Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Papaya-Cashew Muffins

Little Mister-busy with his usual online multiplayer game.

Mom approaches and informs-"Hey, chithi is hosting Papaya for AFAM!."(chithi=mom’s younger sister).

Little Mister-without taking off his eyes from the monitor,"ahem, she knows I am not a fan of that fruit".

Mom-"She doesn’t have to consider you. All she has is to think of a fruit which is not yet announced for the event and this is one among them.Next, she has to consider her readers and the availablility of the fruit."

Little Mister-Sighs deeply, seeming disappointed.

Mom-"Now tell me what I can make with the fruit and contribute to her."

Little Mister -"Like what?", in a low voice, still reluctant to take his eyes off from the screen.

Mom-"… hmm… sort of salad or a salsa?…smoothie? milk shake?..may me muffins?…or..

Little Mister-“that sounds better…muffins..bake them, ma.”

Little Mister gets over with his game, mom googles for a long while and book marks the following recipe, from here!.


3/4 cup vegetable oil
1 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon ground ginger
2 cups diced peeled papaya
1-1/4 cups lightly salted roasted cashew nuts

  • Preheat oven to 190 deg C.

  • Prepare muffin pans.

  • In a bowl beat oil and sugar for 2 minutes then add eggs and vanilla and beat 1 minute.

  • In another bowl stir together flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and ginger.

  • Add dry mix to wet mix then stir to just combine.

  • Stir in papaya and cashews then spoon batter into pans.

  • Bake for 25 minutes.

  • Cool 5 minutes before removing.

Mom has halved the original recipe above, which yielded about a dozen medium sized muffins.The combination of the fruit and the nuts and the bursting aroma of the cinnamon and ginger were of course sinfully delicious as mentioned in the site!.

Little Mister returns from school in the evening, carefully pinches out the fruit pieces and the nuts, nibbles the cake along with the proclamation,"ma, this is not bad, but next time when you make this, you do the job what I am doing right now, yourself, before baking…ok??"

Chithi, hope you are happy to receive what amma had made specially for the AFAM-Papaya event. Amma, daddy and akka did enjoy them”. :)

Bindiya, this is also for your cute event of My favourite things-Cakes and Muffins.:)


  1. I like the your son I am not a fan too..the muffins look lovely and so well done.

  2. Hey good innovation of using it in muffins..they look very appealing!

  3. They seem perfect for Little Mister....hope he enjoyed them, i loved them from here

  4. Bharthy
    Papaya in muffins is a great idea and bet you all enjoyed having them!!

  5. Dear Bharathy
    A very nice recipe and must have been very delectable. I like your step-by-step demonstration, too.
    From my side, recently did a powerpuff girls cake for friend's daughter's birthday. Do have look, whenever you can

  6. bharathy, that was a nice write up too...! your muffins look divine!i might try! ..

  7. Loved the talk of Mom and Little Mister.
    Hey and i think both the sister are making delicious dishes from papaya.
    In Nags place i saw papaya badam and when i came here i see papaya muffin.
    Well i agree with little Mister. It is a good decession to make muffins with it

  8. Got one for your sister and what beautiful muffins those are too. Lucky you get Papaya there!:)
    I bet your mister gobbled them all by this time!:D
    Kerala goodies for you at FH!;D

  9. Gorgeous muffins, Bharathy!
    The first pic is simply beautiful!
    I hate papaya with all my heart...I have very strong likes and dislikes. ;-)

  10. I love papaya and so do my kids, but i cant believe it in the form of a cake. I must try it.

  11. I revisited the recipe, i think the spices and the cashew will complement the papaya taste :). I closed your site and came back just to write what i thought. Thanks for sharing. I made pumpkin, and my friends the the building were "eeekkks" and when they tasted it , they loved it.
    I guess this must be a similar feeling.

  12. Hi Bharathy,
    Excellent....presentation itself is drawing me toomuch.....Muffin with papaya is new to me...but My god it looks delicious and perfect...Thanks pa.

    Now i'm in resting mode....let me come soon with new recipe..ok dear...

  13. Nice one.. Muffins look great.. Papaya in them, very creative way!!

  14. Those muffins look very tempting. I added them to my recipes to try on :)


  15. I like the way you have narrated the recipe.Papaya muffin is a very unique.Nice pics too.

  16. bharathy,
    finally my satvika is born! check out when u r free!

  17. those muffins look so cute barathy very nice recipe nice conversation enjoyed while reading at end

  18. Thank you Girls,rachel and srivalli :)

    Yes,Bhags and Padmaja, except for my liitle one who enjoyed the cake part rather than the fruit and nuts! :).Glad to read ur words!

    Anamika,Thanks :)..over to ur place :)

    Nanditha..Yes when you are really free..they are simple to make,da,good for kids too :)

    Hugs!, H.C :)

    He gobbled up the cake part leaving the fruit pices all around Asha.Cant wait to see your RCI posts :)..

    TBC..I too hate papayas.But the muffins dint have the flavor of the fruit at all..

    Yes Archana, they were good athn I expected.Next you try with papayas and I will shift to pumpkins.Both go well with the combo of nuts..:)

    Ok Usha..Enjoy your resting period.Happy pongal :) in advance..

    Thank you Seema :)

    Tight hugs, Margot :) very sweet of you!!! :)

    Thankyou so much, shriya :)

    ALL THE BEST,NANDU!!I just visited with my right leg...sorry right hand fingers.:).(at last)...Looking forward to your personalised recipes,esp konkani foods!! :)

    :)..thank you Sagari :)

  19. Looks Lovely and nice entry for your sis' event I right?

  20. Those Luk Yummy! v novel idea..I am not a papaya fan too..but this one want me to try..umm.

  21. Akkavum thangayum sernthu papaya magic panreenga. Papaya muffins and burfi (over at Nags) looks colourful and cheery :)

  22. Hey Bharu you rock lady !!Yummy Yummy one ...Excellent combho too ....

  23. Very unusual and nice send them over!, but promise me you will bake some more :)

  24. Creative and cute! I love the idea, Bharathy! :)

  25. Papaya was never a favorite of mine but these muffins are very good looking!! :)

  26. You are very welcome.
    To post things to you just have to open an account and add links to your bookmarks...

    Have a good day, Margot

  27. This is very nice combination with Papaya and Cashew. Looks yummy yummy and tasty tasty!!!

  28. Absolutely, Raji, she is happy to recive this :)..thank you :)

    Same pinch dhivya,but to my surprise they din't bear the slightest flavour of the fruit.:)

    Cheery and colourful and akka and thangai !! :)...that was a cheerful compliment,Sugi!!:)

    Thankyou, Deepa :)

    I will try my best to bake and send you over more,Bindiya :)

    Kalai,I decided to try this as this seemed to be a rare recipe for me too :).Thanks for your encouragement.

    Laavanya,thank you :)..hope you don't have problems visiting the you?

    Margot, thanks a lot for coming over and informing :)..Will study abt it soon :)

    Thank you for the compliments, kajal :)

  29. Hi Bharathy,
    Totally new to me. Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  30. I'm not a big papaya fan but I won't mind it in the muffins. Looks so cute and tempting.

  31. I have just now started baking i must try this one..., this looks really nice & fluffy..., I like papayas but not a great fan of cashew, but, only kaaju barfis !!, something different....

  32. "She doesn't have to consider you!" lol, I love it! These look fabulous... I'm a fan of cashews and papaya :)

  33. Thats a different muffin but sure looks yummy! Does it taste strongly of papaya? ;)


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