you to approve this for WBB - Balanced Breakfast, you are hosting for the month..Thank you :)


Raw rice- 3 cups
The white tender part, scraped out- from 4-5 tender coconuts ( transparent meat is the best. It should fill at least 2.5 cups for the above measurement of rice)
Tender coconut water - 1cup +/-
Cooking Soda- 1tsp
Sugar-2 tsps
Salt-to taste


Wash and soak raw rice for a couple of hours.Drain and grind the rice in a mixie along with the tender coconut meat which you scraped and with required amount of tender coconut water to a batter (just as you prepare regular Dosa/Idly batter).

The next day morning add cooking soda, sugar and salt to the fermented batter. Add more water if necessary so as to make Dosas.Keep aside for 2 hours.

Heat griddle, grease all over and pour round the batter on it, not too thin. Close it with a lid.Let the flame be steady and medium.
Wait for a few seconds.Open the lid and ensure the top is cooked and soft.Do not turn over.Remove the dosa from the griddle.Repeat the steps for the following dosas. Serve hot with chutney of your choice.

Note: The process of fermentation works perfect with Indian climatic conditions ( just as for the batters of regular Idly/ Dosa) which require natural fermentation.Please proceed the same way to ferment the batter for Karikku Dosas as well, if you reside outside India, provided the temp conditions are different from that of India.

Recipe Courtesy-Mrs Beena Kannan, MD, Seematti Textiles, one of my relatives :).

Coconut-Red Chilly Chutney
You need:
Grated coconut- 1 cup
Tamarind paste- ½ tsp (or a one inch piece of fresh tamarind)
Dried Red chillies-4-5
Ginger-half inch piece
Salt-to taste
To season
Oil-a tsp
Mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
Shallots-chopped very fine-a tsp
Hing-a fat pinch
Curry leaves-a few
Grind the Coconut, red chillies, shallots, ginger and tamarind together with enough water to make the chutney.
To season, heat oil in a small pan, splutter mustard seeds, fry till brown the shallot bits, add the hing and throw in the curry leaves.Pour this over the ground chutney and combine.Check salt and bring the the desired consistency by adding water if needed.Serve this with any Dosa or Idly.
While this dosa itself contains 'coconut' as one of its main ingredients, mostly a dip or a chutney that accompanies should be devoid of the same coconut. Anyway for a lady grown up in a land of coconut trees it's hard to resist coconuts here in the dip as well.This is a basic recipe of chammanthi in Kerala Cuisine.
But I would strongly suggest you to carry on with a dip of your choice.

This Fiery-red 'chilly-tomato-garlic' dip went very well with the Karikku Dosa.
As you see, this was shot in a careless way, casually while trying the irresistible combo and pls accept my apologies for not typing down the recipe, in this post ;) ..


  1. wow...thanks so much for the lovely looking white and perfect...:D..just love them!..

  2. The chutney and dosas both are so tempting bharathy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipes.

  3. Wow, so porous dosa! Perfect shape, Pure white! love it. Nice entry.

  4. The fiery red and white dosa wow what a combination :) looks great.

  5. wow! that dosa looks delicious!! Sure it tasted gr8 too

  6. wow!looks so tempting dear!great entry

  7. I'm coming over for breakfast, Bharathy! This looks absolutely wonderful!! :)

  8. Lovely dosas Bharathy..and they look so pretty!!

  9. ooooh bro loves this one!! :)

  10. Looks lovely, soft and holey.....I like the idea of adding karikku to the batter.

  11. Hey Bharathy, this is one of my all time fav dosa.. lve it so much..chutney luks tempting..

  12. I came back to check on the loveliness of the pictures..great shot...

    btw why don't you send that picture with the lid for the click event..that is if you have not planned a more beautiful one than this..:)

  13. Wow! Looks lovely! Nice entry for the event!

  14. Hi Bharathy,

    Great entry and dosa looks spongy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Bharathy..this is new to me --dosa with tender coconut!yummmm...i shall try it out n revert within a week! tks so much for sharing!

  16. Bharathy the recipe is new too me will try it and the pics are too good...

  17. Bharathy-

    first time visitor to ur blog- the dosas and chutney look delicious-thanks for the recipes. Am looking forward to doing them soon.

  18. gorgeous. i would love to try this, but i know i†'s not going †o ferment in my home.

  19. The dosas r very tempting.Red chillie chutney looks like a perfect combi

  20. Been missing for a while eh?

    I've never had this dosa before...the pics are a proof of how soft the dosas are...

  21. The pores speak for themselves. This should be called sponge dosa.

  22. wow, that looks so light and fluffy, and the perfectly cooked Dosa! sure bharathy, I'd be glad to have this as part of WBB, so send it in!:)

  23. I've been exploring different dosa recipes of late and this sounds like a version I would love to try. Such a pure looking dosa!

  24. hmm..can i have the recipe for the spicy chilly chutney recipe as well?karikku dosa would have to wait till i reach kerala to be tried out.

  25. wow Bharathy.....lovely, soft and tempting dosas!!!!This one is new to me....good one dear!

  26. Hi Bharathy....This is so different.... Nice recipe.....Never tried before.... YUM!....

  27. So glad to have entertained new readers here!...:)
    Warm Welcome to my place..Cham, Remya,Divya, Mitr and Lisa!! Thank you for visiting and leaving all those wonderful comments..

    Thanks to all of you(the Dosa Lovers ;))with those pleasant and encouraging words...they do mean a real lot to me! :)..Hugs!

  28. i visited earlier but couldnt leave a comment...
    i love these dosas.. they are called adsara polo in our home...

  29. Your dosa recipe is too good! Wish we could come over at your place and have this yummy breakfast!

  30. Looks gorgeous. Goes straight into my Dosa cookbook. Thanks !

  31. tempted to have these..looks lovely

  32. Hi Bharathy,

    This receipe looks yummy. But I have a question. Here in US we do not get fresh Tender coconuts. So can you please tell me what could be the possible alternative for it? Can we use normal fresh coconut instead of the tender coconut. Will the dosa still taste the same way??


  33. Hi Priya,
    Welcome to my place.. :)
    Normal fresh coconut wouldn't blend with the Rice and thereby gives a coarse/non silky batter which may not give a perfect result.I have not tried the same as well..
    Of course the taste and quality would differ.
    Anyhow,why not you give a shot and get back to me with your valuable feed back?? :)..
    ..Looking forward...


  34. looks yummy. first time i am visiting your blog. i got impressed with your dosa recipe. but i have a doubt. is there any alternative for soda? if it is there pls mention the we can add Eno fruit salt in the place of soda? is it possible to reduce the sugar quantity?i liked your fluffy dosa.

  35. Seetha, :)
    Thanks a bunch for your encouraging words! :)
    In fact I haven't tried making these dosas using eno salt and I don't think it is advisible too..may be you can give a shot to it (and let me know abt the results, pls:))
    You can avoid adding sugar. The dosas were not that sweet as we too dont like any sweetness in a dosa. Hence I dint alter Beena aunty's original recipe :)

  36. hai bharathy..dosa looks awesome..1st time to your wonderful space.. do visit my site whenever.. following you..

  37. Isn't this the receipe of appam?

  38. Hello, I tried this and this came out beautifuly. Loved the taste of the dosa . They were super soft and spongy. I am in the usa and I found dried tender coconut . I soaked the tender coconut in hot water for 30 mins and then followed the same procedure. It took 24 hrs to ferment since it was very cold here.


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