Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Best of 2007..A Look Back!...

The year that I got introduced to the world of blogging, virtual warm friends, encouraging readers, typing recipes, food photography, the real interest to try out new foods and so on….

It all started like to share a few good home recipes with the blog world which had rendered a great self satisfaction leading the way to checking more, confirming the authenticity, eventually blogging in, giving due importance to my dear blogger friends.Each and every one of friends is special and I am thankful to all those heartfelt, encouraging words...

Like any blogger I’d felt an extra attraction to a few of my readers who had gone an extra mile, trying out the recipes and informing me.I truly appreciate Nanditha, (a blogger with rich values and principles) who had tried more than half a dozen recipes, followed by her prompt feed backs, with all those casual explanations, no matter whether her trials were successful or not!..

Thankfully Nupur’s brilliant and thoughtful event of The best of 2007 had made many of us go back, scan our older pages and come out with fresh self-evaluations.Thank you for considering my late entry, Nupur..

The Top 10 Recipes.

Raw Banana Chips

One of my earliest readers’ hits.The comments would suggest the same.Many had tried this recipe and got back to me.

Sambhar Powder and Drumstick Sambhar

One of the readers’ as well as the net searchers’ spot!.Surprisingly they receive at least 30 hits each day!..

Ghee Rice

Received a very warm welcome; approved by the ‘celebrity’ bloggers!:)

A simple Tamil preserve which gets at least 20 hits from the net-searchers, world wide!..

I enjoyed clearing queries when a few had ventured to carry on with this ever-hot desi snack!

A dish which I enjoyed making,every moment of it, as a part of the Arusuvai Friendship Chain..well received by the bloggers too..

One of my favourite posts.The proudest and the most elegant post, I believe, of all…

Gained popularity and urged many to try.The hit was bcoz it contains no coconut.Simple and hazzle free too..

One of my hot favourites, again the approval among the non vegtrn malayalees was due to the no-coconut and grind free gravy part.Truly authentic as well.

The Recipes I tried from other blogs.

They very first was the oil free ground nut snack which always gets finished off in a jiffy.
The Ultimate Pav Bhaji which has become a part of the weekly menu is appreciated by all at home.Thank you Nupur, for sharing this 'easy to make yet yummy' side dish! :)
The Mexican wedding cookies, The melting moments and the No-Knead Bread encouraged the 'baker' in me.

I am planning to experiment more with new cuisines, post recipes with better pictures, participate in more events and visit blogger pals’ place with words of encouragement, without fail, as always!.

Looking forward to your fabulous posts as well!...
Have a fantastic year!..


  1. You have so many delicious foods here- I think my favorites are the raw banana chips and the idli milaga podi!

  2. This post simply rocks! Great one Bharathy...I am not sure how you finalized on the top 10..I find everything in your list just too great..be it photography or the recipe...so nice of you to share such wonders with us...

  3. Lovely collection of recipes there Bharathy...happy new year to you and your family.

  4. lovely dishes there :)
    Best wishes for 2008!

  5. Nice post bharathy.....surely was a very happening for you...Wish you a happy and a prosperous new year...

  6. Banana chips is my favourite. Have a great year ahead, Bharathy :)

  7. Hi Bharathy, very lovely dishes you've showcased here! Your sambhar powder looks soooo good, along with everything else :) Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year! :)

  8. Great post Bharathy..:) love the collection of recipes!
    Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year

    ~ Siri

  9. enne angane pokkanda keetoo! thanks bharathy! if you have thought about me this new year! it makes me feel special !.... hugs hugs !...:)...
    credit for trying your recipes should go to you 1 not to me! :)
    wish you and your loved ones a wonderful year ahead! love and prayers , nanditha

  10. everything looks delecious barathy hope for more yummy recipes in future

  11. lovely ode to the year :) have a wonderful 2008 sis!

  12. Nice post Bharathy.Happy new year to you and your family.

  13. Bharathy!!!
    All my favs are in there bharathy, and my must try one " Gobi manchurian" is there staring at me for so long, I guess i should make that now!!!

  14. BTW my New Year wishes to u n family dear

  15. Very happy new year to you Bharathy, enjoy!:))

  16. Thank you Again, Nupur! :)

    Finalised according to how the readers have appreciated..thatz it!..The more the comments the greater the hit..the more trials too..Valli..:)..Thanks for your warm appreciation!!:)

    Thank you Sunita wishing you the same :)

    Thank you Richa,Wishes to you too :)
    Thnk you Bhags!Felt soo elated to see your Arusuvai post at last! :)

    You too Suganya :)

    Thnk you Linda..Somehow I too like that simple shot! :)..warm wishes to you too..

    Siri nice to see you back in full force..:)..Wishes to you too :)

    Nanditha yo athara??;)
    Midukki thanne..link cheytha udane kandupidichallo..Oralengilum undallo njan blog cheyunnathu try cheyyan ;)..othiri othiri thanks :)
    Hugs and wishes to you too :)
    (pokkiyathu onnum alla karyamayittu thanne :))

    Thank you, sagari :)

    You too sis...this is going to be your year!!

    Thnkyou Satya.Wishes to you too :)

    Yes,Padmaja, but after you guys get well and back to your fine healths..:)

    The holidays are almost getting over,back to routine, every where..no matter whether US, UK or India..

  17. Hi Bharathy,

    Wonderful top10 recipes:))i loved very much traditionally banana chips very much..idly podi,gobi manchurian....almost all...Thanks.

    How was your New year celebration?

  18. Wish u a very happy and prosperous New Year Bharathi....
    Loved ur banana chips post .. its sure among ur top ten posts.. I love ur simple yet wonderful carrot rice too. My husband hates carrots but loves ur carrot rice.
    U have a wonderful blog and I sure admire it. looking forward to wonderful recipes in 2008 too.

  19. The raw banana chips make me drool..brings back memories. Idli podi is another fav

  20. Nice recap bharathy! and yeah, thanks to Nupur we all had this chance to share our experiences with our blogging friends!:)

    Wish you a happy and healthy 2008!

  21. forgot to tell u.. i keep making ur mulaga podi and it keeps getting finished..some magic in it!! happy new year.

  22. I love your raw banana chips and paruppu chutney!

  23. we wish you and your blog a wonderful 2008, dear bharathy.

  24. happy 2008!
    I just saw the raw banana chips. I absolutely love it. .n would want to try it once at home. Will book mark that recipe.

  25. comments vayichu kazhijappol manasillayoo, njan matramalla, veere kuree perundu ... who try your recipes!

  26. Hi Bharathy,

    Happy New Year to you, too. I see your lovely sambar powder (u gave me for my event) among your favorites, that is really nice.

    Keep posting this successfully in 2008 as well, I like reading you :-)

  27. Thank you Usha :)..New year celebrations?Just dined out with family,in-laws and friends :)

    Nice to hear that Prema.Your version of rava dosa is also a hit with my husband :)!

    Shankari, thanks a lot!

    Wishing you the same Mansi :)

    Glaaad to hear that Shaheen :).It gets finished becoz you had taken all the magical efforts to make it perfect!..right??

    Raji..Appidiya??Thank you??:)

    Thanks Bee, for the wishes..wishing you the same! :)

    Try and do let me know Grihini :)

    Nanditha Kuttye ppole 5um 6um onnum arum try cheythittila kto?;)

    Thank you Zlam..Love your blog too!Spicy and hot!

  28. Wonderful collection of recipes.
    The sambhar looks so delicious. I am going to try them when i have drumsticks.
    Happy Newyear to you and family.
    Was on a break so coudn't participate for the event :-(

  29. Nice self-roundup. I wish to try some of them this year.


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